Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Phil. Dog Owners Dog Meet Up at MOA Seaside

Take your dog out to socialize with other dogs.  This is also a good opportunity to meet other dog lovers.  The dog celebrity "Bantatay" will also be there with his trainer.

Vanilla Fudge - Box Of Fudge (1967-1969 us psychedelic - Rhino handmade 4 CD boxset - MP3 320K and FLAC)

For a brief moment in 1967, Vanilla Fudge stood at the swirling center of the pop-music universe, satisfying fans searching for transformative musical experiences with its symphonic psychedelic rock.

Sweetened by intricate vocal harmonies and classical flourishes, The Fudge’s innovative mix of rhythm and blues shone brightly as a new era of heavy music was dawning at the start of the 1970s.

Organist Mark Stein, bassist Tim Bogert, lead guitarist Vince Martell, and drummer Carmine Appice recorded five albums in two years.

They toured relentlessly, winning converts with radical reworkings of hits like The Supremes’ “You Keep Me Hanging On” while “raising” the bar for after-show escapades.

Rhino Handmade devotes equal time to The Fudge’s influential studio and live legacies with a four-disc boxed set that combines album tracks and rare singles with unreleased recordings.

Presented in an elaborately designed, foil wrapped package, the set also comes with an 11x17 replica Family Dog poster from one of the band’s shows.

The first two discs flow mostly in chronological order, beginning with Vanilla Fudge’s earliest recordings, including the band’s first single with Atco, “Take Me For A Little While.”

It continues with selections from the group’s self-titled debut, The Beat Goes On (1968), Renaissance (1968), Near The Beginning (1969) and Rock And Roll (1969), plus two songs from Mystery, the band’s brief 1984 reunion.

Along with gathering a number of singles, the collection also marks the debut of the previously unreleased “Heartache Jam,” originally recorded in 1969.

The final two discs spotlight Vanilla Fudge on stage in its prime with an unreleased recording of the band welcoming the arrival of 1969 with a New Year’s concert at the Fillmore West.

Recorded shortly before the quartet’s fourth album was released, the show draws on The Fudge’s early days for “People Get Ready” and “Ticket To Ride” as well as its forthcoming album Near The Beginning with “Shotgun” and an epic version – more than 20 minutes – of “Break Song.”

The collection concludes with “Love Jam,” “Movin’On” and “VF Studio Jam,” a trio of previously unreleased tracks recorded in New York at Atlantic Recording Studio just months before the original quartet splintered (Rhino).

Disc 1:
01.All In Your Mind
02.Take Me For A Little While
03.Ticket To Ride
04.People Get Ready
05.She's Not There
06.You Keep Me Hangin' On
07.Where Is My Mind
08.The Look Of Love
10.The Beat Goes On
11.Come By Day, Come By Night
12.The Sky Cried - When I Was A Boy
13.That's What Makes A Man
14.Faceless People
15.Season Of The Witch

Disc 2:
02.Some Velvet Morning
03.You Can't Do That
05.Good Good Livin' (Long Version)
06.Heartache Jam
07.Need Love
08.Lord In The Country
09.Street Walking Woman
10.The Windmills Of Your Mind
12.My World Is Empty

Disc 3:
01.She's Not There (live)
02.Shotgun (live)
03.People Get Ready (live)
04.You Keep Me Hangin' On (live)
05.Season Of The Witch (live)
06.Break Song (live)

Disc 4:
01.Good Good Livin' (live)
02.Ticket To Ride (live)
03.Medley: Moonlight Sonota/Fur Elise/Eleanor Rigby (live)
04.Take Me For A Little While (live)
05.Like A Rolling Stone (live)
06.Love Jam
07.Movin' On
08.VF Studio Jam

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First time winning an advance screening movie ticket: Insidious

I've been joining contests from ClickTheCity.Com since forever and I have never won.  This morning as I checked my email I read this:

You have won for yourself a two (2) invites to the advance screening of "INSIDIOUS" May 31,2011(Tuesday) at SM Megamall Cinema 5.Gate Opens at 7:00pm and Closes at 7:30pm. MTRCB Rating (Children below 13 years old will only be allowed if accompanied by a parent or adult)

Please claim your prize from May 31, 2011 (01:00pm to 05:00pm).

Surf Shop, Inc.
UG1 Herrera Tower
98 Herrera cor. Valero Sts.
Salcedo Village
Makati City
Phone No: 753-3217

Please bring a valid ID and copy of the email notification letter upon claiming your prize.


Team ClickTheCity

Sadly, it was for last night.T_T  I wrote down a lot of details in the contest and didn't know I would only be informed via mail.  I feel so stupid to even waste a slot from the other contestants.  I'm sure any of them could have been more worthy than me. 

Based on this I learned several lessons:

  1. Checking email on a daily basis is not enough, should be at least twice a day.
  2. Keep track of contests joined to know when the winners will be announced and expect though may feel like waiting for a rain in the middle of a drought
  3. Join more because I could really win! lol;p

Jean Luc Ponty - King Kong: Jean Luc Ponty Plays The Music Of Frank Zappa (1970 france mix of fusion, jazz & RIO / avant garde - MP3 320K and FLAC)

Not just an album of interpretations, King Kong: Jean-Luc Ponty Plays the Music of Frank Zappa was an active collaboration; Frank Zappa arranged all of the selections, played guitar on one, and contributed a new, nearly 20-minute orchestral composition for the occasion.

Made in the wake of Ponty's appearance on Zappa's jazz-rock masterpiece Hot Rats, these 1969 recordings were significant developments in both musicians' careers.

In terms of jazz-rock fusion, Zappa was one of the few musicians from the rock side of the equation who captured the complexity -- not just the feel -- of jazz, and this project was an indicator of his growing credibility as a composer.

For Ponty's part, King Kong marked the first time he had recorded as a leader in a fusion-oriented milieu (though Zappa's brand of experimentalism didn't really foreshadow Ponty's own subsequent work).

Of the repertoire, three of the six pieces had previously been recorded by the Mothers of Invention, and "Twenty Small Cigars" soon would be.

Ponty writes a Zappa-esque theme on his lone original "How Would You Like to Have a Head Like That," where Zappa contributes a nasty guitar solo.

