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Free Download Game Dirt 3 2011

Free Download Game Dirt 3 2011


Aside from the gymkhana's thrills and spills one of the other gripes from Dirt fans concerned the lack of simulation rally. Sure, Dirt 2 has a number of decent, but short, rally stages and the bombastic rally cross, which is full of jumps, but the hardcore want some serious action to get their hands on - and that's just what they've got.
With the WRC license now at their disposal, Codemasters have stretched their previous rally attempt to replicate the real thing in Dirt 3. So now you'll be racing through stages from around the world that will be affected by real-time weather effects. One minute you could be bombing down a dusty jungle road in blistering sunshine only for the weather to flip on you and deliver monsoon conditions. This will certainly test your mettle as you battle the clock and the ever-changing elements.

Dirt 3 Minimum System Requirements

o OS: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
o CPU: AMD AthlonTM 64 X2 2.8GHz, Intel Pentium® D 2.8Ghz
o RAM: 2GB
o Hard Disk Space: 15GB
o GFX: AMD RadeonTM HD 2000 256MB, NVIDIA® GeForce® 8000 Series 256MB
o DirectX®: DirectX® 9
o Sound: DirectX® compatible soundcard
[Minimum requirements are the bare minimum to get the game playing. In some cases you may even need to reduce the screen resolution.]

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Cheat POINT BLANK Magnet and Ghost Parakang

Cheat POINT BLANK Magnet and Ghost Parakang

Features & Hotkeya

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Credits :

[-] AnDiz
[-] Darmax Chandra

Features & Hotkeys :

[-] Magnet |Home = On| |End = Off|
[-] Ghost |F11 = On| |F12 = Off|
[-] No Respawn |Insert|
[-] 1 Hit Plant |Insert|
[-] 1 Hit Defuse |Insert|
[-] Kill Invicible Time |Insert|


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Korean Drama Review: City Hunter

City Hunter is an action and romance drama produced by SBS.  It has 20 episodes in total.  
At first glance this drama is mainly dependent on the main actor playing city hunter.  They did the right move in picking Lee Min-Ho for the job.  He's good looks and good acting carried the drama all the way.  I've seen him in Korean dramas before such as Personal Taste and Boys over Flowers and his acting never disappoints.  He looks really cool in his black jacket don't you think?

There was a good chemistry between Lee Min-Ho and Park Min-Young.  Even though the drama was mainly full of action and suspense, there was also romance mixed in.  You could feel the emotions between the two stars despite the lack of romantic scenes like typical dramas.

This drama as the action,mystery and suspense that can keep you glued on your TV screens.  It also makes viewers become aware of politics.  
Lee Jun-Hyuk and the other actors and actresses also did well in playing their parts.  The flow of the drama is perfect.  The development of each character is good.  It also teaches a lesson on revenge, patience,determination and forgiveness.

Chewy Junior at Greenebelt 3

My family has always loved Cream Puffs.  So when we passed by Chewy Junior at Greenbelt 5, we decided to try it.  We purchase an assorted box of 12 (399 php).

       We bought it an hour before closing time so the choices were quite limited.  There listed flavors were:

  1. Chocolate Almond Crunch
  2. Chocolate Madness
  3. Cookies and Cream
  4. Peanut butter crunch
  5. Coffee raisin crunch
  6. Almond Sweetheart
  7. Chewy Ensaymada
  8. Blueberry Cream Cheese
  9. Strawberry Cream Cheese
  10. Apple Cream Cheese
  11. Apple Delight
  12. Cheese Lover
  13. Sugar Pop Crunch
  14. Chewy Original  

Upon our arrival home we refrigerated them so that the cream will be cool and it will have a more fulfilling sensation.  Upon first bite, it felt like eating ordinary pastry buns with cream inside.  The buns were heavy but contrast by the light cream fillings.  I enjoyed the flavors with cream cheese.  They go well with the cream puffs .  The chocolate flavors had chocolate cream fillings.  It was delicious.   I also liked the Almond Sweetheart.
Overall, their pricing was average for a cream puff.  The taste was okay.  But I prefer the original version of cream puffs because I enjoy the puffs being light and a bit crisp.  How about you did you like it?    

