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Amusing Church Sign

Noticed this one day while attending mass at Ermita Church.  I liked how it was stated.  Truthful yet non-offending.  What do you think?

Traffic - The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys (1971 uk mix of rock, folk, jazz, r&b and progressive - 2002 remaster edition - MP3 320K and FLAC)

Traffic's The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys is often praised as their best effort, and it might just be. This album is no doubt an exercise in everything that that the jazzier side of progressive rock does best.

Intricate arrangements with soft deliveries mixed and heavier tunes that let the audience rock out are all represented on this output, and the band could not have done any of the above better than they did with this release.

While the focus on the album may well be directed to the 11-minute title cut, all of the other songs on the album certainly deserve their praise. Since the album is one of the most thought out in all of prog history in terms of placement of songs (or so it seems) the album flows incredibly well.

Things get off to a mellow start from the first calming chords or Hidden Treasure, which also features some impressive vocal work. The middle of the album is represented by some of the heavier cuts, such as the rock ' rolling, Rock & Roll Stew, which sports some great soloing, and in its full version (a 6-minute cut is added to some remasters of the album), some very good instrumental noodling coming into the ending segment.

Really, the album plays out like a well-formulated chart, peaking in the middle in terms of heaviness and easing off at the start and finish.

Some of the most memorable songs are the slower ones, especially the ones that cap off the album. Many A Mile To Freedom is a somber and reflective piece that can really capture a mood if you let it.

Easygoing yet demanding, this is one of the best songs on the album. Of course, Rainmaker also deserves some due credit, the incredibly emotional coda highlighted by wonderful vocals and some very thoughtful playing makes this song worth waiting for when the end rolls around.

And now we get to the feature piece. The undeniable standout on this album has to be the excellent title track, The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys. Soft and fast pieces blend together wonderfully, and the band's style of jazz and rock really gets to shine here as they seem to have hit a vein with it.

If you've ever enjoyed jazzy music with a plethora of instruments which shifts its tempo in many places and some amazing vocals then this is the tune for you.

This album comes in contact with a lot of other genres, so eclectic is a very true placement for it. With moments of symphonic grandeur, canturburian groove, hard rock riffs and jazz rock fusion soloing this album is sure to please many, and even amaze some.

A true masterpiece in ever sense of the word, Traffic's The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys receives an easy 5 stars out of 5. Extremely recommended (by King By-Tor).

Track List:

01.Hidden Treasure (4:16)

02.The Low Spark Of High-Heeled Boys (12:10)

03.Rock & Roll Stew (4:29)

04.Many A Mile To Freedom (7:12)

05.Light Up Or Leave Me Alone (4:53)

06.Rainmaker (7:39)

Bonus track:

07.Rock And Roll Stew (single version) (6:07)


*Steve Winwood: vocals, guitar, piano, organ

*Jim Capaldi: vocals, percussion

*Rick Grech: violin, bass

*Chris Wood: flute, saxophone

*Jim Gordon: drums

*Reebop Kwaku Baah: percussion

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The Charlatans - The Amazing Charlatans (60's san francisco psychedelic rock - MP3 320K and FLAC)

As the author of the Jefferson Airplane book "Take Me To A Circus Tent" and a former radio disc-jockey, I am often asked to write and or discuss various recordings from the 60's and 70's.

The Charlatans (please do not confuse them with the 80's band Charlatans U.K.) unfortunately share a few things in common with the Great Society (Grace Slick).

Both bands didn't get the respect they deserved at the time and that is a rock and roll disgrace.

These groups were helping to carve the incredible sounds that would make the San Francisco music scene legendary.

By the time the Charlatans released a record there were too many years past and the line-up had shifted.

That is why you'll find "The Amazing Charlatans" an essential archival release.

This collection puts together the 23 demos they had shopped in the creative period.

The old story is now a broken record when a band can perform folk, blues, country, rock, jug band, and psych the suits don't have the knowledge or the patience to formulate a marketing strategy.

There is plenty of strong material to sink your teeth into.

Please understand before the CD starts to play the Charlatans niche at this time did not involve an entry into the improvisational zone.

Excluding the energy charged "Alabama Bound" that clocks in over 6 minutes, the rest of the tunes fall into standard range.

They pack a lot of wallop with standouts such as "Codine" sometimes called "Codine Blues", "How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away", "Walkin", and "The Shadow Knows".

Herb Greene the legendary photographer from the San Francisco scene that supplied numerous pictures for my book (Jefferson Airplane and Great Society) had photographed the Charlatans.

If Herb took your picture there was something in your music that yelled out "Timeless".

If you want some Hot Licks from Mr. Dan Hicks it is part of the package.

