Friday, September 23, 2011

Dr Strangely Strange - Alternative Medicine (1997 uk, progressive folk rock, the difficult 3rd album with Gary Moore - FLAC)

Goulding tied the knot in '71 and headed west to do a spot of painting. Booth, Pawle and Hoppy the drummer teamed up with Gaye and Terry Woods, who had left Steeleye Span after their first album.

In Waterloo, May '72, the band decided to cut their losses and knock it on the head. However, later the same year, Booth and Pawle descended on Tim Goulding in his halcyon retreat with a wealth of new material, plus Steve Bulloch on sax/bass and Don Knox on fiddle. With Derek Boston on drums and Pete Downey's light show, the band undertook a short but enjoyable Irish tour. The Horsebox Tour, with Dark Mavis and Bill Foley.

On completion, we each set off once more to "do our own thing", as in raising children, learning to integrate into society etc...whatever you're having yourself. About 1980, we decided to give another stab at the big time, suitably enhanced by Joe Thomas on fiddle, TJM Tutty on bass and the 2 Ronnies on drums. (A succession of drummers over the years: Tom Coady, Tel Tetrault, Fran Breen, Robbie Brennan, Earl Gill jr., Punka Khosa inter allia.) The inaugural gig at the Project Arts Centre was an unmitigated disaster. One still wakes occasionally about 3 a,m. in a cold sweat.

The main problem lay in Ivan's inability to keep the bazouki in tune, plus a liberal use of smoke bombs...the less said the better. From then on the only way was up...Stragglers' Bail at Kenmare's Cibeal. Providing soundtrack for Tim Booth's film 'The Prisoner" involved studio time, and a chance to lay down some demos produced by Jerome Rimsome, (Erstwhile Motown House bassist.) The Soundtrack was further spiced up with the addition of Gary Moore on acoustic and electric guitars.

At this juncture, we had a real doctor playing saxophone, namely Kevin Strong, who went on to save lives while we manfully strove to blow minds. Starting out as a quasi acoustic outfit, we had mutated - through a series of hybrid crossovers and implants - into a fun party band people could dance to. (in the old fashioned pre E way.)

The current line up has remained constant over the last fifteen years or so, only the name of the drummer having been changed for tax purposes... Having played together steadily but irregularity over the past while, it was deemed time to tackle that "Difficult Third Album" before another century was on us.

by Ivan Pawle 1997

1. Lilty's - 2:29
2. Darksome Burn - 4:38
3. The Heat Came Down - 4:26
4. The James Gang - 2:00
5. Hale Bopp/Jig for Jack - 3:27
6. Hames and Traces - 3:37
7. Wishing - 2:53
8. Whatever Happened to the Blues - 3:57
9. Too Much of a Good Thing - 4:08
10.Hard as Nails - 3:50
11.Planxty Roland - 2:49
12.Epilog - 2:50
13.Strange World (Booth, Gaulding, Goulding, Khosa, Pawle, Scully , Tutty) - 5:45
14.Pulp Kayak - 0:46
All songs composed by Booth, Gaulding, Goulding, Pawler, Scully , Tutty, except otherwise.

*Tim Booth - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
*Ivan Pawle - Guitars, Vocals, Hammond
*Tim Goulding - Harmonium, Keyboards, Hammond, Piano, Vocals, Whistle
*Mary Greene - Vocals
*Aíne Whelan - Vocals
*Gary Moore - Electric Guitar
*Seán Ó Loinsigh - Bouzouki
*Len McCarthy - Baritone Sax
*Andy O'Sullivan - Harmonica
*Joe Thoma - Fiddle, Viola
*TJM Tutty - Bass, Acoustic Guitar
*Bruno Stahelin - Drums

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  1. Third paragraph, should read Joe Thoma, or Joe Thoma apostrophe s, his name isn't Thomas! Otherwise nice piece :)

  2. Sorry but the link is no longer valid

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