Monday, September 5, 2011

Love - False Start (1971 us great classic psychedelic - Wave audio format)

It needs to be stressed at the outset that this album is NOT in any way a sequel To 'Forever Changes'. With its minimalist titles and lyrics, it is the very antithesis of the much loved existential masterpiece. And yet 'False Start' does have a charm of its own. The Jimi Hendrix contribution to the opening track ('The Everlasting First') is well known and leaves the listener gasping for breath. But Hendrix was not the only lead guitarist on the record. In 1972 Jay Donnellan (Love's brilliant guitarist on 'Four Sail' and 'Out Here') was interviewed about his own dismissal from the band. He told how he had turned up as usual at the studio one day only to receive the following greeting from Arthur Lee: "Hullo - another cat's playing your licks today." The "cat" in question was Gary Rowles- whose pyrotechnical guitar work helps to give such a gloriously raw and ragged feel to this album. Add to this Arthur's fine 'Seven and Seven Is' style vocals and the soulful harmonies from half member Noony Ricket and you have a piece of work that is unique in the Love canon. When I first bought this album in 1971, I was appalled. Now I wouldn't be without it - not least because it serves as a document of Love's historic 1970 visit to the UK - their first outside the States.(By Mr. John L. Ward "John Ward Byrd Brain")

Love - The Everlasting First (Featuring Jimi Hendrix On Lead Guitar)

Tracks Listing

01 "The Everlasting First"
02 "Flying"
03 "Gimi a Little Break"
04 "Stand Out" (live)
05 "Keep on Shining"
06 "Anytime"
07 "Slick Dick"
08 "Love is Coming"
09 "Feel Daddy Feel Good"
10 "Ride That Vibration"
Arthur Lee: rhythm guitar, piano, harmonica, vocal
Gary Rowles: lead guitar
Frank Fayad: bass
George Suranovich: drums
Nooney Rickett: rhythm guitar, backing vocal (tracks 2-10)
Jimi Hendrix: lead guitar (track 1)

[Rip and scans by SILVERADO]
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