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The Other Half - The Other Half (1968 us, garage psych with Randy Holden, 2006 lion records bonus tracks edition - FLAC)

San Francisco based, but spent alot of time on the LA scene. Contains some nice heavy psych guitar work and features all original material (the album starts out as if it were recorded live, which it is not) except for an interesting version of Arthur Lee’s Featd Fish (for some strange reason, miscredited to Country Joe [McDonald]) .

The song first appeared in the line-up of Randy Holden’s previous band The Sons Of Adam and was never recorded, at least to my knowledge, by Love (at least in its original run). According to Vernon Joynson’s book Fuzz Acid And Flowers the band split shortly after they recorded the theme to Mod Squad , a hip youth oriented 60s cop show.

Randy Holden, after the band’s breakup, replaced Leigh Stephens in Blue Cheer before pursuing a, more or less, solo career. The song Mr. Pharmacist , is probably their best known recording, having appeared on a number of psych & garage compilations .

Originally issued on the Acta label in 1968.

This edition issued in 2006 and includes 5 bonus tracks, comes in a digi-pack.

1. Introduction (Randy Holden, Jeff Nowlen, Geoff Westen) - 1:50
2. Feathered Fish (Arthur Lee) - 2:38
3. Flight of the Dragon Lady (R. Holden, J. Nowlen, G. Westen, L. Brown, D. Wood) - 2:36
4. Wonderful Day (Randy Holden) - 2:21
5. I Need You (Randy Holden, Mike Port) - 2:46
6. Oz Lee Eaves Drops (Randy Holden, Jeff Nowlen) - 2:29
7. Bad Day (Randy Holden, Jeff Nowlen) - 2:18
8. Morning Fire (Randy Holden, Jeff Nowlen) - 2:37
9. What Can I Do For You, First Half (Randy Holden, Jeff Nowlen, Geoff Westen) - 2:45
10.What Can I Do For You, The Other Half (Randy Holden, Jeff Nowlen, Geoff Westen) - 6:57
11.I’ve Come So Far (bonus track 1968 single)(Geoff Westen) - 2:22
12.Mr. Pharmacist (bonus track 1968 single) (Jeff Nowlen) - 2:30
13.No Doubt About It (bonus track b-side of an Acta single) (Jeff Nowlen) - 2:36
14.It’s Too Hard (bonus track) (Jeff Nowlen) - 2:13
15.I Know (bonus track) (Jeff Nowlen) - 2:41

The Other Half
*Randy Holden - Lead Guitar, Vocals(1967-68)
*Geoff Westen - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals(1966-68)
*Larry Brown - Bass (1966-68)
*Danny "Woody" Woods - Drums (1966-68)
*Jeff Nolan - Vocals, Harmonica, Guitars (1966-68)
*Ron Saurman - Drums (1968)

[Rip and Scans by CUDAWAVER]
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