Saturday, September 3, 2011

Game News : CityVille Most Popular zynga games

CityVille,-The latest social gaming output Zynga, CityVille, is a social game the fastest growth rate in its history. CityVille been played by 300,000 users within 24 hours since launch, and until now has 6 million active users daily.

As quoted from TechCrunch, Sunday (12/12/2010), in the first week of release, CityVille have played around 3 million users. Only in less than a week later, now the game already has 6 million active users daily. The game users increased rapidly four times faster than FrontierVille games to get 6 million active users daily, and five times faster than the time required by the game Farmville.

More details, the time required by some games Zynga output to get 6 million daily active users is: Farmville takes 46 days, it took 32 days and FrontierVille CityVille only took 8 days to reach 6 million users! Very remarkable achievement of this social game.

One of the reasons why the game CityVille growing so fast, because Zynga launch in five languages, namely English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. Marketing strategy was also performed quite vigorous, well planned and very effective.

CityVille is a Facebook application output Zynga games are very popular today. There is not two months since released in november 2010, CityVille been able to beat the popularity of games Farmville is also application output Zynga games.

According to AppData, CityVille game now has 16.8 million active users daily, compared with Farmville has approximately 16.4 million active users daily

How to play CityVille actually tricky. We are required to build a dream city from scratch and may cooperate with the cities around it. Players must also manage to avoid overpopulation, can create an employment, and also doing a franchise business for the continuance of our lives.

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