Enjoy the music and be well,

Craig Fenton

Author of the Jefferson Airplane book "Take Me To A Circus Tent"

Tracklist :

01.Codine Blues

02.Alabama Bound

03.I Always Wanted A Girl Like You

04.I Saw Her

05.How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go...


07.We're Not On The Same Trip


09.Sweet Sue,Just You

10.East Virginia

11.The Shadow Knows

12.I Got Mine

13.Steppin' In Society

14.Devil Got My Man

15.By Hook Or By Crook

16.Long Come A Viper


18.Alabama Bound

19.Number One

20.Baby Won't You Tell Me

21.Jack Of Diamonds

22.The Blues Ain't Nothin'

23.Groom N' Clean Ad

[ Rip and scans by COR ... many thanks mate ]

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Shadows Of Knight - Raw 'N Alive At The Cellar, Chicago 1966! (us garage and psychedelic rock, sundazed release - MP3 320K and FLAC)

This is one of the very few live garage band tapes from the mid-'60s of relatively decent sound quality (considering the standards of the era).

The song selection of this set should also please fans of one of the most famed '60s garage bands, captured here at a club in their home turf of Chicago in December 1966.

The 13 songs include live versions of many of the tunes from their first (and best) album, as well as a six-minute workout of their lone national hit "Gloria" and a couple of Solomon Burke covers.

However, it's not essential if you already have the original albums, or the fine best-of compilation released in the U.K. on Edsel, Gee-El-O-Are-I-Ay.

These versions are very close in arrangement to the officially released ones, but the performance is less accomplished, as it were, and the sound quality worse.

An interesting artifact that nevertheless has little appeal beyond '60s garage collector circles, although the very brief quotes from the Mothers of Invention's "Help I'm A Rock" are most curious and unexpected. (by Richie Unterberger from amg)

Tracklist :

01.I Got My Mojo Working

02.Oh Yeah

03.Tomorrow's Going To Be Another Day

04.It Takes A Long Time Comin'

05.Let It Rock

06.Hey Joe

07.Gospel Zone

08.Got To Get You Off My Mind

09.Everybody Needs Somebody To Love

10.Don't Fight It


12.Dark Side


Personnel :

*Jim Sohns - lead vocals

*Joe Kelley - lead guitar, blues harp

*Jerry McGeorge - rhythm guitar

*Tom Schiffour - drums, vocals

*Hawk - bass

[ Rip and scans by COR ... many thanks mate ]

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Traffic - Mr. Fantasy (1968 UK psychedelic rock, FLAC & MP3 320k + HQ scans). Island remasters 1999

Since Traffic's debut album, Mr. Fantasy, has been issued in different configurations over the years, a history of those differences is in order. In 1967, the British record industry considered albums and singles separate entities; thus, Mr. Fantasy did not contain the group's three previous Top Ten U.K. hits. Just as the album was being released in the U.K., Traffic split from Dave Mason. The album was changed drastically for U.S. release, both because American custom was that singles ought to appear on albums, and because the group sought to diminish Mason's presence; on the first pressing only, the title was changed to Heaven Is in Your Mind. In 2000, Island reissued Mr. Fantasy in its mono mix with the U.K. song list and five mono singles sides as bonus tracks; it also released Heaven Is in Your Mind, the American lineup in stereo with four bonus tracks. Naturally, the mono sound is punchier and more compressed, but it isn't ideal for the album, because Traffic was fashioned as an unusual rock band. Steve Winwood's primary instrument was organ, though he also played guitar; Chris Wood was a reed player, spending most of his time on flute; Mason played guitar, but he was also known to pick up the sitar, among other instruments. As such a mixture suggests, the band's musical approach was eclectic, combining their background in British pop with a taste for the comic and dance hall styles of Sgt. Pepper, Indian music, and blues-rock jamming. Songs in the last category have proven the most distinctive and long-lasting, but Mason's more pop-oriented contributions remain winning, as do more light-hearted efforts. Interest in the mono mix is likely to be restricted to longtime fans; anyone wishing to hear Traffic's first album for the first time is directed to Heaven Is in Your Mind. ~ by William Ruhlmann,
01. Heaven Is In Your Mind
02. Berkshire Poppies
03. House For Everyone
04. No Face, No Name, No Number
05. Dear Mr. Fantasy
06. Dealer
07. Utterly Simple
08. Coloured Rain
09. Hope I Never Find Me There
10. Giving To You
11. Paper Sun *
12. Dealer *
13. Coloured Rain *
14. Hole In My Shoe *
15. No Face, No Name, No Number *
16. Heaven Is In Your Mind *
17. House For Everyone *
18. Berkshire Poppies *
19. Giving To You *
20. Smiling Phases *
21. Dear Mr. Fantasy *
22. We're A Fade You Missed This *