Chewy Junior Greenebelt 3
3rd Level, Greenbelt 3, Greenbelt
Paseo de Roxas cor. Legaspi St., Ayala Center

Revived Casa Marcos at Forbestown Global City

My parents, uncles and aunts used to eat dinner together every Saturday when we were kids.  One of their favorite places was "Casa Marcos" which closed down in 2000.  A friend told them that they saw Casa Marcos reopened at Forbestown so they all decided to eat there to reminisce.  Thank you relatives for inviting us and for getting used to new habit of taking pictures of the food.=)

Stairway Display

Stairsway leading to the 2nd floor

2nd floor dining area


Small Pandesal Served While Waiting
The place was small and simple.  It had a bar and outdoor dining area on the first floor and more dining areas on the second floor.  The bread bar is also advertised at the establishment because they have the same owner.

While waiting, a basket of small pandesal was being served with anchor butter.  It was a small soft pandesal.  It was unsweetened nor salted.  Because it was small, you could eat it in two bites.   It was good but not the best.  I still prefer the crunchy on the outside yet soft in the inside pandesal.
 Sopa de Mariscos 

Ceasar Salad
For soup we all ordered Sopa de Mariscos (160 php).  It was my mom's favorite so she recommended that we order it.  When our soup came, my mom was surprised that it was not the light creamy tomato soup that she remembered.  It was more like a bisque.  The taste was good.  It was flavorful.  It had  a small crab and a piece of pork.  The pork was tough.  We also ordered Ceasar Salad.  It was good but nothing I'd rave about.  It was cheesy and the sauce delicious.

For appetizer, we had Almejas (190 php).  The baked clams were small and dried.  It was delicious but they were so small I had to eat a lot to enjoy it.  My cousins ordered Frog Legs (230 php).  They said it was okay.
For steak, we ordered Pepito (295 php), Tenderloin (Local) (450 php) and Fillet Mignon (495 php).  They were all cooked well-done perfectly.  They were tender and juicy.

For our main dish we ordered Adobong Baboy Damo (295 php), Lengua Sevillana (295 php) Kalderetang Kambing (330 php) and Kalderetang Usa.   For staple food, we choose the Paella Marinera (495 php) and Garlic rice (35 php)
Adobong Baboy Damo
The Adobong Baboy Damo was tender.  It was also fat-free.  It was my first time to taste this.  It tasted a bit peppery but I focused more on the texture.  It was different from the ordinary meat I've tasted.

Kalderetang Kambing
Kalderetang Usa
The Kalderetang Kambing and Usa had the same sauce but their meat were distinct.  The Kalderetang Kambing was good.  It was at par with all the previous ones I've tried.  On the other hand, the Usa meat had a weird smell.  It's texture was different.  My sister didn't like it.  She couldn't take the smell.  it was okay for me.  I'm not exactly picky when it comes to smell because I love foul smelling cheese as well.  It was a good must-try-for-once-in-your-life experience.

Paella Marinera 
The Paella Marinera was good.  The texture of the rice was perfect.  It was with adequate amount of ingredients.  It was not "nakakumay" (too tiring to eat).
Overall, the food was good.  The price was reasonable for Spanish Cuisine.  However, it was not the classic Casa Marcos that my parents,aunts and uncles loved and remembered.  How about you?  Care to share your experience?

Casa Marcos
Burgos Circle
Forbestown, Bonifacio Global City
Taguig, Metro Manila




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-Magneted On : HOME
-Magneted Off ; END
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Cheat Point Blank 01 Agustus 2011 "Wallhack" wh Chams + Crosshair

Rex Holman – Here In The Land Of Victory (1970 us, psychedelic folk rock - MP3 320k and FLAC)

Actor Rex Holman is perhaps better-known to Star Trek and Monkees, the Man from U.N.C.L.E., Gunsmoke, Charlie's Angels, etc. His weeningly smooth baritone & downer lyrics also caused local record connoisseur Rob T. to appropriately christen him 'Gordon Darkfoot'.

For fans than music enthusiasts, but connoisseurs of acid folk have long treasured this, his sole album, which originally appeared in 1970 (when he was almost 42 years old). A hypnotic blend of melodic, contemplative songs (set to acoustic guitar, sitar and tabla) and philosophical lyrics sung in a quavering voice that has been compared to Tim Buckley’s, it’s nothing short of an overlooked gem, and is sure to appeal to fans of artists such as Damon, Pat Kilroy and Mark Fry.

"Here In the Land of Victory" featured all original material, though the mix of Indian-flavored instrumentation and Holman's hyper serious lyrics sounded like something that was recorded circa 1967. Holman's vibrato-drenched vocals (which were an acquired taste) and his over-the-top lyrics certainly weren't for everyone.