The centerpiece, though, is obviously "Music for Electric Violin and Low Budget Orchestra," a new multi-sectioned composition that draws as much from modern classical music as jazz or rock.

It's a showcase for Zappa's love of blurring genres and Ponty's versatility in handling everything from lovely, simple melodies to creepy dissonance, standard jazz improvisation to avant-garde, nearly free group passages.

In the end, Zappa's personality comes through a little more clearly (his compositional style pretty much ensures it), but King Kong firmly established Ponty as a risk-taker and a strikingly original new voice for jazz violin (by Steve Huey).

King Kong:

Track List:
01.King Kong (4:54)
02.Idiot Bastard Son (4:00)
03.Twenty Small Cigars (5:35)
04.How Would You Like to Have a Head Like That (7:14)
05.Music for Electric Violin and Low Budget Orchestra (19:20)
06.America Drinks and Goes Home (2:39)

*Jean-Luc Ponty (violin)
*Ian Underwood (conductor, alto & tenor saxophones)
*Ernie Watts (alto & tenor saxophones)
*Vincent DeRosa (French horn, descant)
*Arthur Maebe (French horn, tuben)
*Johnathan Meyer (flute)
*Gene Cipriano (oboe, English horn)
*Donald Christlieb (bassoon)
*Milton Thomas (viola)
*Harold Bemko (cello)
*Gene Estes (vibraphone, percussion)
*George Duke (piano)
*Frank Zappa (guitar)
*Buell Neidlinger, Wilton Felder (bass)
*Arthur Tripp III, John Guerin (drums)

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Index - Index (1967-70 us, psychedelic rock, 2010 edition, with unreleased material plus 32 page booklet artwork - MP3 320k and FLAC)

Two holy grails of psychedelia (from 1967-68), coupled with a disc of recently discovered unreleased material, all from the original tapes! In the mid 1960s, Detroit Michigan was a thriving industrial city. It was at the edge of a cliff, however.

The great ethnic diversity in the inner city was a brewing powder keg of civil unrest. This, coupled with a disillusioned population struggling to make some sense of a questionable war in the rice paddies of Viet Nam, set an uneasy and troubling tempo for the future. Still, there were pockets of communities in the Detroit area where things were good and economic life was vibrant. The Grosse Pointes were such communities.

It was on the outskirts of this political and racially tense era, in the affluent suburbs just outside of the city of Detroit, that INDEX was formed. The music of Index has been lauded by music heads for decades, and with good reason: it is bizarre, atmospheric, and "home-made" (in the best of all possible ways); the band has a druggie sound, with songs full of feedback and fuzzy guitars, hazy guitar riffs and loud rhythms. Hidden amongst the echoing canyons of sound there’s some snotty post-punk attitude wrapped up in that trippy velvet fuzz; a wonderful bleak sound, both droning and murky—the atonal side of late 1960s rock that would leave the most lasting impression on those who would eventually become punk, post-punk and indie rock artists like Joy Division or the Fall.

Includes a 32-page booklet, written by Index drummer Jim Valice, detailing the band's rock and roll adventures, replete with photos and lyrics; printed on FSC recycled, chlorine-free, 100% post-consumer fiber paper manufactured using biogas energy.

Index were formed in early 1966 in Grosse Point, Michigan. In ‘66 drummer Jim Valice (17 years old) met Gary Francis. Jim played in a garage band, and Gary played another band. One day they had a jam session with one more cool guitarist John B. Ford.

Their first jam was exciting, the sound was full and powerful with John’s technical guitar playing.
In early ’67 the band played “Johnny B. Good” and “Mustang Sally”. At the time Gary didn’t have his own bass. Jim and John bought a violin shaped bass for Gary as present. They became a party band, playing at a pool,and in the living room, in the summer. They covered Chuck Berry, Animals, and played their original songs.

At the time the band was called “Chicken Every Sunday”. One afternoon after a session, they decided to change the name. John went over to a book shelf, and said taking a book” "Let’s make the name from what ever page falls open!"”. He tossed the book to the floor.

The band changed their name to the INDEX. best of hideout
The Underdogs, The Rationals, unique girl band Pleasure Seekers(including Hideout clerk girl, Suzi Quatro) Fugitives(SRC) and more garage bands played at teenage nightclubs like Hideout and The Undercroft.

The Black Album
1. Eight Miles High (J. McGuinn, D, Crosby, G. Clark) - 3:33
2. Israeli Blues (John B. Ford) - 4:05
3. John Riley (Bob Gibson R. Neff) - 4:00
4. Turquoise Feline (John B. Ford, Jim Valice) - 3:30
5. Rainy, Starless Nights (John B. Ford) - 2:25
6. Fire Eyes (John B. Ford, Jim Valice) - 4:08
7. Shock Wave (John B. Ford, Jim Valice) - 3:20
8. You Keep Me Hanging On (B. Holland, L. Dozier, E. Holland) - 3:00
9. Feedback (John B. Ford) - 4:50
The Red Album
10.Turquoise Feline (John B. Ford, Jim Valice, Tom Ballew) - 3:50
11.I Can't See Nobody (Robin Gibb, Barry Gibb) - 3:00
12.Spoonful (W. Dixon) - 4:50
13.Eight Miles High (J. McGuinn, D, Crosby, G. Clark) - 3:33
14.New York Mining Disaster (Robin Gibb, Barry Gibb) - 3:20
15.Paradise Beach (John B. Ford, Jim Valice) - 3:30
16.Break Out (John B. Ford, Jim Valice, Tom Ballew) - 2:45
17.I Love You (John B. Ford) - 3.40
18.Rainy, Starless Nights (John B. Ford) - 3:10

Yesterday and Today
1. Jill (John B. Ford, Jim Valice) - 4:37
2. Long Tall Shorty (R. Davies) 3:38
3. Mustang Sally (Sir Mack Rice) - 2:42
4. You Like Me Too Much (G. Harrison) - 2:10
5. Yesterday and Today (John B. Ford, Jim Valice) - 2:19
6. It's All In Your Mind (John B. Ford, Jim Valice) - 2:08
7.1 Got You (I Feel Good) (J. Brown) - 2.39
8. Dear Friend (P. McCartney) - 3:03
9. Yesterday and Today (John B. Ford, Jim Valice) - 4:09
10.I Met a Man (David Crosby) - 3:04
11.Morning Dew (B. Dobson) - 3:14
12.I Used to Be a King (G. Nash) - 2.53
13.431 Lakeshore Drive (John B. Ford, Jim Valice) - 2:47
14.Don't You Know (John B. Ford, Jim Valice) - 4:43
15.Sunny Skies (James Taylor) - 4:14
16.Kick It Out (John B. Ford, Jim Valice) - 2:58
17.Helplessly Hoping (S. Stills) 2:38

*Jim Valice - Drums, Backing Vocals
*Gary Francis - Guitars. Bass, 12-String Guitar
*John B. Ford - Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals
*Tom Ballew - Bass (only on the "Red" album)

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Movie Review: The Switch Movie

Just watched the movie "The Switch" starred by Jennifer Aniston as Kassie Larson and Jason Bateman as Wally Mars.  It is a romantic comedy drama film.  It seems more on the drama side.

