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Cara Aman Modifikasi Setting BIOS PC

Bila Windows adalah wajah ramah yang ditampilkan proyek-proyek komputer kepada dunia, maka BIOS adalah sisi gelap bawah sadar yang bertugas untuk berpikir. BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) adalah kode untuk fungsi-fungsi fundamental PC, seperti mengumpulkan ketukan tombol dari keyboard atau meletakkan pixel ke layar.
Program kecil ini bekerja di balik layar, menterjemahkan perintah Windows yang 

Our Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber Experience

I mentioned a few weeks ago about the "Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber" to be performed at CCP. (see separate entry)  After seeing a lot of teasers, I decided I could not miss this!  Afterall, this only happens once in a lifetime right?  So we rushed of to the nearest Ticketworld outlet and bought our tickets.
Our Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber Tickets
Andrew Lloyd Webber Poster at Greenbelt 5
If you're worried that you didn't bring any binoculars not to worry because binoculars are being sold at Balcony 1 and 2 entrace for only 50 php.  Programs were also sold for 500 php.

Disposable Binoculars (50 php)
Disposable Binoculars (50 php)
Program booth (Programs at 500 php)
The show starts was signified by the National Anthem and continues until the 20 minute intermission.  As any broad way show, the female singers wore glittery dresses while the men were in shiny suits.   The first part was full of our favorite solemn songs.  The lively songs were placed during the second part.

Although the show was not the best Andrew Lloyd Webber performance I've watched but it was definitely worth it!  The impact of having a live performance is magnificent.  The best part was the "Phantom of the Opera" and "Music of the Night" combined in one act.  The song "Don't cry for me Argentina"  was well sang but I could sense the hint of Australian accent throughout the song.  The least I liked was the song "Heaven on their minds".

All of the casts had a good voice.  They all sang well.  Theirs acts and facial expression complemented their voice.  I loved the performance of Michael Cormick above all.  His voice is strong and manly.

Everything would have been perfect if there were no bisexuals at our back whispering and singing loudly.  I also was surprised that a lot of audiences only entered after the intermission.

Food Bar

Overall, the show was spectacular.  The song list was excellent.  I never appreciated "Cats" until this show.  It also made aware of Andrew Lloyd Webbers songs that I have never heard before.  Some from his old shows and some from his new ones like "Love Never Dies", a sequel to the Phantom of the Opera.

Souvenir Booth (Tshirts (800 php), Teddy Bear (800php) mug (300 php), 2 cds (700 php)

Battlefield 3 - Limited Edition

Battlefield 3 - Limited EditionBattlefield 3 leaps ahead of the competition with the power of Frostbite 2, the next installment of DICE's cutting-edge game engine. This state-of-the-art technology is the foundation on which Battlefield 3 is built, delivering superior visual quality, a grand sense of scale, massive destruction, dynamic audio and incredibly lifelike character animations. As bullets whiz by, walls crumble, and explosions throw you to the ground, the battlefield feels more alive and interactive than ever before. In Battlefield 3, players step into the role of the elite U.S. Marines where they will experience heart-pounding single player missions and competitive multi-player actions ranging across diverse locations from around the globe including Europe, Middle-East and North America.

Price: $59.95

Click here to buy from Amazon

The Freedom Highway - Made In '68 (1968 us psychedelic, folk rock west coast - MP3 320K and FLAC)

The Freedom Highway at first set out with electric guitars to play a combination of ragtime, American folk music, with few original compositions.

The tall thin blonde-haired lead singer Mike Lamb was the focal point and he had a modest following who loved his Lonnie Johnson-styled blues shouting.

My slide guitar on the Dylan song "Oxford Town" was also a hit with audiences. Filling out the sound on a Farfisa organ was Howie Lazzarini, Kurt Eichstaedt on drums and Scott Inglis on bass.

It was Scott and I in 1967 that set the group on a completely different path by firing everyone else and hiring the very talented lead singer and drummer, Bruce Brymer.

Playing strictly as a trio, we wrote our own music which was both influenced by the Who and emphasized singing.

The following year Gary Philippet joined and gave us a tremendous boost with his fine singing and imaginative guitar work.

The day that Scott Inglis decided to enlist in military service our jaws hit the floor, but we soon found a more than satisfactory volunteer on bass, guitar and vocals in Dave Schallock.

