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Dschinn - Dschinn (1972 german progressive hard rock, 1997 Second Battle reissue - FLAC)

Mining a fertile field most similar to their own countrymen, Scorpions on their “Lonesome Crow” album, Dschinn is a slab of molten Sabbath inspired psychedelic bluesy, neo-folky blistering rock.

Peter Lorenz’s lead vocals most closely resemble a cross between a young Lemmy and Klaus Meine’s vocals on the earliest Scorpions records. Each track roars or purrs off this disc, streaming off Bernd “Capo” Capito’s lead guitar, Silvio Verfürth’s rolling, looping bass, and Uli Mund’s explosive, Ward-esque drumming.

While “Lonesome Crow” is without a doubt the best starting place for the uninitiated to understand these guys, Dschinn is a much more straight ahead rock album than the Scorpions first album. It also manages to avoid all the fey neo-psychedelic folkiness.

“Freedom”, probably the closest thing these guys would’ve had to a single, undulates out on a fantastic swooping bass line, and pounding drum before latching onto the wah’ed out riff. Not quite as heavy as Sabbath, this song still packs raw power, riding across that amazing warbling vocal.

“Fortune” follows suit, but downtuned and heavier, mining that deeper vein in the main riff, before dropping down into quasi- psychedelia. Picking up for the chorus, leads fills fly out fast and furious, the bass picking up steam like an out of control locomotive.

“I’m in Love” blasts off with an ascending, circular bass riff, Mund going freaking bananas on the drums around, behind and on top of the riff.

“Train” roughs up the sound, adding a wailing harmonica over the sludgy doom riff, a la Sabbath’s “Wizard”. This song never loses its groove, bopping in and out of its doom riff and scorching guitar and harmonica leads. As Lorenz wails out “Let’s make tomorrow brighter/if your heart’s in the right place/right now,” it also illustrates another difference between Dschinn and other similar bands, a definitive lack of the doom-drenched angst. Here the boys are still hippies at heart, just wailing away meaner and harder than any standard AM pop band.

“Let’s Get Together,” rides this hippy-vibe over a long polyrhythmic intro jumping straight into the hard-edged guitar parts.

“Smile of the Devil” is a somber, brooding number, tracking into the album’s highlight, “I Wanna Know,” featuring Lorenz’s vocals warbling away like never before and the boys locking down on a downright mean, funky-ass riff. This song represents all that is classic about proto-metal, fierce in it’s intensity, meandering in it’s scope. “Are Your Ready,” is another straight ahead rocker, leading to a freaked out, ballsy remake of the Yardbirds’ “For Your Love”. A definite treat to behold.

To sweeten the pot even more, this edition of the album comes with 12 bonus tracks of early recordings and outtakes. Fans of proto-metal will not want to miss this lost classic.
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Dschinn - Freedom:

Track list:
01 - Freedom (04:48)
02 - Fortune (04:56)
03 - I'm In Love (04:46)
04 - Train (04:56)
05 - Let's Go Together (03:11)
06 - Smile Of The Devil (04:24)
07 - I Wanna Know (03:34)
08 - Are You Ready (04:03)

Bonus Tracks CD:
09 - Day After Day (Outtake) / Dschinn (2:43)
10 - Give Me A Little Love (Outtake) / Dschinn (2:58)
11 - Can't You See (Outtake) / Dschinn (3:11)
12 - Road Tune / Dischas (2:20)
13 - Woman / Dischas (2:26)
14 - Hurry Up / Dischas (3:39)
15 - Take Me Back / Dischas (3:27)
16 - Never, Never / Dischas (2:52)
17 - Let's Go Together Alt / Dischas (2:18)
18 - Come On Come Back / Dischas (2:31)
19 - Hear What I Say / Dischas (2:54)

*Bernd Capito - lead guitar, vocals
*Peter Lorenz - rhythm guitar, vocals
*Uli Mund - drums, percussion
*Athanasios Paltoglou - drums, percussion
*Silvio Verfürth - bass, vocals

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