Its about a Kassie who is approaching middle age who decides to get a child through artificial insemination.  She and Wally Mars are best friends.  They separate and then seven years after she returns with the kid named Sebastian.  That's when things got complicated with Kassie, Wally and the donor.  The plot was kind of weird and unrealistic to me although it was pretty good to watch.

While watching this movie, it reminded me of another film which also involved a single woman getting artificial dissemination called "The Back Up Plan".  With two movies like this, it got me thinking.  Is it really possible that some women give up on finding the right one and prefer to raise kids on their own?  I guess, times have change.  Gone are the days where being a single mother was taboo and wives have to tolerate their husbands just for the welfare of their kids and because of their public outlook.  Women have become more confident and independent.

As I watched this, it made me dreamy of having a guy best friend like the two main casts.  I agree with Kassie in the movie that it is essential that guys have a sense of humor and that is also why I prefer to have guy best friends.  From childhood, I've had several close guy friends before.  (Really miss those good days!) But it never worked out.  I'm amazed at how long there were able to make it work.  What do you guys think?


Kenny's FROYO Buy 1 Take 1 Promo. Cheapest FROYO?

Last year, Kenny Roger's introduced its version of FROYO.  The price is relatively cheap compared to other FROYO place and almost the same as ordinary ice cream.  Of course, we all want the healthier option. 

Now its even irresistible with their new promo! Avail of their Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Promo until June 19 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM on Weekdays only for Large Plain FROYO (equivalent to only 27.50 php per cup!) at the following Kenny Roger's Branches:

Makati/Taguig Area
1. Dela Rosa Carpark
2. Glorietta 3
3. Market Market
4. Power Plant Mall
Mandaluyong/Pasig Area
5. Robinsons Galleria
6. SM Megamall
Quezon City Area
7. Katipunan
8. Quezon Ave. corner Scout Albano
9. SM City Annex
10. SM City Fairview
11. SM City North EDSA
12. SM City Sta. Mesa
13. SM City Novaliches
14. TriNoma Mall
Manila/Caloocan Area
15. Robinsons Ermita
16. SM City Manila
17. SM Mall of Asia
18. Taft
Pasay/Paranaque Area
19. Duty Free
20. Festival Supermall
21. Roxas Boulevard
22. SM Southmall
23. Newport
Cainta Area
24. Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall
North Luzon Area
25. Shell NLEX (Northbound)
South Area
26. Robinsons Imus
27. SM City Bacoor
28. SM City Calamba

UPDATE: Extended until July 19 ,2011

Cara Membuka Situs Yang Diblokir Nawala | 3 | Aha | Telkom | Indosat

Cara Membuka Situs Yang Diblokir Nawala | 3 | Aha | Telkom | Indosat cara ini bukan dimaksudkan untuk membuka situs yang dilarang. Beberapa hari yang lalu ada rekan saya yang bertanya melalui YM "mas bagaimana caranya membuka website yang di blokir oleh nawala?" nah terlintas dibenak saya untuk menjawab pertanyaan tersebut dengan tulisan di blog saya. Dengan testing sendiri mengenai tips ini,

Cheat Ninja Saga Juli 2011 Rare Pets

Cheat Ninja Saga Juni 2011
Kali ini saya share Cheat Ninja Saga Juli 2011 Rare Pets, yang sebelumnya saya pernah share cheat ninja saga level semoga saja cheat ninja saga ini bermanfaat bagi agan-agan semuanya yang lagi mencarinya. Bagi yang mau coba Cheat Ninja Saga 1 Juli 2011 Rare Pets silahkan ikuti langkah-langkah berikut ini.

Tools :
*SWF File

Penggunaan Cheat Ninja Saga 1 Juli 2011
*Download dulu Fiddler
*Kemudian Install Fiddler
*Baru jalankan Fiddler
*Klik Tab AutoResponder (yg icon-nya petir hijau)
*Centang kotak "Enable automatic responses" dan juga "Permit passthrough for unmatched request"
*Jatuhkan .SWF File yang kamu download tadi ke kolom AutoResponder
*Masuk ke Ninja Saga
*Setelah itu bersihkan chace
*Baru pilih karakter yang akan kamu mainkan

Cara Menghapus chace :
*Untuk Mozilla Firefox : Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Pilih Network Tab -> Clear Now -> Klik OK
*Untuk Google Chrome : Pilih icon yang berada di pojok kanan atas (sebelah bintang) -> Options -> Under the Hood -> Clear Browsing Data -> Empty the cache -> Clear Browsing Data

Cara Pemakaiannya :
Kalian tinggal masuk ke "Academy", lalu pilih pet yang akan di beli. Setelah muncul tulisan "Berhasil Mendapatkan Pet Refresh browser kalian.

Semoga Cheat Ninja Saga Juli 2011 ini bisa bermanfaat bagi agan-agan semuanya, selamat mencoba ok dan jangan lupa juga ya baca Cheat Ninja Saga super pet dan Cheat Talent Point Ninja.  Semoga juga Cheat Ninja Saga 1 Juli 2011 Rare Pets ini bisa menambah semangat anda buat maen terus ninja saga. Untuk updetan cheat ninja saga lewat facebook silahkan klik tanda suka/like di sisi kanan blog terimakasih.