Seasoned as he was from various groups (the Pullice where both he and Bruce had previously played together) Dave completed what would be the final and best line-up of the Freedom Highway.

We moved into a house together so we could eat, practice, live or die with our music.

While the unpopular Viet Nam war raged on, and then assassinations devastated entire political movements it became a symbol for almost every band to openly smoke illegal drugs.

Ours was certainly no exception. In that sense, never before or since has it mattered so little that we weren't yet of legal age and couldn't drink in a bar. We lived to roll, smoke, gig and rehearse.

It was our way of keeping our minds occupied while we waited for something, anything to happen in our career as band. That something never happened.

Adding to my despair was my military draft notice. Managing to thoroughly convince the induction officials of my inability to follow any kind of orders, I was relieved to be told I wasn't "army material".

There seemed to be no work or record label interest. We'd been managed for years by a team at West Pole Agency who had overseen the careers of Quicksilver Messenger Service and Big Brother.

Oddly, as the group improved musically, the amount of high profile shows decreased to the point where we had to take a hotel gig, work better suited to a "cover" band.

In 1970, when I turned twenty, the Freedom Highway ended forever as did that kind of hopeful, euphoric "love can save the world" philosophy that had spiked the party juice in San Francisco for five years (

Track List:
01.Chico (Smoke El Ropo) (5:33)
02.Give (7:56)
03.Don't Look Back (4:55)
04.The Waltz For Prime Tunas (4:45)
05.New Connections (6:33)
06.Heaven Train (2:32
07.Loretta (5:54)
08.Real Eyes (5:04)
09.Head In The Fire (4:29)
10.Be My Friend (4:46)
11.lack And White (3:34)
12.Reese Returns (3:41)
13.Spirit Passing 'Round (2:30)

The Freedom Highway:
*Bruce Drymer: Drums, Vocals
*Richi Ray Harris: Guitar, Vocals
*Dave Schallock: Bass, Vocals
*Gary Philippet: Guitar, Vocals
*Scott Inglis: Bass, Vocals

[ Rip and Scans by COR ]
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Free Download Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition

Free Download Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, brings the definitive vision of Street Fighter to the PC. The follow-up to the critically acclaimed Super Street Fighter IV will further redefine the fighting game genre with classic 2D Street Fighter fighting action, a host of new andreturning characters, beefed up online modes, and more. Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition features a roster of 39 characters. This includes characters from the original Street Fighter IV such as Ryu, Chun-li, El Fuerte, and Rufus, while adding the 10 characters from Super Street Fighter IV and 4 new characters, including classic combatants Yun, Yang, and Evil Ryu as well as the all-new Oni.


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Secrets of the estate tax game to win

Estate planning system... Legally, every dollar of your wealth in the family, instead of the IRS was subject to holds.

Check it out!

Free Download Babylon Pro 9.0.2 (r11) + Serial

Free Download Babylon Pro 9.0.2 (r11) + Serial

Babylon is the world's leading provider of language solutions, such as online and offline dictionary and translation software in over 75 languages in one simple click and is being used by millions of private users and organizations in more than 200 countries and territories.
Babylon 9 maintains the lead with more languages, full web page and document translation and seamless integration with Microsoft Office speller. Babylon 9 brings the following new features and enhancements: Babylon Live Translation Community, Spelling and Proofreading, Human Voice, More Languages, More Sources, Full web page and document translation, seamless integration with Microsoft Office speller, easier access to dictionaries and encyclopedias and much more.

Babylon 9 features:

Simple One-Click Translation in any Application
Simply click on any text in any desktop application to get immediate translation and access to dictionaries & encyclopedias covering a wide range of subjects, categories and themes.

Available in over 75 Languages
Babylon automatically recognizes the languages you use and need, and delivers results in those languages.

Live Translation Community NEW!
Babylon 9 enables you to easily participate in Babylon’s large community of native speakers and professional translators worldwide.

Spelling and Proofreading NEW!
Babylon Speller and Proofreading is at your service to ensure you did not omit or skip anything important and allows you to catch errors (be it typos, grammar, etc.) which you may have made when writing.