01 - 10 original UK stereo album
11 - 22 original US mono album

Steve Winwood - Organ, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Harpsichord, Percusion and Vocal
Jim Capaldi - Drums, Percusion and Vocals
Chris Wood - Flute, Saxophone, Organ and Vocals
Dave Mason - Guitar, Meletron, Sitar, Tambura, Shakkai, Bass Guitar and Vocals

[Rip and Scans made by CRIMSON]
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Dave Mason - Headkeeper (1972 uk, classic rock, japan SHM-CD 2010 remaster - MP3 320k and FLAC)

Tommy Li Puma, Dave Mason's coproducer at Blue Thumb, has notified by mail various radio stations and record distributors across the country to go ahead and promote Headkeeper, in spite of the fact that Mason has brought a lawsuit against the label.

Each of all the five songs on side two is a live recording of material Mason had recorded elsewhere. "Pearly Queen," a song that here is attributed to Mason and on the Traffic album is credited to Winwood and Capaldi, got itself a better treatment the first time around, simply because Winwood's vocal was funkier, grittier, more edged with irony.

The song itself has enough propulsion in it that it doesn't need the extra added bit of soul that Winwood gives it, but then why not? Mason's interpretation here of "Feelin' Alright" is different from the one he delivered on Traffic. Then he sang with a whimpering, quaveringly insecure voice which, when joining the chorus, instantly picked up sarcastic strength. The change was always sudden and dramatic as Clark Kent leaping out of a broom closet dressed as Superman. In the present version, latin jazz rhythms open the song and right from the beginning all the way through, Mason sings with extroversion and authority.

Now he even takes a supposedly humbled line like "Well, boy, you sure took me for one big ride," and turns it inside out to read like a gorgeous put-down. Whatever Chris Wood offered in the way of bluesy saxophone on the first version, Mark Jordan matches well with his jazz electric piano on this.

Maybe if Headkeeper had had two sides of new material rather than just one, Mason as an artist to our view would have been standing less like "a mist upon the shore." He never has been an easy one to figure out, in his public life or in his music. With Headkeeper he by no means has painted his masterpiece, but instead has left us with some fine sketches and life studies.

by David Lubin, Rolling Stone, 4-13-72.


1. To Be Free - 3:19

2. In My Mind - 3:19

3. Here We Go Again (Solomon Burke, Cass Elliot, Bryan Garo, Jerry Gray) - 1:56

4. A Heartache, A Shadow, A Lifetime - 3:35

5. Headkeeper - 4:39

6. Pearly Queen (Jim Capaldi, Steve Winwood) - 3:32

7. Just A Song - 3:01

8. World In Changes - 4:47

9. Can't Stop Worrying, Can't Stop Loving - 3:04

10.Feelin' Alright - 5:40

All titles by Dave Mason, except where noted.


*Dave Mason - Electric, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

*Mark Jordan - Piano, Keyboards

*Lonnie Turner - Bass

*"Dr." Rick Jaeger - Drums

*Felix Falcon aka "Flaco" - Conga, Percussion

Special thanks to:

*Rita Coolidge - Vocals

*Spencer Davis - Vocals

*Graham Nash - Vocals

*Kathi McDonald - Vocals

[ Rip and Scans by MARIOS ]

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My First Ever Baguio Experience

Being four hours away from Manila, Baguio was my first out of town vacation ever!  I was around 10 years old when I went to Baguio with my aunts, uncles and cousins.  Back then Baguio was surrounded by pine trees.  It was so cold that when we were near the top of the beautiful plateau, we would turn off the air conditioning and open the windows to enjoy the cool breeze.  You could see cold mist and fog surrounding the area.  My cousins would fool around and breath in the air and see if fog would come from our mouths.

credits to the owners of the photos
We went to so many places on a single day.  We tried boating at the man-made lake in the middle of Burnham Park.  Back then, the lake looked so big and wide to me.   After that was my favorite activity, pony riding at Wright Park Circle.  I can still recall that the pony I rode was color brown.  Some of my cousins were afraid to ride but that was ridiculous since we were assisted by staffs and we couldn't even make the ponies gallop faster.=)  We dined at Camp John Hay during dinner and shopped around the city before hit the sack.  It was the first time I ever saw "ukay-ukay" shops.  We also saw lots of interesting native products and word works like the barrel man.

credits to

The next day, we visited Mines View Park.  The view was so nice.  We also ate "pinipig" being sold on the streets.  My aunts also went to the market.  They came back with boxes of FRESH vegetables and strawberries.  I love strawberries!  The strawberries in Baguio are so fresh and sweet I ate to my hearts content.  We also visited Good Shepherd to buy peanut brittle and strawberry jam.  On the way home, we also purchased brooms.  It was so much fun!

