Thursday, September 8, 2011

Gandalf - Gandalf 2 (1969 us, psychedelic rock, 2007 sundazed edition - MP3 320k and FLAC)

The exotic, mindbending sounds of Gandalf have long been one of the great lost treasures of the first great psychedelic era. Featuring the breathy vocals and lysergic guitar of Peter Sando, the band's only official album Gandalf—a delight from start to finish—has been a best-selling Sundazed psychedelic release that has generated a fervent demand for more of the same.

The release of Gandalf 2, is a return trip to the band's garden of earthly delights. A thorough search of Sando's tape vault revealed a fabulous stash of spellbinding demos and acetates, unheard for decades. Sando has penned the liner notes for Gandalf 2, which also features another visit to the band's dusty book of memorabilia.

1. Bird in the Hand (Sando) - 3:55
2. Days Are Only Here and Gone (Sando) - 3:31
3. Smokey Topaz (Sando) - 3:03
4. Ladyfingers (Bonner, Gordon) (as the Barracuda) - 2:28
5. No Earth Can Be Won (Sando) - 4:16
6. Bad Dream (demo) (Sando) - 2:58
7. I Won’t Cry No More (Sando) - 3:10
8. The Dance at St. Francis (Bonner, Gordon) (as the Barracuda) - 2:18
9. Julie (The Song I Sing Is You) (Bonner, Gordon) (as the Barracuda) - 2:52
10. Over This Table (Sando) - 3:18
11. Golden Earrings (demo) (Evans, Livingston, Young) - 6:09
12. Tears of Ages (live) (Sando) - 2:59
13. Downbound Train (live) (Berry, Arr. by Peter Sando) - 6:43

*Bob Muller - Bass
*Russ Savakis - Bass
*Joe Delia - Acoustic Bass
*Bryan Post - Drums
*Dave Bauer - Drums
*Terry Eaton - Flute
*Peter Sando - Guitar, Lead Vocals
*Frank Hubach - Piano

1969 Gandalf 1st album

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