Over 2,000 Dictionary Titles
Babylon delivers results from the world's premier publishing houses (such as: Oxford, Britannica, Merriam Webster, Pons, Larousse, Duden, Langenscheidt and many more) to enhance your translation experience and knowledge.
In addition, Babylon provides results from over 1,600 user generated glossaries and dictionaries.

Wikipedia @ a click in over 25 languages
Babylon delivers results from Wikipedia in over 25 languages, covering millions of articles and definitions that are constantly updated to cover current events and recent innovations.

Integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Office Spellers
When spelling suggestions are obtained from MS Office, Babylon provides a short translation for each suggestion indicated in MS Office’s speller menu.

Web Page and Document translation
Babylon provides translation of full web pages, documents (MS Word, PDF, Text, etc.) and text between 33 languages, all in a single click.

World time zones, currencies and units conversion
Babylon helps you convert currencies, measurements and world time zones. Just click on any value in any desktop application to get instant conversions.
Currency exchange rates are updated daily.

Free Download Babylon Pro 9.0.2 (r11) + Serial

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Free Download Babylon Pro 9.0.2 (r11) + Serial
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Free Download Ashampoo Video Styler v1.0.0

Free Download Ashampoo Video Styler v1.0.0

Ashampoo Video Styler is the ideal program to jazz up your videos. With its user friendly program interface, many functions and filters you will easily turn your videos into impressive films.
Apply for example one of the numerous filters or add background music to your video and make it an unforgettable memory with Ashampoo Video Styler. The styled film can be exported into different formats.

Users will have the possibility to add video effects and audio background to their clips, as well as crop their sizes according to their choice.

The clever thing is that with just a few clicks, you can easily present your video to your friends or the whole world on YouTube or create videos in the MyVideo or Facebook format.

Make your videos something special with the powerful and user-oriented Ashampoo Video Styler and impress other with your brilliant results.

Here are some key features of "Ashampoo Video Styler"

· Easy handling (“one click”)
· Adjustment of brightness, contrast etc.
· Adding background music and effects
· Simultaneous encoding of several videos
· Upload videos to YouTube
· Creation of videos in Facebook or MyVideo format
· Touch screen support

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Free Download Ashampoo Video Styler v1.0.0
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Driver Checker 2.7.5 Datecode 30.06.2011 + Keygen-REA

Driver Checker 2.7.5 Datecode 30.06.2011 + Keygen-REA

Driver Checker provides an easy-to-use interface through which only a few clicks can make your jobs completely done with ease.

Key Features and Benefits of Driver Checker:

• Starightfoward and intuitive interface
• Better PC performance and improved stability
• Access to the largest drivers database in the industry
• Continous updates for the latest manufacturer drivers
• Submit the unavailable drivers updated in next version
• Unlimited technical supports with our 24x7 technicians
• Automatically update and maintain these drivers: Printer Drivers, USB Drivers, Sound/Audio Drivers, Vista Drivers, Bluetooth Drivers, Mouse Drivers, Keyboard Drivers, RAID Drivers, Scanner Drivers, Video Drivers, Modem Drivers, Network Drivers, Linksys Drivers, Webcam Drivers, Graphic Drivers, VGA Drivers & Other Windows Drivers.

Driver Checker 2.7.5 Datecode 30.06.2011 + Keygen-REA

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Driver Checker 2.7.5 Datecode 30.06.2011 + Keygen-REA
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Papa John's Freedom Fest Promo: Buy a Medium Pizza Get a Large

If you love Papa John's as much as we do then don't miss this awesome promo to upgrade your pizza from Medium to Large for Freee.  Promo is valid from July 1 to July 4, 2011 only.  The best thing about this promo is that it is valid for both Dine-In and Delivery.

Delivery numbers:
Robinsons Galleria Veranda (631 8689; 739 0570),
 University Mall Taft Ave (536 5434; 536 4612)
Annapolis Greenhills (722 2612; 721 9676) 
SM Megamall Bldg A 3rd Level

Machine - Machine (1970 netherlands progressive and hard rock Remastered - MP3 320K and WAV)

Machine were a 1970 Dutch group who played a mix of what was popular at the time: Psych, progressive, hard rock and horn rock.

Nederbeat was one of the more healthy psych/garage scenes coming out of continental Europe and Machine were like the latter stages of those groups such as Q65 and Cosmic Dealer.