So why am I reminiscing?  It's because Baguio City is celebrating its 102nd year.  Happy Birthday!=)

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My Top 3 Dream Philippine Spots

Our country is so beautiful that there are so many places I want to go to.  But I never had the chance because I'm still don't have the budget so all I can do is dream away until I graduate. 

I want to share with you my top 3 dream Philippine spots.

1. Bohol

I want to meet the Tarsiers, Bryde's whale, flying lemur and dolphins.  I want to visit the chocolate hills,Mahogany man-made forest, Loboc floating restaurant, Alona Beach, and Busay Falls.

2. Puerto Princesa, Palawan
I want to observe the crocodiles at the croc farm, the birds from Rizal Park and dolphins at Puerto Princesa Bay.  I want to explore the beautiful beaches and the Underground River.  

3. Bellarocca Island, Marinduque
I want to relax and enjoy the serene views at Bellaroca Island Resort Spa.  I can imagine myself lying down sipping some drinks while enjoying the cool breeze of fresh air.  I also would love to go kayaking or swim at the infinity pool or beach.

B.U.M. equipment Darkside Cosplay Competition

Everyone has their own little devil deep within but we are too ashamed to show it. Now B.U.M equipment, one of the most well known emo and goth apparel is currently holding a cosplay competition where you can finally show what you've been hiding and where it will be appreciated rather than judged.

The rules are simple. Simply dress up as your favorite anime, rpg, movie character but in an emo/goth way while showing the bum logo. Your friends also plays a big factor in this competition as it is a facebook liking contest.  But rest assure that all entries will first undergo a screening process so you still have to be the best in order to be eligible to compete.

Some of the cosplayers during the bloggers night:

And of course, it wouldn't be an B.U.M event without the presence of Mr. Dino Imperial and Ms. Empress Schuck.

So what are you waiting for? Come and join B.U.M. equipment's "My Dark Side" Cosplay Competition.

Deadline and submission of entries must be received not later than 11:59Pm of October 15, 2011.

To know more about the event visit :

ZZ Top - Rio Grande Mud - (1972 Hard blues - Vinyl Rip with the original sound - Wave audio format)

This is a vinyl rip of original album, to replace previous version of CD, where the mix was changed (Echo + building exaggerated of the bass drum & some drum machine) from the album (vinyl) original, in order to approximate the sound of albums like Eliminator or newer Afterburner . With disastrous result !!!


"Rio Grande Mud", ZZ Top's second album, has a disturbingly clean-shaven Billy Gibbons on the back of the inlay card, but otherwise everything is like you would expect it.

"Rio Grande Mud" opens with one of its best songs, the groovy "Francine", sung by bassist Dusty Hill.

The rough "Just Got Paid" is sort of an uptempo blues, and Billy Gibbons plays some fine harmonica on the excellent "Mushmouth Shoutin'" (a blatant ripoff of Rice Miller's classic "Crazy 'Bout You Baby", recorded by everyone from Muddy Waters to Lightnin' Slim).

Other highlights include the pile-driving boogie "Bar-B-Q" and the slide guitar-instrumental "Apologies To Pearly", but there aren't any real "lowlights" on "Rio Grande Mud", actually....everything is worth a listen, even if some songs are slightly less memorable than others.

A great blues-rock that shows just what an excellent guitarist Billy Gibbons is, and one of ZZ Top's best efforts.(By Docendo Discimus)


With Tres Hombres a close second, I regard Rio Grande Mud as ZZ Top's Best album. Three songs in particular elevate this album above the rest. 'Aplogies to Pearly' a funky little instrumental piece that showcases Billy Gibbons's excellent slide work. From there we fade right into 'Bar-B-Q', an up-tempo blues rock burner, with some fiery lead guitar passages. Third is the haunting 'Sure Got Cold After the Rain Fell', an absolutely mesmerizing slow blues number that swells in the final passages to great effect, on the heels of Billy's masterful guitar work. Throw in 'Just Got Paid', 'Ko Ko Blue', 'Whiskey'n Mama' and the rest, and you've got one of the classic blues-rock albums of all time. An album that solidified Billy Gibbons as one of the tastiest guitarists ever, and demonstrates the early fire and inventiveness of this young band, before their commercial blandness took over. If you're a ZZ Top Fan, this album is a must-have.(By Dan Skorseth)