Imagine Richard Harris reincarnated as Donovan and you'll have a feel for tracks like 'Listen To the Footsteps', the sitar and flute propelled 'Sit and Flatter Me' and 'Come On Down'. Ironically if you could get over those characteristics, then the album rewarded you with quite a bit of memorable material. Holman's uber earnestness was somehow charming and most of the lyrics were no worse than your standard college English paper (okay, 'The Chosen One' was far worse).

Certainly a reflection of my personal tastes, but Holman was at his best when backed by a full rock ensemble. As such personal highlights included 'Pink Lemonade', 'Today Is Almost Here', and the bluesy 'Red Is the Apple'.
Bad Cat

1. Here In The Land Of Victory - 3:19
2. Pink Lemonade - 2:12
3. Rowin’ (Rex Holman, Terry Fulman) - 2:20
4. Today Is Almost Here - 3:49
5. Listen To The Footsteps - 2:32
6. Red Is The Apple - 4:16
7. Sit And Flatter Me - 3:30
8. Copper Kettles - 2:22
9. Come On Down - 2:28
10. Debbie - 2:27
11. The Chosen One - 2:53
12. I Can’t Read My Name - 2:26
All songs by Rex Holman except where noted.

*Rex Homan (aka Rexford Holman) - Vocals

[ Rip and Scans by MARIOS ]
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Eiwa Green Tea Mashmallows

Since everything is in Japanese, I'm not exactly sure what they call this.  It's a marshmallow with green tea jam inside.  It's really good!  It was not too sweet yet very fragrant and tasty.

O Terço - O Terço II (72 brazilian symphonic prog - FLAC)

I remember quite clearly - it was 1970, I was just entering my teenager years and together with some cousins and friends (I was probably the younger then) I went to a Music Festival with several Brazilian stars and a bunch of new artists.
It was then that I listened to for the very first time O Terço playing live and they really made the head of a 13 years old kid (me).

I didn't know (and didn't care too) the style or genre of music they were gigging but I was sure that that music fitted completely my taste.
So, when doing a review for any O Terço album my heart speaks as loud as my mind!
However, aside the fact that emotions flow accordingly "O Terco II" is truly a great output.

Although released in 1972, the album contained songs they had presented since the previous year.
Band line-up also changed when compared with their first album, with Cezar das Mercês replacing Jorge Amiden and keeping Sergio Hinds and Vinícius Cantuária from the original line-up - Hinds would later become a kind of O Terço's Robert Fripp or Dave Brock, being the band 'owner' with all other members gravitating around him.
However, just like they did when at gigs they certainly counted with some guess musicians and in this case, even not informed, Sergio Magrão and Sergio Moreno (either to join O Terço later) and the replaced Amiden probably participated in the tracks' recording.

"O Terço II" presents a much more solid beat and a very professional production but the blend of symphonic and psychedelic sound, with beautiful pastoral passages, a clear influence of Mutantes, Moody Blues and early Pink Floyd stuff, observed in their first output gave room to a more hard and guitar- oriented sound, now more influenced by King Crimson or even Led Zeppelin and Sabbath.

'Deus', the opening track, starts with heavy guitar (for 70s standards) soon to be accompanied by keyboards and vocals, the brand mark of O Terço appearing with the three voices singing harmonically.
Song theme is fine and could be better explored giving this song an extended length.
Guitar solo is bluesy, a bit in the Jimmy Page style, and very catchy too.
Song closure shows the grandeur of a typical prog-rock.

'Você aí', is funk-like and samba-like, the band informing musically that they never forgot their roots.
Drumming beat is great and again guitar sounds hard, together with brass instruments, a novelty for the band records.

'Estrada vazia' starts with pleasant vocals, a real O Terço feat but soon Cantuária is doing a singing solo, a rare deed for the band.
Instrumentation is soft a bit folk.
Pitifully the song is short because once again the agreeable theme could be extended.

'Lagoa das Lontras' is a typical guitar oriented track with heavy drumming but the result is only average.
The following 'Rock do Elvis' has a rockabilly touch and funny lyrics, but looks more like filler.

These 2 songs are the weakest in the album even though they are reasonably audible.

'Amanhecer total', the final track, is the great album moment - in fact a collage of fine themes, lasting 19+ minutes.
Intro is bucolic and nice, with noted female vocals (unfortunately, the singer name isn't informed) where a kind of Mutantes' Rita Lee vocals are emulated.
The first section shows O Terço's characteristic vocals, synth tunes, acoustic guitars and percussion effects, which provide a fair atmosphere.
Second section is very psychedelic with keyboard now supplying a series of effects that together with fading voices, send the hearer to a dreaming ambient, very floating, indeed.
Next segment follow the album general rule with dominating guitar riffs and low-profile keyboards; the sometimes aggressive vocals are also noticeable.
The final part starts with soft piano that resends the song to the original tunes, this time with synthesizer follies coloring the mantra-like chorus, where a rainbow sensation is intended with its continuous mutations solely to be the same.

