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V.A. – Loose Routes 2, Music From Holyground (1970-75 uk folk, psychedelic folk, folk rock, kissing spell 2001 release - MP3 320k and FLAC)

Volume 2 covers the rock and prog rock period from 1970 to 1975.

In 1971 work had already begun on Astral Navigations. Thundermother came to record in 1970. In the summer Global Village were recorded live in Wakefield's Thornes Park, and in the studio Jumble Lane was started. A to Austr was released in September.

The rest of Astral was recorded in 1971. Some of this was captured on film by Mike's brother, Kevin, and released as the Astral Windows video in 1991. Jumble Lane was released in July 71. Mike got Bill Nelson in to record what was to be Northern Dream. This period saw the recording of Gygafo's Legend of the Kingfisher, Northern Dream, and the start of the Ode LP. Many local bands were recorded. In 1975 Mike closed Holyground, recording Tears On The Console as its swansong.

In 1988 Mike started to reissue Holyground records, with this soon turning into writing and recording new music. Music from the 1990's was released on And Strangeness And Charm, and a new album, In And Out Of Time was begun in 2000.

Mike Levon, owner of Holyground Records, died peacefully on 4th September 2011.

Tracks - Composers - Artists
1. Country Lines 1970
(Dave Wilkinson, Dave Smith)
2. Watch Your Step (Live) 1970
(Bobby Parker)
3. Rock Me Babe 1970
(Accatino, Farina, Crivellente)
Thundermother : David John (Miffy) - Vocal, Jaws Harp / Dave Millen (Ginner) - Guitars / Dave Smith (Daz) - Bass / Fred Kelly - Drums / Dave Wilkinson - Piano

4. From King John's Christmas 1972
(Chris Coombs)
Chris Coombs Harmonium / Bill Nelson Guitar / Biff Byford Flute

5. Aren't You Glad You Stayed? 1972
(Mike Levon, Brian Calvert)
Chris Coombs - Vocal / Brian Calvert - Guitar / Brian Wilson - Bass, Swinging Cat Guitar / Ted Hepworth - Drums

6. Goin' Downhill 1972
(Dave Wilson)
Dave Wilson - Vocal, Guitars / John Harvey - Vocal / Johnny Gladstone - Bass / Brian Trigg - Drums

7. Hold Me (I'm Burning) 1972
(Dave Wilson)
8. Retrospect 1972
(Eddie Stringer, Charlie Staniforth)
Charlie Speed - Guitars / Eddie Stringer - Keyboards / Paul Kent - Bass / Pete Nickson - Drums / Jon Atkinson - Flute

9. Alice Dee's Electric Outlaw Band 1973
(Graham "Grom" Kelly, Alan Robinson)
Lazy Days : Alan Robinson - Guitars, Bass, Vocals / Dave Wilson - Guitars, Steel Guitar, Bass, Piano, Vocals / John Shepard - Drums, Vocals

10. Lazy Days 1973
(Dave Wilson)
11. Free Night Riders 1973
(Dave Wilson, John Shepard)
12. Wait For Me 1973
(Alan Robinson, John Shepard)
13. Excerpt From Look Away 1975
(Written And Played By Members Of Warlord)

14. Justice 1974
(Written And Played By Mother's Pride, Includes Part Of Crown Imperial By William Walton : Oxford University Press)
15. I Feel I'm Down 1975
16. Dawning Of Another Age 1975
17. Curious 1975
(Written And Played By Members Of Qyl)
18. Tears Blues 1975
(Steve Channing, Dave Wilson, Alan Robinson, John Shepard, Mike Spurr)
19. Part Of Over The Green Hills 1975
(Ade Wilson, Paul Johansson, Peter Higginbottom)
Ade Wilson - Guitars / Paul Johansson - Bass / Peter Higginbottom - Drums / Mike Levon - Effects

20. No Point At All 1975
(Steve Channing. Includes Part Of It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry By Bob)
Steve Channing - Guitar, Vocal, Lead Guitar / Alan Robinson - Bass / John Shepard - Drums / Chris Coombs - Keyboard, Vocal

21. In The Fashion 1975
(Steve Channing)
Steve Channing - Guitars, Vocals / Trevor Holroyd - Keyboard, Bass / Robin Garside - Violin / 'Piggy' Nophaled - Congas

22. Silence On The Wires 1995
(Mike Levon, Chris Coombs, Strings Written And Arranged By Phil Wilby, Nik Coombs, And Chris Coombs)
Chris Coombs - Vocals, Piano, Guitar, Keyboards / Pete Taylor - Guitar, Bass / Eno And Raimonda Koco - Violas, Violins / Mike Levon - Drums, Percussion, Sound Effects.

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