Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Run and Help Experience at Mc Kinley Hill

Last month, I registered for the Run and Help at Chris Sports (see separate entry).  It was my first time to run at Mc Kinley Hill so I got to the venue early so I can be familiar with the place.  

The event was small and simple but it was complete.  There were water stations, baggage stations, portalets, onsite registration, first aid booth and the beneficiary's Cancer Warriors' booth.

    run and helprun and help

run and helprun and help

run and help
Before the start of the race, we performed simple stretching.  Soon, the gun shot was fired indicating the start of the race.
run and helprun and help
Although I only ran for the 5K category, I felt that this run was the most difficult run I've joined because of the mostly uphill terrain.  A part of it is attributable to the excessive bending I did to pick up trashes during the International Coastal Cleanup (see separate entry) the day before.
run and help
Uphill running
run and helprun and help

run and helprun and help

run and help
Here's what I noticed during the run...


  • Great stretching exercises
  • Lots of race marshals
  • Adequate way points 
  • Adequate water stations
  • Very organized
  • Great hosting 
  • Fast results
  • Only 1 race photographer who is positioned at the traffic intersection where runners slow down
  • Glasses were full of water when only half is enough so many waters were left on the street side or spilled on the floor
  • Motor vehicles were allowed to pass along the running track
  • No distance markers

run and help

run and helprun and help

run and help
Accenture for biggest congregation
Overall, it was fun and very challenging.  I found the useful running and training tips from the winners very interesting and inspiring.  Everyone was satisfied with the race.

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