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Country Joe And The Fish - CJ Fish (1970 us, psychedelic folk rock, ACE remaster - MP3 320k and FLAC)

The film of the Woodstock Festival was prepared for release in the spring of 1970, they also appeared in and performed music for underground cult film Zachariah where Joe is the leader of a band of outlaws in the old west, carrying amplifiers on their horses and calling themselves "The Crackers."

When Woodstock, the movie hit the theaters, "Fixin' To Die Rag" was in the middle of the film, with its lyrics spelled out, highlighted with a bouncing ball, including the "Cheer" and copious remarks about how many people seemed to be in the audience. So what a recording, some airplay and countless performance could not do, the film did instantly. It brought the band's anti-war message and the "get stuffed," we-don't-like-what-you're-doing-ness of the "Cheer" into movie theaters all over the world. In short, all of a sudden 5 years after its debut at a demonstration in Oakland it became an anthem.

At the same time, they released their last LP for Vanguard C. J. Fish which with a new keyboard player and rhythm section was produced by Tom Wilson. They retained, however, their primary composers Barry Melton and Country Joe MacDonald, keeping the sound and style of the original band. Most of the lyrics are thoughtful and bright; many are in rhyme as many of that time were.

The overall timbre is interesting, being both joyful and sobering at the same time. Some bright spots in the material are "Hey Bobby," "She's a Bird," and "Hang On," which are delightfully Country Joe. Overall it's not a bad album and no Country Joe and the Fish collection is complete without it.


1. Sing Sing Sing - 3:01

2. She's a Bird - 4:33

3. Mara - 2:57

4. Hang on - 4:08

5. The Baby Song - 2:50

6. Hey Bobby - 2:06

7. Silver and Gold - 2:47

8. Rockin' Round the World - 4:54

9. The Love Machine - 5:48

10.The Return of Sweet Lorraine - 3:46

11.Hand of Man - 2:50

All tracks written by Joe McDonald except 1 & 7 written by Barry Melton

Country Joe And The Fish

*Joe McDonald - Vocals, Guitar

*Barry Melton - Vocals, Guitar

*Mark Kapner - Keyboards

*Doug Metzner - Bass

*Greg Dewey - Drums

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