Thursday, September 8, 2011

V.A. - Simla Beat 70 / 71 (1970-71 indian rhythm & blues, garage and psychedelic compilation - 2 CDs Shadoks edition - FLAC)

[ Shadoks Music Series # 006 ]

In the early '70s, the India Tobacco Company sponsored an annual "All-India Simla Beat Contest."

These events sparked compilations of Indian rock bands, Simla Beat 70 and Simla Beat 71, that have been combined into one package on this double-CD reissue.

No sitars, certainly, and though there are some ragga-ish droning rave-ups, these are barely different from what you'd hear done by a band, say, from Holland in 1967.

But there's definitely a wild and unruly local twist on the proceedings, an unusual metric distortion that creeps into the music.

Even better yet is when the artists sing in their own language (as opposed to English), which usually occurs on the wilder, more psychedelic tunes.

Originality is at its max and it's not just a couple of Indian chaps who think they are The Beatles!

Several artists have more than one track on this album, each one having a rather individual sound.

Surprising in that it's uncanny how much this sounds like the garage bands that could have been playing in any country, although it actually sounds more like bands from Europe and South America that spoke English as a second language than it does like American or British groups

This is a must have for all Garage & psych goers, recorded in 70 and 71 but with a sound more like '66. Sometimes this mines a basic surf, British Invasion, Psychedelic or R&B. Interesting..

Simla Beat Theme:

CD-1: Simla Beat '70:
01.Voice From The Inner Soul - Confusions
02.You Can't Beat It - Dinosaurs
03.Psychedelia - X'Lents
04.Zorba's Dance - Innerlite
05.Proper Stranger - Genuine Spares
06.What's Going On - Genuine Spares
07.Sinister Purpose - Dinosaurs
08.Mist - Great Bear
09.Born On The Bayou - X'Lents
10.Baby Baby Please - Innerlite

CD-2: Silma Beat '71:
01.Simla Beat Theme - The Fentones
02.Nothing Is The Same - Nomads
03.Killing Floor - Hipnotic Eye
04.Hey Gipsy Girl - Mini Beats
05.I Am So Glad - Velvette Fogg
06.The Mod Trade - The Black Beats
07.I Am Gonna Erupt - The Eruptions
08.Until The Dawn - The Fentones
09.Psychedelic Web - Brood Of Vampires
10.You Can't Judge A Book - The Eruptions
11.Aimless Lady - Hipnotic Eye

Confusions, Dinosaurs, X'Lents, Innerlite, Genuine Spares, Great Bear, The Fentones, Nomads, Hipnotic Eye, Mini Beats, Velvette Fogg, The Black Beats, The Eruptions, Brood Of Vampires, Hipnotic Eye

[ Rip and scans by OldrockerBR ]
CODE: 60145

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