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Offenbach - Saint-Chrone de Néant (1973 canada progressive and hard progressive rock - 2008 remastered & expanded edition - FLAC)

As mentioned in the text below which appeared with the original album, the idea of Offenbach playing music as part of a traditional Mass for the Dead came from Pierre Harel, after a show in a club in Northern Québec which erupted into a brawl.

After the lack of interest for the band's first album Offenbach Soap Opera, Harel was looking for an event that would focus some media attention on Offenbach, which was experimenting with progressive rock and blues, influenced by groups like Deep Purple.

Participating in an ancient mass with priests in Montreal's most sacred shrine took months of convincing the religious authorities, and is described with much humor in Harel's book Rock ma vie.

Remarkably, rock music and Latin lyrics went well together, and the resulting album, entitled St-Chrone de Néant, a play on the word "synchronize", quickly attained cult status.

This reissue contains Offenbach's entire performance in the order it was recorded on November 30, 1972, including 26 unreleased minutes of music and mass.

Not surprisingly, it is interspersed with non-musical interludes. The recording was remastered, without compromising the sound of a live concert in a large cavernous church with echoes, background noises and the crowd.

Unreleased material includes "Marche de Peanut" written for the film and album Bulldozer, the finale of "Edgar", a composition named after Edgar Allan Poe that would later appear on the record Never too Tender, and the unpublished "Fils de Lumière".

Once the mass was over, and after Offenbach played "Rirolarma" as an encore, the crowd still wanted to hear more.

The final track, the now classic "Faut Que J'me Pousse", reveals the spontaneity of the recording as half of the sound system had failed and was being repaired when the group started to play its second encore ! - Release Notes

Domine Jesus Christe:

Track List:
01.La Chacone en Sol Majeur (04:47)
02.Pax Vobiscum (11:05)
03.Kyrie (05:22)
04.Oremus (00:49)
05.Finale d'Edgar (01:01)
06.Dans la chaire (03:19)
07.Requiem (02:39)
08.Dies Irae (04:50)
09.Fils de lumière (Évangile) (02:37)
10.Fils de lumière (04:36)
11.Domine Jesus Christe (05:34)
12.Cum Traderetur/Memento (07:43)
13.Marche de Peanut (03:52)
14.Rirolarma (04:58)
15.Faut que j'me pousse (05:03)

*Gérald Boulet: organ, vocals, synthesizer
*Pierre Harel: organ, vocals, synthesizer
*Jean Gravel: guitar
*Michel Lamothe: bass
*Roger Belval: drums

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