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Repost - Speed, Glue & Shinki - Speed, Glue & Shinki (1972 japan strong hard rock and hard blues - Wave audio format)

Speed, Glue & Shinki was a Japanese psychedelic rock power trio formed in late 1970 by guitarist Shinki Chen and his mentor Ikuzo Orita, Japanese label boss of Polydor Records. Believing Shinki to be the Japanese Jimi Hendrix, Orita released two Polydor LPs featuring the guitarist: first as part of the experimental quartet Food Brain (Polydor 1970) and next with the semi-successful 'Shinki Chen & Friends' in 1971. Ikuzo Orita next took over Atlantic Records' Tokyo operation and brought Shinki Chen to the label, which was then enjoying massive success with 'heavy' bands such as Led Zeppelin and Cactus. Orita, in his effort to create a suitable 'heavy' vehicle for the guitarist's talents, invited ex-Golden Cups superstar bassist Masayoshi Kabe to join the band, while Shinki discovered Filipino singing drummer Joey Smith (i.e. Joseph Feliciano Smith) playing in either Akasaka’s Mugen department store or Yokohama’s Astro shopping mall, with the quartet, Zero History. They took their name from Kabe's love of sniffing Marusan Pro Band glue and Joey Smith's obsession with amphetamines, as evidenced by the lyrics of many Speed, Glue & Shinki songs (all lyrics being written and sung by Smith). The resulting sound was extremely bleak and raw, with Kabe's crunching atonal bass runs and Smith's stop-start rhythms creating a unique foundation for Shinki Chen's euphoric blues. Song titles such as 'Stoned Out of My Mind', 'Mr Walking Drugstore Man' and 'Sniffing and Snorting', combined with Smith's dangerous outlaw lyrics and caustic Iggy Pop-like vocal asides, gave the band an edge that no other Japanese band could (or would have wished to) achieve (Wikipedia).

Speed Glue & Shinki - Wanna Take You Home

Tracks Listing
01. Sniffin & Snortin Pt. 1
02. Run and Hide
03. Bad Woman
04. Red Doll
05. Flat Fret Swing
06. Sniffin & Snortin Pt. 2
07. Don't Say No
08. Calm Down
09. Doodle Song
10. Search for Love
11. Chuppy
12. Wanna Take You Home
13. a) Sun b) Planets c) Life d) Moon
14. Song for an Angel

*Shinki Chen - guitar, vocals
*Masayoshi Kabe - bass
*Joe 'Pepe' Smith - drums

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