A grand finale for a good song and a good album.

This album, one of my preferred, is another landmark when talking about Brazilian prog-rock, however filler tracks are responsible to remove one star from the masterpiece podium but it is doubtlessly an excellent addition to any music collection. (by Atkingani from progarchives)

Track List :
02.Voce Ai
03.Estrada Vazia
04.Lagoa Das Lontras
05.Rock Do Elvis
06.Amanhecer Total
-Despertar Pro sonho
-Sons Flutuantes
-Respiração Vegetal
-Primeiras Luzes No Final Da Estrada
-Cores Finais

Bonus Tracks :
07.Tributo Ao Sorriso

Personnel :
*Sergio Hinds - guitars, vocals
*Cezar De Merces - bass, acoustic guitar, vocals
*Vinicius Cantuaria - drums, vocals

[ Thank you BOBBO59 for sending this post ]
[ Rip and scans made by Wildstrings (emule) ... many thanks mate ]
HERE (password is : phrockblog)

Manfaat/Fungsi Google Plus One (+1)

Manfaat/Fungsi Google Plus One (+1) - Asrizal Wahdan Wilsa Sharing Media. Sejak diluncurkannya Google Plus One (+1) banyak yang bertanya apakah manfaat dan fungsi dari google plus one ini. termasuk saya sendiri. setelah browsing, ngobrol di forum akhirnya saya mendapatkan simpulan dari pertanyaan yang simple namun memiliki arti yang penting bagi kita semua para blogger.
Berikut adalah cuplikan

Dari Mana Pengunjung Blog Anda Berasal?

Dari Mana Pengunjung Blog Anda Berasal? - Asrizal Wahdan Wilsa Sharing Media. Pertanyaan ini mungkin terlintas di benak rekan blogger semua. Pada kebanyakan blogger yang masih start action mungkin masih mencari-cari pengunjung blog, dan mendatangkannya ke blog rekan semua. Tapi perlu kita ketahui bahwa blog kita akan semakin bermanfaat bagi orang lain jika pengunjung yang datang adalah berasal

IBPS Recruitment 2011 IBPS Exam 2011

The IBPS Recruitment 2011 IBPS Exam 2011 will be held first time for the recruitment of Bank Pos and management trainees in the following Banks :

17.    UCO BANK

Name of Post : Bank PO – Probationary Officer/ Management Trainee
Age Limit : Not lesser than 20 and not more than 30 years
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Application Fee
For General and OBC category candidates: Rs.450/-
For SC/ST and PWD category candidates: Rs.50/-
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How to Apply
One and only way to apply this examination is online through IBPS official website between 09/07/2011 to 01/08/2011.

Important dates to remember
Online registration starts from: 09/07/2011
Closing date for online registration: 01/08/2011
Date of CWE Examination : 18/09/2011

The candidates who are wish to apply for this IBPS Exam 2011 must apply online through IBPS official website ( between 09th July, 2011 to 01st Aug, 2011. The date for IBPS Bank Exam 2011 is 18 Sep 2011 . For more information about IBPS Recruitment 2011 please use the given below link address or Attachments IBPS Bank Exam Advt

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Strawberry Alarm Clock - Wake Up...It's Tomorrow (1968 us, psychedelic rock, gorgeous 2nd album, rare out of print edition - MP3 320k and FLAC)

When the Strawberry Alarm Clock recorded their second album, they were facing the challenge of trying to sustain the remarkable and sudden success of their classic psychedelic debut single, "Incense and Peppermints," which hit #1 on November 25, 1967. Their debut LP of the same name had also done well, rising to #11 in the album charts with its mix of California harmony pop, garage rock, and raga-influenced psychedelia.

Wake Up...It's Tomorrow would diversify yet further, adding more sophisticated vocal arrangements and flitting between flower-pop, fuzzed-out psychedelia, and a three-song suite of sorts with sitar and backwards effects. It also yielded their only other Top 40 hit in the semi-title track, "Tomorrow," an effervescent psych-popper that sounded rather like a more psychedelic Association.

