Saturday, September 17, 2011

Happy Moon Cake Festival

Today is one of my favorite holiday.   After a year-long wait, it's the moon cake festival again.  It is usually celebrated by eating moon cake, hopia and playing a dice game.  This year, our family may not be playing our annual dice game because my cousin is studying abroad.  The whole dice game can be bought at Chinese bakeries.  The set includes the hopia prizes available in various size, the dice set and the instructions.  

We usually receive moon cakes from relatives and friends.  We also buy just moon cakes to give to our relatives, friends and neighbors.  The situation becomes like Christmas except that you only get moon cakes in various brands and assortment.  
moon cake
Moon Cake from Hong Kong
moon cake
Golden Lisa Moon Cake
moon cake
Local Home-made Moon Cake
Here in the Philippines, there are many flavors available like Mixed Nuts, Black Monggo, Lotus Cream and more.  They may contain egg or salted duck egg.  I prefer them without eggs because I want to eat more moon cake.

The Mixed Nuts has a lot of Almonds, Walnuts, Sesame Seeds, Candied Mandarin Orange and more.  Although this is the most expensive, I don't like it.  It's too sweet for my taste.
moon cake
Mixed Nuts
The Black Monggo is similar to a hopia.   I'm not found of eating hopia because it feels so dry.  I love the smooth texture of the moon cake pastry and the smooth feel of the Black Monggo fillings.
moon cake
Black Monggo
My favorite variety is the Lotus Cream.  It is made from Lotus Seed Paste.  I love the taste and the texture.  So what's your favorite?
moon cake
moon cake
Lotus Cream
We also don't forget to give to our employees, garbage men and the like.  A box of hopia to spread the celebration to everyone.

moon cake
Box of Hopia
pinoy hopia

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