Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What trimestral MBA-Juris Doctor means!

When I first decided to enroll in the only trimestral MBA-JD program in the country, I was so enthusiastic to have a chance to study both MBA and Juris Doctor at the same time.  It never crossed my mind that the schedule could be too fast pace for my level.

After a week of term break, today is my first day of class again.  Because the term is only composed of 14 weeks, most professors send the reading assignments before the start of the term.  This term I've decided to take lesser subjects than my peers in school.  Call it cowardice if you like.  But this is how it goes for me.=p
Yes!  I've excluded Saturday classes so I could have some FREE time for myself.  
I guess enrolling in a trimestral MBA-Juris Doctor means getting used to fast paced lessons.  To be honest, I'm still getting a hang of it.  Yet, I still love it!=)

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