ZZ Top - Just Got Paid - 1972 original vinyl mix

Tracks List

01. Francine

02. Just Got Paid

03. Mushmouth Shoutin'

04. Ko Ko Blue

05. Chevrolet

06. Apologies To Pearly

07. Bar-B-Q

08. Sure Got Cold After The Rain Fell

09. Whiskey' N Mama

10. Down Brownie


Billy Gibbons - Lead Guitar, Slide Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals

Dusty Hill - Bass Guitar, Vocals on "Francine" & "Chevrolet"

Frank Beard - Drums

[Rip and scans by SILVERADO]

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Harsh Reality - Heaven & Hell (1969 uk proto-progressive rock - MP3 320K and FLAC)

Harsh Reality are a little-known, proto-prog band formed in Stevenage, Hertfordshire in 1968 out of the remnants of the Freightliner Blues Band (formerly the Revolution).

The band consisted of Mark Griffiths and Dave Jenkins on guitars, Alan Greed on lead vocals and organ, Roger Swallow on drums, and Steve Miller on bass and backing vocals.

They released a single for Philips Records in 1968 ("Tobacco Ash Sunday" / "How Do You Feel") before releasing their only album, Heaven and Hell, also on Philips in 1969. A final single followed soon after, before the band split in 1969.

Their Heaven and Hell LP is now a highly-sought rarity, selling for hundreds of pounds between eager collectors. For this reason, Harsh Reality is somewhat famous/infamous in collecting circles.

Though seen as part of the proto-progressive rock era, their work represented a marriage between the sounds of Procol Harum, Traffic and early Deep Purple.[citation needed]

Following the band's demise, Roger Swallow played with Principal Edwards Magic Theatre, Matthews Southern Comfort, Plainsong, Albion Country Band, and Al Stewart; before moving to California and establishing himself as an electronic musician, songwriter and entrepreneur.

Alan Greed went on to work with Ray Russell on the Rock Workshop albums, and as a session singer. Greed later fronted the jazz/progressive]] outfit, The Running Man. A self-titled album was released in the UK on the Neon record label in 1972.

Mark Griffiths has worked with Matthews Southern Comfort, Jonathan Kelly, Al Stewart, David Essex, The Everly Brothers, and Cliff Richard & The Shadows. The rest of the band also went into session work.

The song "Tobacco Ash Sunday" was covered by Paul Weller for AOL Sessions.

Heaven and Hell will be reissued officially for the first time on CD by Esoteric Recordings on September 26 2011, with four bonus tracks and a 16-page booklet containing a lengthy interview with the band.

Harsh Reality - Don't Shoot Me Down:

Track list:

01. When I Move

02. Tobacco Ash Sunday

03. Mary Roberta Pt.1

04. Praying For Reprieve

05. How Do You Feel

06. Heaven And Hell

07. Quickenut - Devil's Daughter

08. Mary Roberta Pt.2

09. Melancholy Lady

10. Don't Shoot Me Down

11. Girl Of My Dreams

12. Mary Roberta Pt.3

Harsh Reality:

*Mark Griffiths - guitar

*Dave Jenkins - guitar

*Alan Greed - lead vocals, organ

*Roger Swallow - drums

*Steve Miller - bass, vocals

[ Thank you NELWIZARD for sending this post ]

Rip and scans made by Allonzo, torrents,thanks friend

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Dave Mason - Certified Live/Let It Flow (1976/77 uk, classic rock, 2011 double disc BGO remaster edition - MP3 320k and FLAC)

Certified Live

Back in the mid-seventies Dave Mason had a really nice run. In 1976 he had a nice hit record with this release, Certified Live, and then he followed that up a year later with one of, if not the most popular album of his solo career, Let it Flow.

Certified Live was another double live album. They were the rage in the mid-70s. You can thank Frampton Come Alive for that. If you were a decent selling artist in that period that did OK but needed a little kick to break out, you released a double live album. It not only worked for Frampton, but it also was the formula that triggered hits for Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Outlaws, REO Speedwagon, Rush, UFO, Thin Lizzy, Pat Travers, Ted Nugent and even Genesis. It really worked. I should know, I bought all of those and a few more as well.

When I went back and listened to Certified Live the first thing that jumped out at me was how damn good his drummer was! The opening track is “Feelin’ Alright,; You know the song, think Joe Cocker. His name is Rick Jaeger. I’m not familiar with him but he’s really good. He’s got the Bernard Purdie high hat riff down!!

Dave runs through quite a bit of his best stuff here. Besides ‘Feelin’ Alright” you also get great versions of “Show Me Some Affection”, “World in Changes”, “Look at You and Look at Me” and of course, “Only You Know and I Know.”