There were also some changes from the band that had recorded the earlier Strawberry Alarm Clock material. The unusual six-man, two-bass lineup in place for the first album proved to have one bass player too many. One of the bassists, Gary Lovetro, departed, getting bought out of the band for $25,000 and leaving the position in the hands of George Bunnell. "It is physically impossible to get a clear bass sound with two bass players on stage," explains keyboardist Mark Weitz. "Even though he was one of the original members [dating back to the days of Thee Sixpence, the band that evolved into the Strawberry Alarm Clock], we felt his interest in the band was more business-oriented than contributing musically.

Sometimes [guitarist] Ed [King] had to do the bass parts in the studio for Gary. He just didn't have enough talent to conceive a good original bass part." Virtually absent was high school student Steve Bartek, who'd contributed to the songwriting on the first album as well as playing some flute and other instruments, although he was never officially in the band.

As Weitz notes, "Steve was only fifteen or sixteen years old. He was a high school friend of George. I think George tried to get him to join the band, but his Mom wouldn't let him -- I didn't blame her. He was a little too young. Steve was exceptionally gifted in his playing -- too bad." Bartek did write the music for one of the tracks on Wake Up...It's Tomorrow, "Sitting on a Star," but as Bunnell notes, "Unfortunately, with me on tour and Steve still in school we weren't writing together. In fact, we didn't resume our co-writing until 1969, after I had left the SAC."

The recording process would be different this time around as well. "Our first album sold well (250,000 copies), we had a nationwide number one record!" exclaims Weitz. "The first album was written quickly, recorded all in one week on a small budget at Original Sound studio on Sunset, in Hollywood. Some of the songs were worked out in the studio right before recording! It was recorded in a low tech studio, we were all feeling each other out.

We had not had a lot of experience playing together yet, especially in a studio environment. After we completed the first album, we became a little more sure of each other. Also, at that point, we knew who was more musically talented and who was not, as far as contributing to the overall ideas of our sound. UNI [Records], I guess, was willing to spend more on the second album, in a better studio (TTG) with better equipment and sound. That led ultimately to a better all-around-sounding album. By then, we had played on the road together, we were just more polished, and getting tighter."

Adds guitarist Ed King, "All of the songs for the second album were written in the studio; in other words, they were barely rehearsed and the material wasn't played to a crowd. I played bass on all the songs that I wrote, and George Bunnell played bass on his songs." Other big changes were the Association-like vocal arrangements, devised by vocal coach Howard Davis, who Weitz thinks was brought in by the band's manager. "He was a great guy in his fifties that played piano and sang nightly at a bar in Montrose, California. His voice can be heard [doing the spoken section] in 'Nightmare of Percussion.' He was the main source of most of our three- and-four-part harmonies. That was another MAJOR influence in our sound. He had a great way of being patient with us while we rehearsed some pretty difficult stuff; none of us had previous harmony training as far as I know. Our 'patented' Strawberry Alarm Clock vocal sound was mostly, but not all, Howard Davis arrangements."

Davis's work paid off bigtime in the album's highlight, "Tomorrow," which rose to #23 in the singles charts in early 1968 as the follow-up 45 to "Incense and Peppermints." "I can't remember if there were other songs up for a follow-up," says Weitz. "I think 'Paxton's Back Street Carnival' [from the first LP] was discussed, but UNI and most of us felt it wasn't strong enough to release as an A-side." Mark and guitarist Ed King were still smarting from the absence of their names from the songwriting credits to "Incense and Peppermints," and "Tomorrow" would be credited to them alone.

Elaborates Weitz: "After I wrote the music to 'Incense and Peppermints' -- even though it went to label printing without my name or Ed's, everyone in the inner circle knew that...I felt it was up to ME again to try to come up with a follow-up hit, almost to PROVE capable of writing another hit song, even though I was in a daze when I found out 'Incense and Peppermints' was stolen from me! Ed and I presented 'Tomorrow' to the band, and they liked it."

King peeled off a blistering bee-humming, sustain-laden guitar break that he rates as "my best solo ever. I don't know where the solo came from but, at my age, it was very soulful, and it even surprised me." He also reveals that "the solo on the single is different than the album versions (has a longer sustain at the end of it), plus I redid the bass on the album because Lovetro played it on the single." As for that stunning echoing-into-infinity burst of vocals at the end, Weitz discloses, "It was my idea to send the last 'POW' into the on-board studio echo chamber. I wasn't happy with the plain ending, so I asked to hear what that would sound like, and the rest is history. I was always looking for original things to do on our songs, that would set them apart."