The strong Hammond organ presence adds a proto-prog sound similar to Deep Purple and Mainhorse.

Horns were frequently inserted in those days to increase the odds of a chart appearance, given the wild success of Chicago and Blood Sweat and Tears.And, as expected, there's also a strong blues influence throughout.

The album has a strong start but really crawls to the finish, as predictable 3-chord blues rock takes over the lion's share of the proceedings.

Recommended to fans for bands as diverse as Affinity, Ahora Mazda, Warhorse and Irish Coffee.

Rainmaker,Virgin,Say goodbye To Your Friends:

Track List:
01 - Rainmaker
02 - Virgin
03 - Say goodbye To Your Friends
04 - God's Children
05 - Old Black Magic
06 - Spanish Roads
07 - Lonesome Tree
08 - Sunset Eye

John Caljouw - Vocals
Francois Content - Trumpet
Wim Warby - Tenor sax
Maarten Beckers - Saxophone, flute, clarinet
Hans Sel - Guitar
Paul Vink - Keyboards
Jan Warby - Bass guitar
Jan Bliek – Drums

[ Rip and Scans by LARRY ]
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Mortal Kombat

Mortal KombatWith a return to the mature presentation and classic 2D fighting plane, Mortal Kombat is the most accessible and competitive MK game coming to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Mortal Kombat further extends the brutal experience with a visually striking story mode that will rewrite the ancient history of the Mortal Kombat Tournament. After centuries of Mortal Kombat, Emperor Shao Kahn has finally defeated Raiden and his allies. Faced with extinction, Raiden has one last chance. To undo the Emperor's victory, he must strike Shao Kahn where he is vulnerable...The Past.

Price: $59.99

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Genesis - The Early Days Of Genesis (1967-69 uk, post psychedelia, progressive rock, double disc 2008 edition - MP3 320k and FLAC)

There was a school in Surrey, England named Charterhouse. Attending this school there were two students named Tony Banks and Peter Gabriel. The two both had a love for music which caused them to form a band called The Garden Wall.

A nearby group named The Anon. Formed by Riverz Job (bass), Richard MacPhail (vocals), Anthony Phillips (guitar), and Rob Tyrell (drums). Later join by Mike Rutherford, The Anon was The Garden Wall's main competition.

The Charterhouse arranged a concert in 1967 that featured both The Garden Wall and The Anon. The Garden Wall stole the show away from The Anon (who were the concert's main feature. After this more than half The Anon left the band leaving Anthony Phillips and Mike Rutherford. Phillips and Rutherford went to their rivals and formed a new band. They later were joined by drummer Chris Stewart.

This new band put together a demo tape which they sent to producer Jonathan King (who was an ex-student of The Charterhouse). He liked this band's music so much and since they didn't have a name yet he gave them one: Genesis. In 1968 Stewart left Genesis. John Silver came in as Stewart's replacement

In 1969 they released their first album titled 'From Genesis To Revelation'. The album was only released in the UK. To put it nicely, the album was a bomb. It sold less then seven hundred copies. Part of the album's lack of success can be contributed to the fact that the album was thought to be Christian.

After this, Genesis went inactive in order to get out of it's one year contract with King (who thought their new music lacked). After a year, Genesis was free of King and Silver (who wanted to stay with King).In March of 1970, Genesis met John Anthony who signed them with Charisma-Records.

This is actually their first album release "From Genesis To Revelation", (with few bonus tracks from the 1967-1969 period and some new remixes from 2006) a magma of British post psychdelia with progressive touches, it has nothing common with their later recordings except for the musicians, it is more earthy, more accessible, however it is fascinating, the velvet voices along with beautiful melodies, creating colourful ribbons, leaving finally a sweet taste ...

