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Jumbo - Jumbo (1972 italian hard bluesy progressive rock, 2004 JP Remastered Mini-LP Edition)

JUMBO were formed in Milan at the end of 1969 around singer-songwriter Alvaro "Jumbo" FELLA (his nickname then became the name of the group).

The band delivered complex Bluesy prog in a very non-traditional Italian style. They have created its own sound ... an alternation of melody and hard rock, with strong themes (sex, drugs and prostitution. They were also influenced by Ian ANDERSON and JETHRO TULL.

For those who like a their prog a little on the Bluesy side then Jumbo will be just the treat you have been needing. Jumbo delivers complex classic Bluesy prog in a very non-traditional Italian style.

This release is in my opinion the best jumbo output although I love their earlier albums too.... Vietato offers great guitar work, lots of keyboards (Including a mellotron), nice and complex drumming with loads of acoustic guitar.

Vocals are raw and a little harsh until you get used to them....Alvaro Fella (Jumbo) has a very rough voice not unlike Joe Cocker in many ways (I only mention this as it may turn some of you softies out there off!).

Vietato moves in and out of many great mood swings and has a more progressive rock fit than their earlier work. This is one of those albums that after repeated listens get you quite warmed-up-to as you begin appreciating its brilliance.

This album also carfully injects Acid sax solo which seems to work to perfection with the guitar ripping solos'. A very important band that would have deserved much more success than they really had at the time.

Jumbo - Lei Non Conta Niente:

Track list:
01. Gogi Saro' La' (05':22")
02. E Se Dopo Tu Mi Amassi (04':31")
03. Lei Non Conta Niente (03':32")
04. Che Senso Ha (05':22")
05. Dio E' (05':00")
06. Amore Sono Qua (04':50")
07. La Strada Che Porta Al Fiume (03':22")
08. Artista (03':48")
09. Ho Visto Piangere (01':51")

*Alvaro Fella - vocals, guitar
*Daniele Bianchini - guitars
*Dario Guidotti - flute, harmonica, guitars
*Sergio Conte - keyboards, vocals
*Aldo Gargano - bass, mellotron
*Vito Balzano - drums, vocals

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