Saturday, September 24, 2011

Yellow - Kelta Kuume (1975 finland, hard progressive rock, 2010 remaster edition - FLAC)

Yellowstone was a Finnish Rock group. It was originally known as the Only Five in the summer of 1969 and changed its name to Yellow.

The band released their first album, Kelta Kuume in 1975 in English Language means Yellow Fever, it remained the band's sole studio album from 1975 and published by the record company, Finnair Disc and a produced by Vexi Strait. They had Studio time just for four days. The cover was designed by Hope Niiranen. The cover picture shows a prominent crossed the band members names: Melvin, Hanski, Helge, Romi. The album re-released in 2010, through Rocket Records.

A true feast of heavy guitar dominated hardrock that would rather be compared to bands like RAG I RYGGEN, URIAH HEEP and their landmates ELONKORJUU. A great album where the mastertapes collected dust far too long in the cellar.

1. Palaa - 3:24
2. A Man Without a Woman - 2:43
3. Don't Stop the Music - 3:09
4. Yhdentoista aikaan - 3:08
5. Hold On - 2:00
6. Longest Day - 2:52
7. Arkeologi santaa kaivaa - 3:37
8. A Game for Two - 2:33
9. Joo Jussi - 2:19
10.Rokki-Riitta - 2:33
11.Mistreating Woman - 2:34
12.Monkey McMan - 0:43

*HannuTakala - Vocals, Piano, Percussion
*Melvin McRae - Lead Guitar, Rythme, Slide, Acoustic Guitar, Moog Vocals
*Helge Koskela - Bass Guitar
*Raimo Osterman - Drums

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