While the mixture of styles on the rest of the album testified to band's eclecticism, Weitz agrees it might have worked against the establishment of a consistent band sound and identity. "I think one of the problems was in the beginning, we would all write together. Now band members were splitting up into writing 'cliques' or writing partners: Ed and [rhythm guitarist] Lee Freeman, [drummer] Randy [Seol] and George, myself and sometimes Ed. I guess each of our styles of writing was going off in different directions -- not on purpose, it just happened.

A form of competition was developing in the wind...and notwithstanding the constant distraction of our producer, manager and record company execs always telling us what WE should do and HOW we have to sound musically to succeed. 'Trying to do it their way' was hindering our true musical direction, and we were not allowed to flourish on our own....whether we would have succeeded or flopped, at least we would have done it 'on our own.' We were always willing to take that chance all along, but were constantly being directed by the powers that be. We were afraid to react negatively for fear of UNI's rejection, and the ultimate end of our careers as the Strawberry Alarm Clock. So we went along with just about everything they wanted us to do, even if it meant failure.

"I think that our collective focus on songwriting was to come up with original ideas for songs -- trying NOT to copy or sound too much like other bands, to come up with an original sound of our own, and at the same time, trying to be democratic on song submissions by members (what song that we all agreed on to record in the studio). Our sound was OUR SOUND. We didn't plan it. It just turned out that way -- the blend of all of our musical experiences to date turned out to be 'Our Sound.' We had many many influences, some could be heard throughout our playing from time to time."

Some of those influences might include the Byrdsian vocal harmonies of "They Saw the Fat One Coming," a favorite of King's as "Lee Freeman wrote it in my honor, and I really like my guitar solo." The eastern-influenced melodies and philosophies that became so popular among rock musicians in the late 1960s came to the fore in "Sit with the Guru," whose music Weitz came up with as an attempt to get a follow-up single for "Tomorrow" (which it indeed became, reaching #65 in the charts).

King says it was "written to please the record company," and Weitz recalls, "I called Ed over to my house, we worked out the bridge, and the song was finished musically. 'Sit with the Guru' had lyrics written by an outside UNI-hired writer, Roy Freeman -- no connection with Lee Freeman. I guess you might say it was with the flow of the times, especially since we were indoctrinated into Transcendental Meditation for a brief period of time while on a Beach Boys tour of the southern U.S. Originally the song ended too normal. We came up with the middle eastern horn raga thing. I remember that UNI didn't like that ending. It dirtied it up. In a way they were right, but we kept it that way anyway. We were fighting that kind of thing all the time."

Aside from "Tomorrow," the song that got the most exposure was "Pretty Song from Psych-Out," which was used in the notorious Dick Clark-produced Haight-Ashbury psychsploitation movie Psych-Out, starring Jack Nicholson (as guitarist of a fictional psychedelic rock band!). "We were invited on the Dick Clark show playing our #1 hit record," remembers Weitz. "Some time shortly after we performed on his show, I think he asked us to be in a movie he was producing. He also asked us to write a theme song for the movie, which was Ed and Lee's creation from start to finish." King's involvement didn't stop there: "I was assigned the job of sitting down with Jack Nicholson and teaching him some guitar stuff for the movie. The director wanted him to look like he was really playing. Jack really didn't want to have much to do with it!"

The album's diversity was also a reflection of the different tastes and, to some degree, tensions within the group. "Mark and I didn't care for Randy's taste in material," confesses King, "so the ['Curse of the Witches' and 'Nightmare of Percussion'] songs were pretty much recorded under protest. ['Nightmare of Percussion'] was a Bunnell/Seol tune, and they needed Howard [Davis]'s really deep 'thick' voice to complete the song, so they included him as a writer. It was their song, they arranged that with him. I liked Lee's lyrics very much, but didn't want him playing guitar on anything. As it turned out, Lee became a very good guitar player. But I think, during the Alarm Clock days, he was preoccupied with being a teenager. I was preoccupied with learning how to play that damn guitar."

Concurs Weitz, "I wasn't in love with some of the songs on that album. It was always a compromise. George and Randy were heading in a direction that I was not fond of, although I didn't express that too much openly. I had slightly different musical tastes, being three years older than the rest of the guys." In addition, Mark acknowledges being "displeased that I didn't get a chance to write more songs to appear on the second album. I felt kinda cheated out of some album space. On the second album, I think I got the flu really bad, and was out for a week during some of the sessions. They went ahead and recorded two or three songs without me. That hurt. I was too sick to play. I felt kinda left out. I added some keys on an overdub later when I felt better."

