Friday, September 23, 2011

Alan Munson - First Light (1979 us, soft folk rock, 2nd solo album, 2008 guerssen records - FLAC)

A few years after Alan's debut I think he still delivered a strong context-bound next chapter to the two previous albums. There is a little less attention to deeper arrangements, but the songs still sound fine, even when several of them are a bit more influenced by country-rock.

The overall feeling is light and reveals some contentment and a certain positivism expressed by sunny flavours and a happy and a light feeling which may be somewhat typical for citizens from sunny California. The song "Good morning world", standing for a hopeful new beginning, is taken also to this second solo album, with a radio friendly happy version.

And also that old love isn't forgotten, which can be noticed in almost every song, but despite my remarks on the previous album, the positiveness and energy of it, is still able to live on and feed his actions further.

I also like very much the 12-string driven songs. The bonus track, referring to the funny feeling that at 30 years old he still is playing rock'n roll is a bit lighter in style, but as a song still fits well as an addition to this chapter or period.

by Gerald Van Waes

1. Sail Away Forever - 3:19
2. Down The Road - 2:08
3. Good Morning World - 2:19
4. It's Cold Outside - 4:20
5. Back On My Own Again - 3:39
6. It's Just A Highway - 2:02
7. Lost The Reason To Fight - 4:00
8. November - 3:02
9. A Visit From A Friend - 4:20
10.Late Night Morning Coffee - 3:51
11.For A Long Time - 3:02
12.Thirty (bonus) - 3:23
All songs by Alan Munson.

Alan Munson - Guitar, Vocals, Percussions

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