Cheat Point Blank 28 Juni 2011 All Wallhack 28062011

Cheat Point Blank 14 Juni 2011, cheat point blank 14062011
Kali ini di saya akan share Cheat Point Blank 28 Juni 2011 All Wallhack 28062011 yang masih hangat. Bisa anda coba cheat point blank kali ini bernama Cheat Point Blank 28 Juni 2011 All Wallhack 28062011, mudah-mudahan cheat ini bisa bermanfaat bagi agan semuanya yang lagi nyari-nyari Cheat Point Blank 28 Juni 2011 All Wallhack 28062011

Fitur :  Cheat Point Blank Juni 2011
- Wallhack Kotor
- Wallhack Bersih/Charm

Hotkey :
Wallhack Kotor : INSERT
Charms CT : HOME
Charms Tero : END

NB :
(-) Work ALL WINDOWS :
- Windows xp = 3 Jam 23 menit 48 detik (ane make timer hehehe...).
- Windows 7 = Belum dicoba, kalo ada yg udah nyoba make win7 komentar dibawah..!
(-) On Wallhack Saat kamu sudah Play Dan OFF Sebelum Nge-Warnya Selesai.
(-) Cheat ini tidak bisa di close karena Folder PointBlanknya sudah kedeteksi sama Injectornya, kalo mau diclose mainin dulu PBnya lalu langsung kelua

Semoga cheat point blank 28062011 ini bisa bermanfaat bagi anda semua yang membutuhkannya. Bagi yang mau download cheat point blank 28 juni 2011 silahkan klik disini. Notice : Cheat Point Blank 28 Juni 2011 All Wallhack 28062011 ini berjalan apabila sesuai dengan aturan dan tidak adanya update dadakan dari game point blank itu sendiri. Untuk updetan cheat pb lewat facebook silahkan klik tanda suka/like di sisi kanan blog terimakasih.

Cheat PB 28 Juni 2011 SoundBreak v6.0 28062011

Cheat PB 14 Juni 2011, cheat pb 14062011
Kali ini saya akan share Cheat PB 28 Juni 2011 SoundBreak v6.0 28062011 yang masih hangat. Bisa anda coba Cheat point blank kali ini yang bernama Cheat PB 28 Juni 2011 SoundBreak v6.0 28062011, mudah-mudahan cheat ini bisa bermanfaat bagi agan semuanya yang lagi nyari-nyari Cheat PB 28 Juni 2011 SoundBreak v6.0 28062011

Fitur Cheat PB Juni 2011
Greetz to :
[-] Dikha Coolboys
[-] IkIsCrEaM
[-] eRge
[-] rifqi@N3
[-] Sapta Agunk N2
[-] All member N2
[-] All member N3

Feature :
[-] Kill Invicible Time, No Respawn, Pasang/Defuse BOM 0 Detik

Hotykey :
[-] Delete

[-] Buka PB Launcher
[-] Buka Injector
[-] Start PB
[-] Klik b!LLkRaZ
[-] Isi Password
[-] Tunggu Sampai Timbul Notice
[-] Klik Ok
[-] Klik resume

Nb :
[-] Harus install vcredits & NetFramework
[-] klo bugtrap coba gunakan metode flasdisk
[-] Password : Scarletzer

Semoga cheat pb 28062011 ini bisa bermanfaat bagi anda semua yang membutuhkannya. Bagi yang mau download cheat pb 28 juni 2011 silahkan klik disini. Notice : Cheat PB 28 Juni 2011 SoundBreak v6.0 28062011 ini berjalan apabila sesuai dengan aturan dan tidak adanya update dadakan dari game point blank itu sendiri. Untuk updetan cheat point blank lewat facebook silahkan klik tanda suka/like di sisi kanan blog terimakasih.

Daftar Harga Hp Nokia Terbaru Bulan September 2011

Harga Hp Nokia Terbaru
Informasi tentang Daftar Harga Hp Nokia Terbaru Bulan September 2011. Mulai saat ini dan kedepan saya akan mencoba membagikan informasi seputar harga-harga gadget harga hp nokia terbaru. Daftar harga hp nokia terbaru ini akan selalu diupdate setiap bulan agar info harga hp Nokia terbaru di blog ini akan selalu di update tiap bulannya. Daftar Harga Hp Nokia Terbaru Bulan September 2011 ini cuma sebagai patokan saja, belum tentu sama dengan harga sebenarnya di pasaran.

Berikut adalah daftar lengkap harga hp nokia terbaru :

Semoga Daftar Harga Hp Nokia Terbaru Bulan September 2011 ini bisa menjadi sebuah patokan apabila anda semua mau membeli hp tersebut. Semoga bermanfaat dan berguna bagi agan-agan sekalian, harga hp nokia terbaru September 2011 ini bisa berubah sewaktu-waktu tanpa diberitahu sebelumnya. Untuk info lebih lanjutnya mendingan tanyakan saja ke tok-toko nokia terdekat.

Daftar Harga BB BlackBerry Terbaru Bulan September 2011

Daftar Harga BB BlackBerry Terbaru Bulan Juni 2011
Informasi tentang Daftar Harga BlackBerry Terbaru Bulan September 2011. Mulai saat ini dan kedepan saya akan mencoba membagikan informasi seputar harga-harga gadget harga BlackBerry terbaru. Daftar harga hp BlackBerry terbaru ini akan selalu diupdate setiap bulan agar info harga BlackBerry terbaru di blog ini akan selalu di update tiap bulannya. Daftar Harga BB Terbaru Bulan September 2011 ini cuma sebagai patokan saja, belum tentu sama dengan harga sebenarnya di pasaran.

