Friday, September 23, 2011

Alan Munson – Good Morning World (1975 us, folk rock, 2008 guerssen release - FLAC)

Alan Munson, the songwriter of Cooley- Munson duo, continued the folk- rock way. It took him some time, but in 1975 he was ready for what is (for him, and for me too), his best 70’s work.

The beautiful vocal harmonies on this solo album are still there, as if he never quit as a duo, just like the impression on the back cover, where you can see him taking a pose before a landscape (right),.. with himself (left). The liner note introduction mention an important pre-dating experience which changed his life as a musician, which started with a feeling of disappointment after having visited a producer in LA, who said he had to work on more self-experienced songs before coming back. And that’s what he did, literally and drastically, leaving us with a witnessing album of such an experience.

In what we know about Buddhism and other researches for enlightenment or spiritual relief, we often hear about the idea that we should quit our daily lives to be able to meditate on our direct way of experiences. If we should do that literally any time it could also mean a fleeing of any responsibilities and commitment, while we could also have practiced this by making only a conscious distance with our personality alone, while taking only a distance from daily life in mind, while still consciously participating with attention to all the confronting deepest inner needs which we could gradually fulfil in this context as well.

Just at the emotional highlight with a relationship and meeting point, being afraid that one day this might change to something bad, that’s where the songwriter left, trying to keep to good feeling and memory, that should be able to kept high also without this. (I must say I have experienced a likewise situation, but now I know that such decision also destroyed that special connection, and that it wasn’t able to live on without it. (Later I realised that eventually, in a commitment, you are destined to go to a next level, where we can experience who we as individuals and as caretakers for others really are, so that for those who really care about the other this feeling can not become worse, while only illusions and situation-depending experiences can be destroyed by time and change).

Alan Munson went for keeper of the energy of the experience itself, which, captured in a moment on an album, of course was able to bring something of that special moment of this, into words and music.
by Gerald Van Waes

1. Good Morning World - 2:19
2. The Turtle (Moving on) - 4:28
3. Before It Starts to Rain - 3:18
4. Fences - 3:55
5. There's a New Day - 3:33
6. The Sun Is Rising in Your Eyes - 4:23
7. Freedom - 2:58
8. The First Morning - 4:29
9. Back to the Canyon - 3:19
All songs by Alan Munson.

Alan Munson - Guitar, Vocals, Percussions

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