Saturday, September 10, 2011

Reconnected at last! Blinking modem replaced

Being disconnected for a few days without out PLDT myDSL made me realize how overreliant our family was with the internet.  Luckily, I had Globe Tattoo for back up.  But it wasn't enough for all of us though.
modem power keeps on blinking other lights won't turn on
Instead of getting a copy of case books or having them photocopied, I search mine online.  So since Friday, I couldn't study, blog and tweet.  I couldn't check my mail.  I could check the online maps or commute guide to know how to go to where I'm suppose to.  I felt powerless.=(

After calling three times, the PLDT guy who was insisting that the problem was in our connection (NOT the modem) finally came to check up.  He replaced the modem and got our internet working again.  Now we know that if the power is blinking, insist for a replacement.=)

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