Berikut adalah daftar lengkap harga BlackBerry terbaru :
BlackBerry Bold 9700 : Harga Baru : Rp.3.700.000
BlackBerry Bold 9780 : Harga Baru : Rp. 4.100.000,-
BlackBerry 9300 Curve 3G : Harga Baru : Rp. 2.450.000,-
BlackBerry Bold 9000 : Harga Second: Rp.1.800.000,
BlackBerry 9800 Torch : Harga Baru : Rp.4.800.000,-
BlackBerry Bold 9650 : Harga Second : Rp.3.100.000,-
BlackBerry Pearl 8120 : Harga Second : Rp.Rp.1.050.000,-
BlackBerry Tour 9630 : Harga Second : Rp.1.850.000,-
BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9100 : Harga Baru : Rp.2.450.000,-

BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9105 : Harga Baru : Rp.2.450.000,-
BlackBerry Storm 9500 : Harga Second: Rp.1.600.000,-
BlackBerry 8320 : Harga Second : Rp.900.000,-
BlackBerry Gemini 8520 : Harga Baru : Rp.2.100.000,-
BlackBerry Javelin 8900 : Harga Second: Rp. 1.750.000,-
BlackBerry 8820 : Harga Second : Rp.950.000,-
BlackBerry Curve 8310 : Harga Second : Rp.850.000,-
BlackBerry Storm2 9550 : Harga Second: Rp.2.400.000,-

Semoga Daftar Harga BlackBerry Terbaru Bulan September 2011 ini bisa menjadi sebuah patokan apabila anda semua mau membeli hp tersebut. Semoga bermanfaat dan berguna bagi agan-agan sekalian, harga blackberry terbaru September 2011 ini bisa berubah sewaktu-waktu tanpa diberitahu sebelumnya. Untuk info lebih lanjutnya mendingan tanyakan saja ke tok-toko blackberry terdekat.

Sophia's Ice Cream Peanut Milk Ice Cream Bar

Due the heat of the summer, we had to fill our freezer with so many frozen treats.  One of them is Sophie's Peanut Milk Ice Cream Bar.  It sounded unique and interesting so we bought it from a small taiwanese grocery store.

When I took my first bite of the crunchy peanut milk shell, I instantly recalled the taste of peanut butter.  But peanut milk is as thick and heavy as peanut butter.  It was lighter and creamier.  It also had peanut chunks in it.  It was good. 

Inside the peanut milk shell is the vanilla filling.  The vanilla wasn't sweet.  It wasn't bland either.  It was just right.  Although it was not the best vanilla ice cream I've tried either.

ChickChat's Weekly 1,500 php Gift Certificate (GC) Giveway!

If you've previously read our dining experience at ChickChat (see separate entry) and want to try them out for FREE?  Then join ChickChat Asia's Weekly 1,500 php (3 x 500 php)  Gift Certificate Giveway!

The promo starts on May 23, 2011.  (Not stated until when) Winners will be announce at their facebook page every Mondays. 

Promo Mechanics:
  1. Email your dining experience and what would you like to see them doing in the near future at enquiries@osforiente.ph
  2. Place your name and contact information on your email
  3. To double your chances: Like ChickChat Asia Fan Page and post your thoughts
With 3 x 500 php gift certificates, you could taste most of their dishes already.  Their dishes are so affordable that for 1,500 php worth you can avail of all the food choices you want.   Of course, I joined too!

Since our previous visit there are now new releases which we have yet to try.  Below are some of the food which has caught my attention.  What about you?

2nd floor of SM Manila, right across SM Appliance Center

Monday, May 30, 2011

BlackBerry Curve 9370

BlackBerry Curve 9370 previously known as Apollo, leaks today in series of shots and a lengthy demo video. The BlackBerry Curve 9370 Apollo has leaked twice before - via a BlackBerry OS7 ROM and later with an press-quality picture and specifications. Today the guys over Tinhte.vn brought us another surprise - lots of excellent live shots of the BlackBerry Curve 9370.
But that's not everything they've got in the bag for us. You can enjoy quite a thorough video demonstrating both the hardware and software side of things.What we know so far is the BlackBerry Curve 9370 will pack an 800MHz processor, a HVGA screen, 512MB RAM, 5 megapixel camera with LED flash and a complete connectivity package with Wi-Fi N and NFC. It runs on BlackBerry OS7.

Specifications BlackBerry Curve 9370
BlackBerry Curve 9370

Just like last time a new OS leaked for a yet-to-be-released device, folks have already ripped through it to see what, exactly if anything was new.We guess the official announcement should happen soon. According to the source, the BlackBerry Curve 9370 is scheduled for an August release.

Nexian G331 - Harga Nexian Fresh G331

Nexian, Hp Nexian, Nexian G331
Nexian tidak mau kalah dengan produk-produk lainnya yang mengeluarkan hp terbarunya yaitu Nexian G331. Hp nexian G331 ini tersedia dalam 10 pilihan warna, jadi konsumen akan memiliki banyak pilihan warna yang bisa menyesuaian dengan warna kesukaannya. Nexian Fresh G331 mengandalkan kanal GPRS untuk terkoneksi kedunia maya.

Hp nexian ini memiliki shortcut jejaring social seperti facebook, twitter juga sudah disematkan dalam produk hp nexian yang satu ini. Untuk transfer data antar ponseil, nexian telah menanamkan Bluetooth dalam produknya yang satu ini. Bagi anda yang penasaran dengan spesifikasi detailnya, berikut ini harga dan spesifikasi detail dari nexian G331 :

Spesifikasi Nexian G331 :
*SIM Cards Dual GSM
*Frequency 900/1800MHz
*Connectivity GPRS
*LCD 1.8″ Color LCD
*Camera VGA
*Bluetooth Yes
*Torch Yes
*FM Radio Yes
*Video Player Yes
*Audio Player Yes
*Trackpad/Nav Key/Trackball Navigation Key
*External Memory Yes (Optional)
*Handsfree Yes (included)
*Language English-Indonesian
*Warranty 12-month
*Harga Nexian G331 : Rp. 249.000,-

Nexian G331 keren bukan? bila anda tertarik dengan hp nexian ini, anda tidak perlu mengeluarkan banyak uang harga hp nexian g331 ini murah khan! Hanya Rp. 249.000. Semoga bermanfaat dan bisa menjadi patokan sebelum anda membeli Nexian Fresh G331 ini.

Stone The Crows - Ontinuous Performance (1972 scottish hard/blues rock, 1997 Repertoire reissue - MP3 320K and FLAC)

Much of Ontinuous Performance (and no, there's no C in there) was already in the can when guitarist Les Harvey was tragically electrocuted onstage on May 3, 1972.

The band brought in young guitar wiz Jimmy McCullough (ex-Thunderclap Newman) to take his place, but really, in a band like this, no one could have filled his shoes — a listen to Harvey's guitar work on the instrumental "King Tut" shows how far he'd come, and how integral his particular style of playing was to the band's sound.

Ironically, out of tragedy came a brief moment of success, as "Good Time Girl," released as a single (and, except for gender, it was a perfect Rod Stewart song) hit #12 on the U.K. singles chart.

