Monday, September 19, 2011

Ang Trip ni Rizal na trip ko ay Eco-Nature Trip!

I'm sure we all know Rizal, our national hero.  But are we all familiar with the province of Rizal named after our National Hero?  

I only found out about Rizal a few months ago.  My first visit in Rizal was short and confined to a resort ballroom (see separate entry) so it was not so fruitful.  
When I saw the trips offer by Ang Trip ni Rizal, I was surprised to see that there can be a lot things to do in Rizal.   Being the enthusiastic persons as I am, I want to try all the trips so it was really difficult to choose just one.

I've always been a nature lover.  There is just something in nature that makes you feel refreshed and calm.  Because of Ang Trip ni Rizal, I became curious what are the famous natural attractions in Rizal.  The first thing that I found when googling was the waterfalls of Rizal.  They are so beautiful.   The Eco-nature trip of Ang Trip ni Rizal includes going to the waterfalls so that won my favor as the best trip out of all the other options.  I hope I get a chance to visit eco parks, butterfly farms and bamboo plantations too.  

I'm so glad that natural attractions are still available in Rizal.  It's the perfect vacation destination for a rush and instant adventure or relation because its so near Manila.  Have you ever gone to a trip and figured you wasted more time in travelling to the place than the time you actually spent there?  Now, you can really take a break without much hassle.  What's better is that Ang Trip ni Rizal already includes the transportation, entrance fees and the tour guide so you just need to be there and the trip is on!

Because I am so eager to go on that trip, this is my official entry to the Ang Trip ni Rizal – Trip Ko ‘To! Blog contest.  I hope I win because I so want to go!

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