Rather surprisingly, considering the band were still riding the momentum of "Incense and Peppermints" and also coming off a decent-sized follow-up hit single in "Tomorrow" (as well as touring with the Beach Boys and Buffalo Springfield in late 1967 and early 1968), the album failed to reach the charts. King lays some of the blame on the poor timing of the LP release, feeling that it came out way too late to capitalize on the success of the "Tomorrow" single, which was released a month before the album on which it was featured was even recorded.

Weitz thinks UNI had already dropped the ball on the "Tomorrow" single, noting that "their record distribution nationwide on 'Tomorrow' was really slow and too late for the fans. It just wasn't promoted. We would play in a small town in the south, and the records weren't in the stores yet. How could you sell records on tour if they're not in the record stores when you were there to promote them and play at a concert? Also our manager, Bill Holmes, put up a barrier to UNI and prevented them and other promoters from helping us. That was a big problem for us.

Holmes was afraid of losing control of 'his' band, which probably backed down UNI, [the booking agencies] William Morris [and] Premier Talent, and others from promoting us more seriously and to the fullest. Holmes's possessiveness hurt us deeply. That alone was a huge hindrance to us moving forward in our careers, I thought." It didn't keep the Strawberry Alarm Clock, however, from recording quite a bit more material in the late 1960s, including two subsequent albums on which the story continues.

by Richie Unterberger

1. Nightmare Of Percussion (G. Bunnell, H. Davis, R. Seol ) - 2:57
2. Soft Skies, No Lies (E. King, L. Freeman) - 3:07
3. Tomorrow (L. Freeman, M. Weitz) - 2:14
4. They Saw The Fat One Coming (E. King, L. Freeman) - 3:25
5. Curse Of The Witches (G. Bunnell, R. Seol) - 6:46
6. Sit With The Guru (E. King, L. Freeman, M. Weitz) - 2:59
7. Go Back, You're Going The Wrong Way (E. King, L. Freeman, M. Weitz) - 2:19
8. Pretty Song From Psych-Out (E. King, L. Freeman) - 3:15
9. Sitting On A Star (G. Bunnell, R. Seol, S. Bartek) - 2:55
10.Black Butter, Past (E. King, H. Davis, L. Freeman) - 2:23
11.Black Butter, Present (E. King, L. Freeman) - 2:10
12.Black Butter, Future (E. King, H. Davis, L. Freeman) - 1:32

Strawberry Alarm Clock
*George Bunnell - Bass Guitar, Vocals
*Randy Seol - Drums, Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals
*Lee Freeman - Guitar, Sitar, Vocals
*Edward King - Guitar, Vocals
*Mark Weitz - Vocals, Keyboards
*Howard Davis - Vocal Arrangements, spoken passage on "Nightmare Of Percussion"

For More Strawberries see here:
1968 The World In A Sea Shell
1969 Good Morning Starshine

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Download Game Company Of Heroes: Tales Of Valor

Download Game Company Of Heroes: Tales Of Valor

Company of Heroes - a real revolution in the world of real-time strategy, tells of the exploits of soldiers landing by U.S. troops during the Second World War. Starting the game with that fateful day "D" and landing on Omaha Beach, the player will soon be in the heart of the fighting on the second front. Experience the unprecedented strength, courage and bravery of the heroes that have shaped the destiny of all mankind in the years ahead. Challenge yourself to unsurpassed by dynamism and inflame the passions of the virtual battlefields of World War II.


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Download Game Hidden & Dangerous 2

Download Game Hidden & Dangerous 2

Hidden and Dangerous 2, like its predecessor, focuses on the British Special Air Service during the Second World War. It follows the same concept as the original tactical first/third person shooter. The game's LS3D engine was used by the game Mafia.
Gameplay elements such as the vocal commands, tactical map control, vehicle usage, equipment selection and the first person mechanic were significantly enhanced from the original. The ability to take POWs, added enhanced stealth options for the player. Mission types very similar to its predecessor include, espionage, sabotage, search and destroy, town liberation, prisoner rescue, retrieval of enemy officers and documents, partisan assistance and assassination. The variety of locales include Norway, Libya, a Norwegian fjord, Burma, Austria, France and Czechoslovakia.
The expansion pack Sabre Squadron adds missions in France, Libya and Sicily. Some of the missions are modeled off of real SAS exploits. However most of the game takes liberty with the historical time and place of SAS operations.[5] The missions are based on sandbox style game-play where players are free to roam a map and pursue objectives usually at their leisure and choice of sequence.