But there was also a return to their blues roots with the acoustic "Penicillin Blues," while "One More Chance" offered Maggie Bell an opportunity to show her soulful vocal chops.

However, they blew it during the nine minutes of "Niagara," a piece that, it sounded, was never finished before release.

It was would have impossible for the band to let go of Harvey without a song, and it comes at the end of the disc, the ballad "Sunset Cowboy," which is touching and heartfelt. After this disc the disheartened band broke up.

Stone The Crows - Penicillin Blues

Track list:
01. On The Highway (Harvey, Leahy) – 5:32
02. One More Chance (Leahy) – 6:10
03. Penicillin Blues (Terry, McGhee) – 5:30
04. King Tut (Harvey, Leahy) – 2:37
05. Good Time Girl (Allen, Bell, Thompson, Leahy) – 3:25
06. Niagara (Leahy) – 9:12
07. Sunset Cowboy (Allen, Leahy) – 6:42

Stone The Crows:
*Maggie Bell – vocals
*Colin Allen – drums
*Ronnie Leahy – keyboards
*Steve Thompson – bass
*Jimmy McCulloch — guitar

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Rip and scans made by Cozzmick, torrents,thanks a buch mate!
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My dilemna on which Sandy's Pizza Deal to Pick: 50% vs. 45% off

There are two Sandy's Pizza deal both with different combos.  Can't decide on which to pick...  Let me show my rationalization.

Deal 1: 50% Off: P465 instead of P935 for 14 Inch Supersize Pizza, Large Pasta and Mouthwatering Buffalo Chicken Wings from Sandy's Pizza
click logo to go to deal                             
  • Delicious hand-tossed pizzas
  • Unique menu offering a wide range of Italian and American choices
  • Relaxing atmosphere inside of the restaurant
  • With this special treat package good for 6 people you will enjoy any 14" supersize pizza, large pasta and buffalo chicken wings  for P465 instead of P935
  • This feast combo will ensure that your stomach‘s satisfied baritone grumblings will harmonize with your palate’s angelic falsetto
The fine print
  • Voucher validity: June 11, 2011 until Dec. 11, 2011
  • Valid for all 3 branches (Makati, QC, San Juan)
  • Valid for dine-in, take-out and deliver (for delivery, additional charge of P99 applies)
  • Price is Net (includes service charge and VAT)
  • Voucher is transferable and can be given as gift to family and friends
  • Buy as many vouchers as you want
Deal 2: Up to 45% OFF! Only P450 For Any 18-inch Pizza + some delicious Buffalo Chicken Wings at Sandy’s Pizza! Choose among 3 locations!

click logo to go to deal
  • Enjoy some Homemade Real New York-Style Thin Crust Pizza.
  • Choose among 16 awesome flavors, including some unique Filipino-inspired selections.
  • You've got 3 delicious flavors of chicken wings to choose from.
  • You can choose for dine-in or take out. Option for delivery.
  • Pick up any of the 3 perfect locations : Katipunan, San Juan or Makati.
The Deal's Terms
  • Valid from June 24 to September 30, 2011.
  • Add P99 for delivery.
  • Call in advance for multiple orders.
  • Maximum of 3 vouchers per transaction per person.
  • Not valid with other offers.
  • See universal fine print.
Both deals are:
  • Valid for 3 locations
Makati Branch:

Riverfront Building JP Rizal cor. Villena St. (Behind Rockwell), Makati

QC Branch:

154 Katipunan Ave. (Hernandez Bldg.), White Plains, Quezon City

San Juan Branch:

683 J. Abad Santos St., Little Baguio, San Juan

General phone line:

(02) 721-8334 / (02) 721-8329

  • Allows delivery but with 99 php charge
  • Deal 1: 14" supersize pizza (480 php 1 flavor/520 php if sampler), large pasta (195 php) and buffalo chicken wings (220 php) = up to 50% off at 465 php
  • Deal 2: 18" pizza (590 php 1 flavor/645 php if sampler) + buffalo wings (220 php) = up to 45% at 450 php

        Both deals look good.

  • If you love pizza you won't mind the 5% discount difference right?  
  • If you love pasta then you should choose the one with the pasta and have 5% more discount than the other deal.  
       So the question is to pick or not to pick the pasta?=)

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides on FULL 3D

We've always been a Pirates of the Carribbean fan so we couldn't miss its fourth movie.  We purchase large Wasabi popcorn from Taters (95 php) and 3 Jumbo ice tea (40 php each).  Then we found out that each Robinson's 3D Cinema Ticket (300 php per ticket) comes with free regular sized popcorn and regular sized softdrinks.  (Lol imagine how much I was munching/sipping durign the movie)

The movie started with its full 3D effects.  The plot was okay but there were some parts of it that made no sense to me.  The story was now centered at Jack Sparrow played by Johnny Depp.  He's act and jokes are consistently entertaining still.  Other than that, there were less action and comedy in it compared to the others.   Mermaids, Blackbirds magic sword and the fountain of youth combined and yet it has failed to please the crowd.

      Spoiler Alert (in white ink)!  These are the parts of the plot that confused me.
  1. Why would the Spaniards even wipe the chastise clean if they intend to break or drown it anyway?
  2. How did the clergy man know that the mermaid Syrena has a name?
  3. Why did the Syrena give the chastise?
  4. Why did the Syrena kiss and drown the clergy man?
I didn't that 3D was an integral part of the movie.  There were swords swinging, burnt ashes flying, water bubbling, barrels rolling and more that were enhanced by being 3D.  But what I wouldn't feel that I missed something if I watched the movie in 3D.

Based on the post-credit scene, I would say there will be another movie.  Would I still watch it?  Yes.  I would still!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Be 1 of the 3 Winners to get to see Ed Westwick in Person

Join Penshoppe's photo contest now and get a chance to see Ed Westwick in person.  Winners will be announced on June 2, 2011 12 A.M. Better join for this chance of a lifetime.=)  Good luck!

Contest Mechanics:
  1. Follow Penshoppe on twitter
  2. Tweet your photo inspired by their Trailblazer campaign
  3. Don't forget to add the ff hashtags:   

Headlines: Smoking ban in Metro Manila Public Places Implemented Today

The MMDA announced that violators will be fined P500 on first offense, while those who cannot afford to pay the fine are obliged to render an eight-hour community service.  The anti-tobacco use program is funded by a  New York-based Bloomberg Philantrophies with a P9.5-million grant.
Last June, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) already required the MMDA to prohibit smoking in its offices. 

