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V.A. – Loose Routes 1, Music From Holyground (1965-73 uk folk, psychedelic folk, folk rock, kissing spell 2001 release - MP3 320k and FLAC)

Holyground was founded by Mike Levon in 1965 and is a collectable label offering music from the 60's and 70's and now recording again!

LOOSE ROUTES volumes 1 and 2 cover the whole of the early HOLYGROUND from before 1966 to 1975. Volume 1 covers the folk and folk rock period from 1966's EPs to Thundermother in the '70s.

Pre 1965, Mike Levon began recording his Shadows covers band in Grantham, Lincolnshire, England. Whilst at college in Yorkshire, 1965-66, he recorded and released a folk LPs and EPs, including Last Thing On My Mind. In 1966, Mike and Dave Wood set up Holyground, recording Number Nine Bread Street during 1966-67. In 1967 Mike moved into Cass Yard, where he set up the studio. All Holyground recordings till 1975 were made in this room, including Mike's first electric session, with Bill Nelson and Global Village. A to Austr was started in 1968, and the name Holyground Enterprises was registered.

Mike Levon, owner of Holyground Records, died peacefully on 4th September 2011.

Tracks - Composers - Musicians
1. (Quite So! (The Trends) 1965
(Mike Levon - Bob Simmonds)
Bob Simmonds & Mick Woodhouse guitars / Mike Levon drums
2. Don't Think Twice 1965
(Bob Dylan)
Terry McCann vocal / Marilyn Collins guitar / John Williams bass / Jane Westlake
3. I Still Miss Someone 1966
(J. Cash)
Jane Westlake vocals, guitar

4. I Don't Believe You 1965
5. I Don't Believe You (Live) 1966
(Bob Dylan)
Dave Nuttall vocal / Clive Colling piano / John Williams guitar / Brian Wilson bass / Mike Levon drums

6. Recording Corrina, Corrina 1966
7. Corrina, Corrina 1966
(Mississippi John Hurt)
Chris Coombs vocal, harmonica / Jane Westlake guitar / Jim Reed lute / Richard Smith flute / Clive Colling virginals / John Williams bass / Ian Jones drums

8. Song Of Black Glass 1966
9. San Francisco Bay Blues
(Bob Hart, Mike Levon)
Bob Hart vocal / Jane Westlake vocal / Jim Reed lute / Clive Colling virginals / John Williams guitar

10. A Little Bit Of Nelson
(Bill Nelson)
11. Outro To The Friend
(Chris Coombs, Bill Nelson)
12. Dear Mr. Fantasy
(Al Quinn, Bill Neson, Global Village)
13. It's Alright
(Chis Coombs)
14. Super Judy 1968
(Mike Levon, Brian Calvert)
Chris Coombs vocal / Brian Calvert guitar / Brian Wilson bass / Ted Hepworth drums / Chris Heinitz brass

15. Working On Between The Road 1969
(Chris Coombs)
Chris Coombs vocal, guitar / Brian Wilson bass / Ted Hepworth drums

16. I Slept Clear Thru 1971
Paul Travis vocal

17. Nearly Home 1971
18. Horse Rehearsing 1971
Chris Roddick guitar, vocal / Pete Ball fiddle / other musicians unknown

19. Down By The River
(Steve Channing)
Steve Channing vocal, guitar

20. Those Old Arabian Nights 1970
21. White Knight 1970
(Steve Channing)
Steve Channing vocal, guitar

22. Hold Me In Your Arms 1971
(The John Perfect Jazz Group)
John Perfect saxes / Mike Gould trumpets / Marcia vocal Linda King vocal / Martin Snell piano / Liam Arthurs bass Nick Dew drums

23. Feed Your Head (Out-Take) 1971
(unknown group, could be 'Noah')
24. Play The Game 1971
played by the group Method - names unknown

25. Shabby Tiger 1973
(Andy Diggle, 'Loz' Laurence)
Gemma & Julia vocals / Andy Diggle guitar, vocal / 'Loz' Laurence piano, lead guitar, vocal / unknown bassist & drummer

26. Boogie Music Version 1 1971
(L. T. Tateman III)
Dave Millen vocal, lead guitar / Daz bass / Fred Kelly drums

[ Rip and Scans by MIGUEL ANGEL ]
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