1. Where the Sour Turns to Sweet - 3:16
2. In the Beginning - 3:47
3. Fireside Song - 4:20
4. The Serpent - 4:40
5. Am I Very Wrong? - 3:33
6. In the Wilderness - 3:33
7. The Conqueror - 3:42
8. In Hiding - 2:40
9. One Day - 3:22
10.Window - 3:35
11.In Limbo - 3:32
12.Silent Sun - 2:15

1. A Place to Call My Own - 2:00
2. A Winter's Tale - 3:31
3. One-Eyed Hound - 2:31
4. That's Me - 2:38
5. Image Blown Out - 2:11
6. She is Beautiful - 3:46
7. Try a Little Sadness (Demo Version) - 3:18
8. Patricia (Demo Version of 'In Hiding') - 3:05
9. Where The Sour Turns To Sweet (2006 remix) - 3:19
10.The Silent Sun (2006 remix) - 2:15
11.In The Wilderness (Rough Mix) - 2:57

Genesis 1967-69
*Peter Gabriel – Vocals, Flute, Percussion
*Anthony Phillips – Guitar, Vocals
*Tony Banks – Organ, Guitar, Piano, Keyboards, Vocals
*Mike Rutherford – Bass Guitar, Guitar, Vocals
*John Silver – Drums, Vocals
*Chris Stewart – Drums on "Silent Sun"

[ Rip and Scans by MARIOS ]
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Nuffnang Transformer's 3 Movie Event

We were fortunate to be one of 100 bloggers who were invited by Nuffnang and PLDT myDSL to watch Transformers 3: Dark Side of the Moon at Shang Cineplex 3.

The call time was at 6: 00 p.m.but we arrived the venue a little bit late because we had to purchase some food and drinks first.  When we arrived, the entire floor was crowded with bloggers, a lot of whom I've looked up to.  I went to the registration area where I was given a name tag and  a Free PLDT ID lace.  
Who's this? Wouldn't want to spoil;)
Bumble Bee
Optimus Prime
We looked around.  We were only expecting to watch a movie but it was like a cocktail party.  Blogges were eating, drinking and chatting with each other.   Iced Tea was being served together with mini carrot cakes.  Both the ice tea and carrot cakes tasted good!  The photo booth had a long line so we opt not to have one.  There were cool Transformers mascots roaming around the area.   My favorite characters Optimus  Prime and Bumble Bee was there.  Nice!
Get your Ice Tea here
Mini Carrot Cakes Anyone?
Blockbuster Line for the Photobooth
At around 7:00 p.m., we were allowed to entered the movie area.   It was our first time to watch a movie at the Shang Cineplex.  We looked around and saw the chairs all labelled either: "Reserved for Nuffnang" or "PLDT".  While people were searching for their seats, we were told to avoid the reserved seats for the VIPs so we complied.   Not a bother because the whole place was huge and there were only a few of us. 

Once everyone was seated comfortably (yet there were so many vacant seats still), the host introduced himself, gave a brief talk about PLDT and then awarded the three most creative blog entries for the PLDT myDSL’s Internet to Sawa TRANSFORMS the Internet Experience! contest.  There was a trivia portion where 5 prizes were at stake.  Too bad we didn't win any.=(
The movie soon begun, it was awesome!  Transformers 3: Dark Side of the Moon was a blast! (See separate entry)  It lasted around 2 and 35 minutes.  
Overall, the experience was really something.  The movie invite itself was awesome enough.  But they didn't stop there.  They even offered free-for-all photo booth, great-tasting drinks and food, one-on-one with cool Transformers mascots and lots of prizes.  What can you ask for right?  Everything was well-organized and laid out.  It was a great event.  Thank you Nuffnang and PLDT myDSL you guys sure know how to host.  Two thumbs up! =)
*Apologies for the crappy photo 

Beck, Bogert & Appice - Live (1973, uk/us blues hard rock 2CDs - Wave audio format)

Live in Japan is a 1973 rock album by the supergroup power trio Beck, Bogert & Appice.

The album although initially called Beck, Bogert & Appice Live was only issued in Japan (recorded May 18 & 19, 1973 at Koseinenkin Hall, Osaka) and is also known as Live in Japan.
The album is generally considered rare due to the fact of being only released in limited numbers in Japan.

Live in Japan was the last released album by Beck, Bogert & Appice and their only live album.
Within months of the album's release the band would dissolve after Jeff Beck suddenly decided to leave the band.

On this album, Beck can be heard heavily using a Heil Talkbox, two years before the release of Peter Frampton's landmark album, Frampton Comes Alive.