According to yahoo news "The Philippines has a law banning smoking in public places dating from 2003, but it has largely been ignored in a country where according to surveys 28 percent of Filipinos aged 15 years and over, or 17.3 million people, are smokers."

I'm in full support of this program.  I too hated to inhale the cigarette smokes flying towards me from smokers in the front seat of the jeepneys or the pedestrian in front of me in the sidewalks or while walking below the buildings of Makati where groups of smokers gather.  But I do hope this will be imposed fairly to all.

I'm really excited to see how this will be implemented.  Maybe smokers should start smoking E-cigarettes now like Johnny Depp in the movie tourist eh?  Just curious by public places, what exactly does it cover?

IMO Tab X7 Tablet Pertama IMO

IMO Tab X7Setelah mengeluarkan ponsel terbarunya yaitu IMO W8800, akhirnya IMO juga mengeluarkan Tablet pertamanya yang diberi nama IMO Tab X7. IMO Tab X7 menggunakan sistem operasi Android 2.2 Froyo dengan layar sentuh berukuran 7 inci. IMO Tab X7 ditenagai oleh prosessor ARM 11 600MHz dengan RAM 512MB. IMO Tab X7 memiliki ukuran 179.3 x 110 x 11.4mm dengan berat 377 gram.

IMO Tab X7 mendukung jaringan GSM/GPRS/EDGE Quad Band dan jaringan 3G/HSPA Tri Band, dan IMO Tab X7 dapat digunakan untuk melakukan panggilan telepon. IMO Tab X7 dilengkapi juga dengan kamera belakang 3 megapiksel, kamera depan, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth, slot microSD, dan baterai Lithium Polymer 3240 mAh

Spesifikasi IMO Tab X7 :
* Jaringan: GSM/GPRS/EDGE 4 bands(850/900/1800/1900MHz), WCDMA 3g/HSPA 3 bands(900/1900/2100MHz);
* Dimensi: 179.3(width) x 110(height) x 11.4(depth) millimetres; Bobot: 377 gram;
* Layar: TFT capacitive multitouch, 256K colors, 800 x 400 pixels, 7 inci,;
* Kamera Utama: 3. MP;
* Kamera Sekunder: VGA;
* Memori: DDR SDRAM 512 MB, microSD up to 32GB;
* Konektivitas: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth v2.0 with EDR;
* Sistem Operasi: Android OS, v2.2 (froyo);
* Harga IMO Tab X7 : Rp 3,9 jutaan
* Baterai: Lithium Polymer 3240 mAh.
* Fitur lain: Ambient Light Sensor, G-Sensor ,Built in GPS module, calculator, Calendar, Google Talk Browser, make phone call, digital compass, Gmail, Alarm, Google Maps;

Semoga artikel ini tentang IMO Tab X7 ini bisa berguna dan bisa menjadi patokan sebelum anda membeli IMO Tab X7 ini. Untuk masalah Harga IMO Tab X7, info lebih lanjutnya tidak salah juga jika anda menanyakan langsung Harga IMO Tab X7 ke toko-toko terdekat. Info yang didapat pun pastinya lebih jelas dibandingkan dengan artikel pada blog ini.

BlackBerry Torch 2 - Harga BlackBerry Torch 2

BlackBerry Torch, BlackBerry Torch 2
BlackBerry Torch mengeluarkan versi terbarunya yaitu BlackBerry Torch 2 yang memang sudah dari dulu dikabarkan, tetapi dengan adanya update ini, BlackBerry Torch 2 memberikan bocoran pada masyarakat pengguna BlackBerry Torch adanya perubahan sistem os nya serta tambahan memperbanyak penggunaan software photo dan video.

BlackBerry Torch 2 merupakan penerus dari BlackBerry Torch yang telah diluncurkan. BlackBery Torch 2 hampir bisa dipastikan memakai sistem operasi mobile baru dari RIM, yakni BlackBerry OS 7. RIM diprediksi segera memperkenalkan ponsel ini dan memasarkannya di kuartal 3 atau 4 2011. BlackBerry Torch 2 dilengkapi dengan fitur-fitur seperti prosessor 1.2GHz, RAM 512MB, memori internal 8GB, kamera 5 megapiksel dengan flash, dukungan NFC, GPS, bluetooth, dukungan jaringan HSDPA 14.4 Mbps, dan layar sentuh 3.2 inci.

Desain BlackBerry Torch hampir tidak berubah dari aslinya mengatakan untuk panel bodi metalik dan resolusi yang lebih tinggi 3,2 "480 x 640 layar di luar prosesor. Processor 1.2GHz, dipasangkan dengan menaikkan 768MB RAM dan penyimpanan internal cek in di 8GB dengan memori yang dapat diupgrade melalui kartu SD. BlackBerry Torch 2 dengan  kamera 5MP yang asli tapi rekaman video sekarang telah didorong untuk 720p HD dan panel belakang juga dengan chip NFC.

Spesifikasi BlackBerry Torch 2 :
Processor: 1.2 GHz processor
Jaringan: Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE ; Tri-band HSPA 14.4Mbps
Layar: 3.2" VGA - 480 x 640 capacitive touchscreen display
Memori: 8GB storage + 512MB RAM + up to 32GB MicroSD
Koneksi: WiFi + Bluetooth + NFC
Camera: 5 MP
Baterai: 1300MAh battery
Ukuran: 14.6mm thick
Sensor: magnetometer
Harga BlackBerry Torch 2 : Rp. Rp.6.700.000

Semoga artikel ini tentang BlackBerry Torch 2 ini bisa berguna dan bermanfaat bagi anda semua  yang lagi mencari BlackBerry Torch ini. Untuk masalah Harga BlackBerry Torch 2, info lebih lanjutnya tidak salah juga jika anda menanyakan langsung Harga BlackBerry Torch ke toko-toko terdekat. Info yang didapat pun pastinya lebih jelas dibandingkan dengan artikel pada blog ini.

