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Frijid Pink - Frijid Pink (1970 us, detroit acid heavy blues rock, 2005 repertoire extra tracks issue - MP3 320k and FLAC)

Frijid Pink's self-titled debut album is a slashing, seriously soulful example of late-'60s Detroit rock near its best. Although they never registered with critics or rock historians the way MC5 or the Stooges did, Frijid Pink had obviously learned something in the course of two years on the road, and with Mike Valvano producing, they were able to channel the excitement of their work onto the grooves of this album very neatly.

Those who bought the number seven single "House of the Rising Sun" weren't disappointed with the bluesy boogie sound of "I'm on My Way" or the slowed-down Yardbirds approach of "Drivin' Blues" (somehow, when Kelly Green sang "My woman loves me" it seemed to matter), and even if "Tell Me Why" was a tuneless mess, Gary Thompson made up for it with a fuzz-out guitar performance that sounded like speaker burnout in slow motion.

They were back in form on the next number, the crunchy, pumping rocker "End of the Line," where Green, Thompson, and company move into Led Zeppelin territory very effectively (you can just imagine them switching gear into "Black Dog" in a jam to this song on-stage), with a killer performance by Rich Stevers on the drums. And that was all leading up to "House of the Rising Sun." "Boozin' Blues," which closed the original LP, is a blues workout reminiscent of Cream's version of Willie Dixon's "Spoonful"; a virtuoso effort by Thompson and Green, it shows off a more reflective and studied side of the band's sound.

[This reissue includes the singles "Heartbreak Hotel" and "Music for the People" (which features a gorgeous and perfectly appropriate gospel chorus), House Of The Rising Sun (Single Edit), Sing A Song For Freedom (Mono Single Mix) and "End Of The Line" (Mono Single Mix) as bonus tracks.]

by Bruce Eder

Spanish review:
Frijid Pink (Banda originaria de Detroit, Michigan como muchas otras, entre ellas MC5, los Stooges, los Amboy Dukes, Bob Seger System, SCR, The Frost entre otras) formada en 1967 por el guitarrista Gary Ray Thompson, el bajista Tom Harris, el baterista Rick Stevers (Que hoy comanda la banda) y el vocalista Tom Beaudry (Alias: Kelly Green), con influencias en bandas como Cream, the Jimi Hendrix Experience, bandas locales, Savoy Brown, Canned Heat, Blue Cheer entre otros, la banda practicaba un Boogie/Blues/Garage Rock Ácido potente y pesado.

El grupo estuvo tocando en festivales locales de motociclistas y hippies hasta 1969 que lograron financear con la etiqueta Parrot y grabaron su primer álbum, pero lo lanzaron en sencillos, y su ácida versión de la canción tradicional the House of the Rising Sun alcanzó el número 1 de las listas popularidad de varios países, especialmente de Alemania en 1969, después en 1970 lanzarían su primer LP simplemente titulado "Frijid Pink" el cual presentaba (como lo dije antes) un Boogie/Blues garagero y ácido con algunas tendencias a Punk Rock.

Todos los integrantes se destacan, Tom Beaudry (al cual yo pondría como uno de los mejores vocalistas que he escuchado en toda mi vida) con su voz perfecta para el Blues, los guitarrazos ácidos y penetrantes de Gary Ray Thompson (el cual se podría considerar uno de los guitarristas mas chingones de los 60's juntos a Hendrix, Clapton, Leigh Stephens, Edgar Broughton, Martin Weaver etc.), la batería supercabrona de Rick Stevers (tan potente como Ginger Baker, Mitch Mitchel, Paul Whaley y otros) y al final el bajista Tom Harris que hace un excelente trabajo en cuanto a ritmos (al final Tom Beaudry (sí, el vocalista) en el siguiente trabajo de la banda haría un trabajo todavía mejor en el bajo). Un discazo que no te puedes perder por nada del mundo si eres de los amantes de la Psicodélia pesada!

by RubberSoulChat

1. God Gave Me You (Thompson, Beaudry) - 3:35
2. Crying Shame (Michael Valvano) - 3:11
3. I'm On My Way (Thompson, Beaudry) - 4:34
4. Drivin' Blues (Thompson, Beaudry) - 3:14
5. Tell Me Why (Thompson, Beaudry) - 2:50
6. End Of The Line (Thompson, Beaudry) - 4:07
7. House of the Rising Sun (Traditional, arr. Frijid Pink) - 4:44
8. I Want To Be Your Lover (Thompson, Beaudry, Valvano) - 7:30
9. Boozin' Blues (Thompson, Beaudry) - 6:01
10.Heartbreak Hotel (Axton, Darden, Presley) - 2:49
11.Music For The People (Thompson, Beaudry) - 2:54
12.House Of The Rising Sun (Single Edit) - 3:54
13.Sing A Song For Freedom (Mono Single Mix) (Beaudry, Thompson, Stevers) - 3:02
14.End Of The Line (Mono Single Mix) (Thompson, Beaudry) - 4:09

Frijid Pink
*Tom Beaudry aka Kelly Green - lead vocals
*Gary Ray Thompson - guitars
*Tom Harris - bass
*Richard Stevers - drums
*Larry Zelanka - keyboards

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