The album also contains renditions of songs originally recorded by the Jeff Beck Group, "Plynth", "Going Down" and "Morning Dew" and one Yardbirds number "Jeff's Boogie". (by wikipedia)

Track List :

CD 1 :
02.Lose Myself With You
03.Jeff's Boogie
04.Going Down
06.Morning Dew

CD 2 :
01.Sweet Sweet Surrender
02.Livin' Alone
03.I'm So Proud
05.Black Cat Moan
06.Why Should I Care
07.Plynth/Shotgun (Medley)

Personnel :
*Jeff Beck - guitar
*Tim Bogert - bass
*Carmine Appice - drums

[ Rip and Scans (CD & Vinyl), by DR BELL OTUS ]
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My Impression on the new Google Plus (+) [pics] FREE invites

Previously Google has released its Google Friend Connect, Google Reader, Google Cloud Connect, Google Buzz and Google Wave.  Now, it just launched something bigger, its social media network called Google +.  It is currently on field trial and by invites only.  It's available for both android and mobile too.

      So what to look forward in Google +?

  • Design 
    • Clean and neat but maybe too clean?
    • The toolbar on top is pretty handy
    • The search bar is pretty cool search through Google profiles, Web pages and Images
  • User-Interface
    • I find it difficult to adapt.  I even had to find out how to invite friends.
  • Features:
    • Stream -similar to Facebook status/comment
      • Limited - According to the description: "If you initiated a post in the stream, clicking Limited at the top of that post will show you the profile pictures of everyone you shared with. Only the person who started the post can see this information. If you chose to share with your extended circles in addition to other people, clicking Limited will only show that you shared with your extended circles--specific people won't be identified."
      • Edit Post - you can edit post and it will displayed  (edited x:xx PM)
  •  Photos -sorted accordingly for easy viewing:
    • Photos from your circles
    • Photos from your phone
    • Photos of you
    • Your album - my blogger photos showed up here
  •  Profile
    • Posts
    • About
      • Google Maps integrated in places lived
    • Photos
      • Tagging
      • See Photo details - flips your photo so you can see the photo details
    • Video's
    • +1 - Your +1's appear here. +1 the things around the web you like, agree with, or want to recommend to others (similar to Facebook's Like)
  •  Circles - you can create groups called "Circles" and Drag-and-Drop your friends inside it.  Through this we can control and limit our privacy.
    • Friends
    • Family
    • Acquaintances
    • Following
  • Sparks - be updated regarding contents of your interest (Like an automatic Google Reader filtered by interest)
  • Hangouts - Virtual Voice and Video Chat Room (Requires Google Voice and Video Chat Plugin)
    • You're webcam and mic will automatically be activated 
    • You can select the friends to invite for your hang out
    • Clicking the green "Hang Out" button transport you to the hang out page
    • Once you go into Hangout:
      • You're stream will show "your name is hanging out" below it is a button that says "Join this Hangout"
      • You can chat with friends
      • You can watch You Tube videos
  • Notification - updates you on who invited you and who commented something related to your post or comment.  I find this too complicated and confusing.  It extends into mini windows on the upper right of the screen until you get lost where you are.  It would be better if it just directs you where the updates are instead of opening a new one through that small window.  
  • Post Functions: 
    • Mute this post -hide
    • Report Abuse - same with Facebook's
    • Block this person - same with Facebook's
  • Chat - similar to Facebook's Chat
  • Suggestions - same as Facebook's Suggestions
         Overall, I'd say its pretty neat start.  But could use an improvement on the user-interface or they could provide more instructions, description and guides.  It's success also depends on the how well it will integrated with other mediums like Web Pages, Twitter and more because its greatest competitor Facebook has already surpassed that.   It would also be cool if it would have notifications from other Google apps like Google mail and Blogger.  I hope they will also offer apps like games,groups,docs,events, poll, discussion, notes and more?  It pretty bare right now so we'll just have to wait and see what they can offer next.

How about you?  What do you think?