Kensington Market - Avenue Road (1968 canada, psychedelic fusing folk with classical and jazz elements - MP3 320K and FLAC)

A late night jam with the Lovin' Spoonful's Zal Yanofsky in 1967 would prove to be the big break for Toronto's Kensington Market. As Nicholas Jennings tells it in Before the Gold Rush, his excellent chronicle of that city's Yorkville scene, "Knocked out by the band's sophisticated sound, Yanofsky went down to New York where he raved about them to Felix Pappalardi (Cream, the Youngbloods). Pappalardi flew out to Toronto in October to check them out. Before he left the band's rehearsal space that night, Pappalardi had signed the band to a two-record deal", leading to the recording of this eclectic album for Warner Brothers.

With a couple of seven-inchers on the Stone label already under their belts, the band had just recruited soul shouter Luke Gibson after his own Luke and the Apostles called it quits in the late summer of 1967.
Had it not been for that fortuitous hook-up, the band might have ended up a mere footnote in the already crowded Yorkville annals. As it happened, though, with Warner's money and Pappalardi's acumen, the band's debut LP Avenue Road was released early the following year to cheers on the home front and what could be politely described as bewildered indifference south of the border. It seems that everything from the bizarre title (which was really just a street running through Toronto's hipster neighbourhood at the time) to the wintry Canadian imagery on the cover left their American label execs flummoxed.

The winds of opportunity continued to waft the band's way throughout 1968 with a week-long residence at New York's renowned Bitter End early on and a coveted support slot for the Jefferson Airplane out at Hamilton (Ontario)'s McMaster University later that summer.
Kensington Market led off with a rerecorded and reworked 'I Would Be the One', which would scale its way up to #18 on Toronto's influential CHUM-AM chart in July.

This slower, buffed-up 'I Would Be the One' opens Avenue Road and it has Pappalardi's paws all over it, the rough garage charm of the original Stone single giving way to some crisp horns and blithe piano rhythms.
Actually, much of Keith McKie's tepid songwriting is augmented - and sometimes rescued - by Pappalardi's spacious production, like the ballad 'Aunt Violet's Knee', a potential snoozer fleshed out somewhat with some medieval brass and sugary strings, or the obliquely psychedelic horn that tints the lovely 'Looking Glass'.

And though much of Avenue Road is fairly standard stuff, it is a revealing artifact of what were no doubt heady days in Canadian music history.

by Michael Panontin

1. I Would Be The One (Keith McKie) - 2:37
2. Speaking Of Dreams (Luke Gibson) - 2:26
3. Colour Her Sunshine (Keith McKie) - 3:00
4. Phoebe (Gene Martynec) - 3:38
5. Aunt Violet's Knee (Keith McKie) - 4:21
6. Coming Home Soon (Keith McKie) - 2:45
7. Presenting Myself Lightly (Gene Martynec) - 2:15
8. Looking Glass (Keith McKie) - 3:21
9. Beatrice (Gene Martynec) - 2:20
10.Girl Is Young (Keith McKie) - 3:08

Kensington Market
*Alex Darou - Bass
*Keith McKie - Guitar, Vocals
*Jimmy Watson - Drums, Sitar
*Gene Martynec - Guitar, Piano, Vocals,
*Luke Gibson - Vocals, Guitar

[ Rip and Scans by MARIOS ]
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Los Saicos - Los Saicos (1964-1966 peru garage rock - compilation of Repsychedelic records digipack edition - FLAC)

[ South America and Latin Series # 01 ]

Even though they listened to the best-known British Invasion bands, Peru's great Saicos came up with a wild garage/surf sound that was unlike anything else recorded in Latin America at the time.

The band released all but one single through the small DisPerú label, thereby unleashing "Saicomania" and leading the way for dozens of bands throughout Peru.

They became legends, and many myths were created due to their short existence and mysterious disappearance.

Saicos were also probably the only garage band anywhere to have been the most successful pop act in their country, as they were in 1965.

Their anthem 'Demolición' was one of the biggest radio hits of the year in Peru–and simply put, it is one of the most insane '60s punk songs of all time; if you've never heard it before, it will stop you in your tracks and implant its amazing refrain in your brain for days to come.

And while there is no doubting that 'Demolicion' is the star of the show, that is not to say that the rest of the material is lacking.

All told, Saicos recorded and released enough material for six singles, all of which are included here, along with unreleased, alternate mixes of two songs.

Cool fuzz-rockers and brooding ballads all delivered with gravel-throated authority, making their CD debut almost 40 years after the band broke up in a lovely package packed with photos.

As our friends at NYC's Other Music said: "Cool collection of Peruvian garage rock, circa 1964 to 1966.

Raw snotty and raucous, many consider Saicos to be the first punk rock band ever! Fans of MC5, Monks and the Sonics will want to check this out!!" This is more than a pretty good record; this is something special (Lion productions).

Los Saicos:
01.Come On
04.Lonely Star
05.Camisa de Fuerza
07.Te Amo
08.Fugitivo de Alcatraz
10.El Entierro de los Gatos
11.Besando a Otra
13.Camisa de Fuerza (sin reverberacion y prueba de sonido)
14.Cementerio (sin reverberacion)

Los Saicos:
*Rolando Carpio (guitar)
*Erwin Flores (vocals, rhythm guitar)
*Pancho Guevara (drums)
*César Castrillón (bass)

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Photos for Run For Fun Lung FREE run at CCP with Miss Earth Candidates

Please read full details at RUN for FUN LUNG ~ Awesome Free Run at CCP Grounds (see separate entry)
Registration for early registrants
Early Registrants Line

Early Registrants
Registration for FB and email

Singlet Stocks

More People Coming


Late registrant tents open
Empty Stage

Setting Up Finish Point


Lungcaire Plus Booth Preparing Giveaways

More registrants

Campaign Ads
Miss Earth Candidates

Miss Fil USA East Coast short speech
Other Miss Earth Candidates Cheers

Miss Earth Candidates Stays at the Stage

Miss Earth Candidates Poses at the Stage

Warm up Dance
Roll out!

One more time!

Stretching Exercise
10K runners position

Waiting for the start-off


Water first for the 3k Runners

Running for the 1st corner


3k walk?

Run, walk or pose for 3K runners

Daddy carries child

1st water station

On our way back

3k straight then 5K/10K go right!

3K Crowded Finish Line
Water for Finishers