Thursday, September 1, 2011

Aerosmith - Aerosmith ( 1973 great us hard rock blended hard blues - Wave audio format)

I love this album. It still twiddles all the right bits in my brain twenty years on from my purchase and nearly thirty years on from it's inception! I've seen some fairly scathing reviews of some of these album tracks and cannot understand why. The comparisons to the Stones are unfair, and betray laziness. Yes, Tyler's mouth bears a passing resemblance in size to Jagger's, and he was a fan of the Stones but he was also a big fan of James Brown, whose funky, blues influence is, if anything, felt more than anyone else's on this album. Certainly the lyrics were more amusing and more inventive than the Stones'ever were, laced with crazy American slang and drenched with a sleaze that can only be described as funny. Well, what else would you expect from a good time, rhythm and blues rock band? Aerosmith deliver this and more. My personal favourites have, and always will, include Somebody, Write Me A Letter and One Way Street. The vocals on this latter track are quite simply fabulous, with Tyler at his most feline. This is formative listening for all rockers... put it on and boogie 'round the bedroom before you leave the house... you'll feel better for it.(By Corduroy Angel)

Aerosmith - One Way Street Unplugged

Tracks Listing

01- Make It 3:45

02- Somebody 3:45

03- Dream On 4:28

04- One Way Street 7:12

05- Mama Kin 4:25

06- Write Me A Letter 4:11

07- Movin' Out 5:03

08- Walkin' The Dog 3:12


Steven Tyler : Lead Vocals, Harmonica, Piano

Joe Perry : Guitar

Brad Whitford : Guitar

Tom Hamilton : Bass

Joe Kramer : Drums

[Rip and scans by SILVERADO]

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