Ninja Saga Special Tensai Jounin Exam Cheats (Stage 1)

Ninja Saga Special Tensai Jounin Exam Cheats

Here are the primary requirements:
- You must be level 60 and a Jounin
- Your brain (optional)

Stage 1: The Force of Yami

  1. Chapter 1: Spot the weapon. You will be given a target weapon. You must get it in 30 secs and you are given only 3 chances. If you want additional time give, you must pay 30 token to get +30 secs to spot the weapon. Spotting the weapon is easy at first. But once they all mixed up, you will go crazy finding them. There are 7 levels on this part. This is a test of observation. I can only find up to 5 weapons. So if you can't, use cheat. Download fiddler 2 and the swf file for stage 1 and stage 2. Run fiddler, click on "autoresponder tab", Give checklist on "Enable automatic responses" and "Permit pass through for unmatched request", Drag ".SWF File" into "AutoResponder", Enter Ninja Saga and do the Special Tensai Jounin Exam. Clear the cache and Finished! You can also use speed hack on cheat engine.
  2. Chapter 2: Unpredicted Attack. Deliver the weapons you spotted at stage 1. As you deliver them, you will fight the undead and Genan, they are equipped with disabling skills. Don't worry! You can recruit other ninja to fight.

Katsura/Katsura Pet Skills Ninja Saga

Katsura/Katsura Pet Skills Ninja Saga

How to acquire: Invite 25 friends.Kame was replaced by Katsura.

Katsura/Katsura Pet Skills Ninja Saga

Katsura/Katsura Pet | Description

-Katsura Skill Level 1: ordinary attack
-Katsura Skill level 5: Fierce rυѕh (attack wіth thе whole body)
-Katsura Skill Level 10 : Attention (increase thе accuracy bу 3% fοr 2 turn)
-Katsura Skill level 15 : Defense (Reduce hυrt expected fοr hіѕ master bу 5% fοr 2 turns)
-Katsura Skill Level 20-: Attacck (Increase attack master 3% fοr 2 turn)
-Katsura Skill level 30: Healing (Heals 2% HP master fοr 3 turn)

New Game Interface and Skills Reset on Ninja Saga

New Game Interface and Skills Reset on Ninja Saga

On the recent update on Ninja Saga, a secret kinjutsu ritualist appeared. His name was not given but he was said to make you forget all your ninjutsus.

Skills Reset on Ninja Saga and New Game Interface

Reset your skills on the academy!

Go to Academy and you will notice a clickable link named" Reset Jutsu". As it say's
- All your jutsu will be removed after "Reset Jutsu" * including all token and learning ninjutsu.
- All gold and tokens involving your Kinjutsu will "not be refunded."
- All jutsu will have to be learnt progressively from Lvl 1 after reset.

But I am not sure of these things:
- Are secret and extreme talent included?
- How about event reward jutsu and clan war reward jutsu?
- Will I able to choose another set of 2 (free user) or 3 elements (emblem) after reset jutsu?

New Game Interface
- Notice the new interface on the Academy tab, Jutsu tab and even the Missuion Success message tab.

List of Clan War Back Items on Ninja Saga

List of Clan War Back Items on Ninja Saga

These are the back items rewarded to the winners of Clan Wars on Ninja Saga. You might also like to see the following lists of back items.

- Standard Back Items
- Event Exclusive Back Items

Season 8 Clan War Reward Back Item: Scroll of Golden Snake
Effect: Increase all attack damage by 4%, and Decrease damage taken by 4%.
Way to Acquire: Be a Zheninja clan member during Season 8 of clan wars.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Season 9 Clan War Reward Back Item: Akazonae Gunbai
Effect: Increase critical rate and accuracy by 4%.
Way to Acquire: Be a Zheninja clan member during Season 9 of clan wars.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Season 10 Clan War Reward Back Item:Kikyo Umbrella
Effect: 6% chance to convert damage taken into health.
Way to Acquire: Be member of Emblem Elite during Season 10 of clan wars.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Season 11 Clan War Reward Back Item: Tensho Compass
Effect: Increase attack damage by 4% and recover HP by 1% every turn
Way to Acquire: This is a back item reward for the champion of the Season XI clan war.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Season 12 Clan War Reward Back Item: Blood Evil Gourd
Effect: Increase Maximum HP by 5%.
Way to acquire: Be member of Zheninjas during Season 12 of clan wars.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Season 13 Clan War Reward Back Item: Kishu Twin Blades
Effect: Increase accuracy by 8%.
Way to Acquire: Be a member of the winning clan during the Season 13 Clan Wars in Ninja Saga

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Season 14 Clan War Reward Back Item: Yabusa Knife
Effect: 4% increase damage and ignore dodge of opponent by 4%.
Way to Acquire: Be a member of the winning clan during the Season 14 Clan Wars in Ninja Saga