Dave also takes on some interesting cover tunes here as well. He tackles The Eagles “Take it to the Limit”, Bob Dylan’s “All Along the Watchtower” and the Spencer Davis Band’s “Gimme Some Lovin.” You may not know this but Dave’s entry into the big time music scene was as the road manager in his early 20s for the Spencer Davis Band. There he met “Stevie” Winwood and would eventually join with him and form Traffic.

This album did OK on the charts. I was not another Frampton Comes Alive by any means. It peaked at #78 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart. It did however, give him time to work on that Let it Flow album that did quite well.

by Larry Carta

Let it Flow

Yet when Mason takes writing into his own hands, the fine blend of romantic melody and rolling gait is often squandered. "Mystic Traveller" is not simply a lyric embarrassment -- its glossy, ad-agency arrangement suggests that Mason has either lost his sense of proportion or simply is aiming lower than ever before.

Glitzy orchestral touches abound on Let It Flow, but they're not enough to do in the LP entirely. The title cut, which Mason did write, his the kind of fine, charging refrain and classic chorus that Mason can still spin out un-self-consciously. Mason has not changed much this decade -- and when he has, it's generally been for the worse -- but he's still eminently capable of surprising us, as he does on Let It Flow, with melodic roll of the first order.

by Peter Herbst, Rolling Stone, 6/16/1977


Certified Live

1. Feelin’ Alright (D. Mason) - 6:21

2. Pearly Queen (S. Winwood, J. Capaldi) - 3:41

3. Show Me Some Affection (D. Mason) - 4:36

4. All Along the Watchtower (Bob Dylan) - 4:46

5. Take It to the Limit (R. Meisner, D. Henley, G. Frey) - 3:34

6. Give Me a Reason Why (D. Mason) - 4:12

7. Sad and Deep as You (D. Mason) - 3:12

8. Every Woman (D. Mason) - 2:36

9. World in Changes (D. Mason) - 5:25

10.Goin’ Down Slow (St. Louis Jimmy Oden) - 6:43

11.Look at You, Look at Me (D. Mason, J. Capaldi) - 12:50

12.Only You Know and I Know (D. Mason) - 4:45

12.Bring It on Home to Me (Sam Cooke) - 5:05

14.Gimme Some Lovin’ (S. Davis, S. Winwood, M. Winwood) - 8:14

Let It Flow

1. So High (Rock Me Baby And Roll Me Away) (Mentor Williams, Jack Conrad) - 4:07

2. We Just Disagree (Jim Krueger) - 3:00

3. Mystic Traveler (Dave Mason) - 5:00

4. Spend Your Life With Me (Angeleen Gagliano) - 3:22

5. Takin' The Time To Find (Dave Mason) - 4:31

6. Let It Go, Let It Flow (Dave Mason) - 3:15

7. Then It's Alright (Dave Mason) - 4:14

8. Seasons (Angeleen Gagliano) - 4:50

9. You Just Have To Wait Now (Dave Mason) - 3:09

10.What Do We Got Here? (Jim Krueger) - 4:21


*Mike Finnigan - Keyboards, Vocals

*Dr. Rick Jaeger - Drums

*Gerald Johnson - Bass

*Jim Kruegar - Guitar

*Dave Mason - Guitar, Vocals

*Stephen Stills - Vocals (Let It Flow)

*Yvonne Elliman - Vocals (Let It Flow)

*Ernie Watts - Saxophone (Let It Flow)

More Dave Mason releases, here:

1970 - Alone Together (1st solo recording)

[ Rip and Scans by MARIOS ]

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10 Game Facebook Terpopuler

10 Game Facebook Terpopuler - Asrizal Wahdan Wilsa Sharing Media. Rekan pasti sudah kenal dengan sebagian besar game Facebook. Berbagai kategori game disediakan di facebook. Sebagai jaringan sosial terpopuler saat ini, facebook tetap berkeingingan untuk membuat para penggunanya betah untuk berlama-lama membuka facebook. Tahukah anda game facebook apa saja yang menjadi favorit? Di bawah

Cara Mengatasi Error 5200 Pada Printer iP2770

Cara Mengatasi Error 5200 Pada Printer iP2770 - Asrizal Wahdan Wilsa Sharing Media. Cara Mengatasi Error 5200 Pada Printer iP2770 terjadi pada saat menyalakan printer tersebut adalah sepertinya tidak ada masalah dan sepertinya normal-normal saja. Namun jika kita akan melakukan proses pencetakan / printer maka terlihat jelas akan muncul pesan error 5200 seperti gambar dibawah ini :
Berikut ini

Tips Cara Memperbaiki Printer yang tidak berfungsi

Tips Cara Memperbaiki Printer yang tidak berfungsi - Asrizal Wahdan Wilsa Sharing Media. Memperbaiki printer yang tidak berfungsi memang bisa mengeluarkan biaya yang tidak sedikit. Sebagian besar user/pengguna kurang mengetahui bagaimana cara memperbaiki printer yang tidak berfungsi tanpa harus membawanya ke tempat service..

