Sunday, September 4, 2011

Polanie - Polanie (67 polish garage, psych beat - FLAC)

Only album by the excellent Polish Beat group Polanie founded and led by organist Wieslaw Bernolak, which also included guitarist / vocalist Piotr Pulawski, saxophonist Wlodzimierz Wander, bassist Zbigniew Bernolak and drummer Andrzej Nebeski.

Founded by members of two other famous Polish Beat groups: Niebiesko-Czarni and Czerwono-Czarni, they were the first Polish super-group.

They played superb original material (sung in Polish) as well as covers of then contemporary international material (sung in English) and displayed an incredibly high level of musicianship, what was completely in par with their British or US counterparts.

They were largely modeled after The Animals, which they supported during the group's tour of Poland, using the same organ / guitar Bluesy sound.

The lead singer had almost no foreign accent and their interpretations of songs by British groups sound as good as the originals, if not better.

In retrospect this is one of the most important albums in the Polish Rock history and still sounds great after all these years.

This new edition includes also the only EP released by the group, which is an extremely rare collectors' item.

Wholeheartedly recommended! (by Jazzis, from RYM ... many thanks mate)

Tracklist :

01.A Ty Pocałujesz Mnie

02.Nie Wiem Sam

03.Długo Się Znamy

04.Nieprawda, Nie Wierzę

05.Nie Zawrócę

06.Ciebie Wybrałem

07.Dlaczego Tak Mnie Traktujesz

08.I'm Crying

09.Black Jack

10.Sunny Afternoon

11.Cool Jerk

12.Summer In The City

Bonus Tracks :

13.Down In The Valley

14.Can You Hear Me

15.Georgia On My mind

Personnel :

*Wieslaw Bernolak - organ,

*Piotr Pulawski - guitar, vocals

*Zbigniew Bernolak - bass

*Wlodzimierz Wander - sax

*Andrzej Nebeski - drums

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