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These Trails - These Trails (1973 us folk psychedelic rock - FLAC)

This is an excellent album of folk-psychedelia with male female vocals from Hawaii (musically it is reminiscent of The Incredible String Band and C.O.B.). The creative force behind the album was Margaret Morgan who composed most of the tracks.

This CD appears to have been legitimately reissued by the band. Mixing fragile female vocals, guitars of an acoustic, electric and slide variety, dulcimer, tabla, recorder, sitar, and synthesizer this has a soft, wavery edge that could easily pinch you if it sounds like a desirable cup of exotica.

Very limited press of this Hawaiian folk/psych masterpiece from 1973. A truly magical record!

These Trails - Rusty's House & Lost In Space:

Track list:
01. These Trails (01:26)
02. Our House in Hanalei (01:51)
03. Of Broken Links (01:41)
04. El Rey Pescador (03:06)
05. Psyche I & Share Your Water (05:27)
06. Hello Lou (03:44)
07. Rusty's House & Los in Space (05:45)
08. Psyche II (02:29)
09. Sawed a Seed (02:16)
10. Rapt Attention (02:14)
11. Waipoo (02:35)
12. Garden Botanum (03:32)

These Trails:
*Margaret Morgan: (guitar, dulcimer, vocals)
*Patrick Cockett: (guitar, slide guitar, tabla, vocals)
*Dave Choy: (arp synthesizer, recorder, arrangements, final mix)
Assisted by:
*Carlos Pardeiro: (guitar, sitar, vocals)
*Eric kingsbury: (guitar)
*Ron Rosha: (ipu)

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Our Pag-asa ng Buhay Tree Planting 2011 in Tanay Rizal Experience

If you can recall, I invited a every one with my post "Pag-asa ng Buhay Tree Planting 2011" (see previous entry)  It was an awesome experience!  I invited my cousin, sister and a friend to go with us and we all enjoyed it.

We arrived at the meeting point on time at 6:00 a.m. but due to some transportation difficulties, the bus arrived only at around 8:00 a.m.  According to the organizers, it was because MMDA pledge to lend two buses and just the night before, they suddenly changed it to only one bus.  
After 4 hours, we arrived at the planting site or at least 3 kilometers near it.  It was a long road trip so we all had to go for relief.  To our surprise it was a long way.

The small hut far away is the only rest room in town
As soon as we arrived, everyone settled in it the large hut.  Since we were the second out of three batches, we had to wait for the first batch to return.

Although we had packed sandwiches,  the organizers offered us food.  It was our first time to eat rice like that.  It was tasty and fragrant.  We also enjoyed the "adobong manok (chicken)"
There were nearby vendors were we bought fresh coconut and hard-boiled egg.
After lunch we were oriented by the DENR on how to plant and we were given our name tags that will be attached to the trees and flags.  We were also asked to pick our plants. 
When the first batch came back, we were asked to fall in line and we began our three-kilometer trek.  We were asked advised to wear pants and rubber shoes so we had no idea we had to go through a stony creek.  
We had to remove our shoes and pull up our pants as much as we could.  Every step of it was painful.  I felt my sole sore but I had to keep on going.  

Locals' way of going up
We had to cross three creeks in total.  Some of them had greater pressure so it was difficult to cross.  However, local kids were swimming there.  

When we saw street signs, we were already near the area.  
When we arrived, we were surprised that it was an uphill planting site.  It was our first time to go tree planting more so an uphill tree planting.  We had to go up, find a spot, dig and bury.  

So I dug with my flag.  Poking the ground until it turned into a hole, tore the plant plastic and placed my plant into the hole, burried it with my hand and stepped on the surrounding soil to make it harden.  My plant stayed straight and stable.  I attached my name tag on it and stuck the flag at the same location.  Then, we had to leave before the third batch comes.

Trees planted by our batch
Everyone was so tired that they stopped by a small sari-sari store hut.

On the way back, we encountered the third batch.

We passed by a lot of animals.  

Although a little too late, we discovered a short-cut to avoid one creek...

Creek on the left dry shortcut on the right
Overall, despite our foot sores, our pants all messy and my sister's shoe breaking down, we had a lot of fun!  It was one of our best adventures ever and for a good cause too.  Except for the slight delay, everything was great!  Although in our next trips, we have confirmed that it is better to wear trekking sandals.=p

Kurt's pants

Little Sister's Shoe
Update: I was caught on camera and was even included in SPM news...