Printer yang sudah mati memang bisa dikatakan sudah mengalami

New Update Cheat Point Blank 30 Juli 2011 1 HIT + No Respawn + Invisible Kill Cheat PB 30072011 Cheater

Cheat Point Blank 30 Juli 2011 1 HIT + No Respawn + Invisible Kill Cheat PB 30072011 Cheater - Asrizal Wahdan Wilsa Sharing Media. kali ini dengan cheat pb 1 HIT + No Respawn + Invisible Kill Update veri 30-07-2011. semoga bermanfaat buat sobat yang lagi mencari cehat pb 30/07/2011 ini. berikut ini link donwload dan fiturnya.
Cheat Point Blank 30 Juli 2011 Cheat Point Blank 1 HIT + No Respawn

Free Download Cheat Point Blank 30 Agustus 2011 Cheat Fullhack Update PB 30082011 Terbaru

Free Download Cheat Point Blank 30 Agustus 2011 Cheat Fullhack Update PB 30082011 Terbaru - Asrizal Wahdan Wilsa Sharing Media.

Free Download Cheat Point Blank 30 Agustus 2011 Cheat Fullhack Update PB 30082011 Terbaru
Fitur & Hotkeys :
[-]Anti gravitasi(Bug Mode+Fly Hack) : F1 On | F2 Off
[-]Auto matic Ant Vote kick+Poll : F3 On no OFf
[-]Automatic System Bugtraped Mode : Home On
[-]Ammo Ta

Cheat PB 30 Agustus 2011 Update Cheat Point Blank Wallhack Glass 30082011 Terbaru

Cheat PB 30 Agustus 2011 Update Cheat Point Blank Wallhack Glass 30082011 Terbaru  - Asrizal Wahdan Wilsa Sharing Media. Update Cheat PB 30 Agustus 2011 Update Cheat Point Blank Wallhack Glass 30082011 Terbaru, Bagi rekan yang suka main game PB, berikut Cheat PB 30 Agustus 2011 Update Cheat Point Blank Wallhack Glass 30082011 Terbaru .

Cheat PB 30 Agustus 2011 Update Cheat Point Blank

Multiple Login Yahoo Messenger

Multiple Login Yahoo Messenger - Asrizal Wahdan Wilsa Sharing Media. Yahoo Messenger merupakan software yang dibuat oleh yahoo sebagai sarana chatting. dengan menggunakan ID (email) yahoo yang ada, maka kita akan dapat melakukan chatting dengan teman/siapapun yang memiliki ID Yahoo. Lalu bagaimna jika kita ingin chatting menggunakan dua ID dalam 1 komputer/laptop? bisa kah? jawabannya bisa. 

Graham Bond Organisation - Live At Klooks Kleek (1964 uk mix os blues, rhythm and blues, jazz and rock - MP3 320K and FLAC)

Almost unbelievably it is now 35 years since Graham Bond, Jack Bruce, Dick Heckstall-Smith and Ginger Baker got up on stage at London's legendary Klooks Kleek club and the tape machine began recording this live session for posterity.

The Organisation were becoming, at that time, the Number One act on the British R&B club scene and this CD shows you why.

Beginning with the introduction, in which Graham Bond swaps amusing banter with the announcer, you can sense a kind of enthusiasm and drive powering them forward.

Some reviewers in the past have criticised this album for poor sound quality, but this is not really valid and such comments must not put you off.

There is a loss of clarity in one or two places, but the overall effect is compelling.

The CD is worth buying for just one track alone - 'Wade in the Water', which features Graham's stunningly powerful Hammond organ and Leslie speaker cabinet sound. But the rest is excellent too.

Don't buy this just because you are a Jack Bruce or Cream fan and want a complete collection - buy it because it's fantastic music from one of the most important bands ever.

Track List:

01.Wade In The Water (2:46)

02.Big Boss Man (5:20)

03.Early In The Morning (4:16)

04.Person To Person Blues (5:15)

05.Spanish Blues (3:01)

06.Introduction By Dick Jordan (2:05)

07.The First Time I Met The Blues (5:11)

08.Stormy Monday (4:14)

09.Train Time (4:17)

10.What I'd Say (5:27)

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Download Avast Antivirus 6.0 + Pro Key Valid Up To 2038

Download Avast Antivirus 6.0 + Pro Key Valid Up To 2038 - Asrizal Wahdan Wilsa Sharing Media. Avast! Free Antivirus 6.0 versi final kini sudah tersedia untuk di download. Avast merupakan salah satu perangkat antivirus paling populer dengan lebih dari 140 juta pengguna. Berbagai perbaikan dan fitur baru telah ditambahkan, seperti safe-zone, auto sandbox, site blocking, webrep, dan banyak lagi.

