Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Octopus - An Ocean Of Rocks (1978 germany, progressive anthem rock - MP3 320k and FLAC)

Really active with several bands, always being a contact person for local musicians in Frankfurt with the “Initiative Virus Music”, and committed at “Radio X”, a local non commercial local radio station.

Seppl Niemeyer has various agile memories: .Before that I have played with Ax Genrich Highdelberg, an intellectual who was approaching all head moderately. Then I came to Frankfurt and could play just like I wanted - they loved how I played - the Octopus group. Octupus was one of these progressive rock bands with very tricky parts and one of the few bands ex Frankfurt who toured all over Germany" Niemeyer still today associates an exciting period, musicians who played hard at the limit of their abilities, an organist who shakes his Hammond and a self-confident singer, who loved to counter them.

The Eschersheimer flat-share with its wild parties also still is unforgotten. Musicians, who lived together (even though not in communes) belonged to that time just like to drive to see all festivals in Germany. Today maybe one is laughing about the music of some German reek bands but it was a very interesting time, you just have been outside of the society, lived in your band, that was a cosmos of its own, a network.

Today all this only is business!" Martis Scharff-Kniemeyer, the wife of the much too early passed away bass-player and manager of the band, Claus Kniemeyer, who also was responsible for the art-work of the cover remembers: When I went through the pictures for the cd-booklet, I thought, that for this time ft could be remarkable how we did the cover for ,,An Ocean Of Rocks" because we really drove with the band bus to the ocean of rocks at Odenwald, placed table, chairs, dishes, and costumes just for the picture.

Today unimaginable, Now all would be assembled at the computer But the shooting was mega fun despite of coldness and snow!" The times they are a changing but music still remains for decades or even longer.

by Dettef Kinsler

1. Start The Music - 3:59
2. On My Mind - 5:40
3. Son Of Sorrow - 6:30
4. The Delayable Rise of Glib Part 2 - 3:42
5. The Entrance - 2:24
6. The Shifting Of Space And Time - 5:35
7. Octopus – The Survivor Of Atlantis - 7:13
8. An Ocean Of Rocks - 6:00

*Seppi Niedermeyer - Drums, Percussion
*Jennifer Hensel - Vocals
*Claus D. Kniemeyer - Bass
*Pit Hensel - Guitars
*Werner Littau - Keyboards

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