Changing Lives by Efren Penaflorida

Today, we're celebrating National Heroes Day so we've decided to show you one of our very own present day hero here in the Philippines. He is someone who created a small ripple that eventually became a wave. He is a person who showed us that you don't have be to special to make a big change.  He is none other than the Dynamic Teen Company (DTC) Founder Mr. Efren "Kuya Ef" Penaflorida.

Efren Penaflorida

Last 2009, Kuya Ef won the CNN Hero of the Year.  Up to this very day, he is still continuing what he started in 1999. Though their efforts might seem small to some, they are still making a significant difference in people's lives. The purpose of "Kariton Klasrum" a.k.a. Pushcart Classroom is to give the under privileged children of the slums FREE education, better hygiene and love. Having seen their efforts, the DTC is now accredited by the DepEd as an alternative learning system giving the children a brighter future.

After winning the CNN hero of the year award, Kuya Efren and DTC's voice had reached a lot of hearts that wanted to become a part of the wave they started.  Now, DTC has a school that provides for over 150+ students.

Efren PenafloridaEfren Penaflorida

Efren PenafloridaEfren Penaflorida

Efren PenafloridaEfren Penaflorida

Efren Penaflorida

Wanting to create more smiles around the Philippines, the Dynamic Teen Company has partnered with Golden ABC Inc., a company who's advocacies fall under categories such as support for education, environment, community building, and arts & culture though.  They're known for their brands: Penshoppe, Oxygen, For Me, Memo, Regatta, Tyler and its direct selling subsidiary Red Logo.  They have been actively involved in various foundations for over two decades and has branded its corporate social responsibility platform as "GET UP".

Efren Penaflorida

Let us follow Kuya Ef and Golden ABC's example and start changing lives today.

To find out more about GET UP, Please visit                                        :
To find out more about Dynamic Teen Company, Please visit                :
To find out more about GOLDEN ABC,  Please visit                             :

Doggie Love: Shih Tzu Seminar for a Cause and Dog Grooming Tips (pics+grooming video)

Right after our Earth Run 2011 (see separate entry), we went straight to Mercato Centrale to participate in the Doggie Love: Shih Tzu Seminar for a Cause.
dog grooming

dog grooming
Ensure Trivia sponsored by Ensure
The FREE seminar covered several topics such as:

  1. Breed standard (power point presentation with trivia) (9:00 -11:00 a.m.)

  2. Basic dog show system (11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.)

  3. Daily maintenance grooming (12:30 p.m. -  1:30 p.m.)

  4. Health and nutrition (Q&A format)  (1:30 p.m. -  2:00 p.m.) 

dog grooming
Shih Tzu Trivia with Prizes

dog grooming
Kurt's prize compliments of Doggies' Choice.  Thank you!

dog grooming
My prize sponsored by  Thanks!

The hosts Wendell and Ardy were very entertaining so despite our lack of sleep from our early morning run, we didn't doze off.=)  I also loved the way the breed history and standards were presented.  I was able to understand more about the Shih Tzu breed.  Even though Kurt has been a Shih Tzu owner and lover since he was 7 years old, he admitted that he didn't know some of the facts too.

dog grooming
Representatives from SAWS and We Dogs
At the same time, the organizers were accepting donations in kind (at least 1 Kg worth of dog or cat food) to be donated to SAWS (Strike Animal Welfare Society) in Cavite.  Another beneficiary is "We Dogs".  

The substantial part of the seminar was the dog grooming.  Let's start from the basics...

Here are the dog grooming tools you should have for your shih tzu:
  • pin brush

  • small Sanrio bands

  • tail comb

  • metal comb

  • band cutter (sorry I forgot the name)

  • conditioner spray (for moisture)

dog grooming
Grooming Tools

dog grooming
Best in Show 2011 Model Dog "Taka"

dog grooming
Top Knot (Model Dog: Tara)
Here are the live video demonstration by Orion Kennel on their Champion bitch Tara (other videos to follow)

There were so many cute attendees.  Look!=) 

dog grooming
Owners and their pets

dog grooming
Thank you Royal Canin for the giveaways=)

dog grooming
A big thanks also to Mercanto Centrale, the hosts, Silk Creations,Doggies' Choice,,Pet Express,Good Dog Magazine and Auntie May's