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Young Flowers - Blomsterpistolen / No. 2 (1968 / 1969 Danish psychedelic acid rock with wah wah fuzz guitar, 1997 reissue - MP3 320K and FLAC)

Young Flowers were a psychedelic, progressive rock group formed in Copenhagen in the summer of the 1967th.

The group consisted of Jens Henrik Dahl, guitar, he came from The Defenders, Peter Ingemann, electric bass and vocals, who had played in the Seven Sounds and Ken Gudman, drums, he also came from The Defenders.

Young Flowers debuted in September 1967 with the single Like Birds. After the release in 1967 left Jens Dahl group and was replaced by Peter Frost on guitar, who had previously played with Les Rivals.

The group obtained with this crew great popularity among other things by Thomas Winding TV series, where the group attracted attention with the use of Danish texts in progressive rock context. The music for this TV series was released in 1968 as the group's first album Flowers pistol. Both this album and the sequel No. 2 was more of the English-language texts by Walt Whitman, where Young Flowers wrote the accompanying music.

The group was heavily influenced by foreign rocktrioer like The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Cream and Canned Heat, but later went over to the more blues-based and experimental material.

The group applied diligently guest musicians on both the plate as on stage, including Bent Hessel Mann, sax / flute, Lasse Lunderskov, guitar, Lars Bisgaard, vocals, these three came from Maxwell also Peter Thorup, guitar and vocals, Niels Skousen, vocals.

The group wrote in 1968 music for Hans Erik Philips shorts Cecilia and in 1969 starred in and provided music for Jens Jørgen Thorsen's film Quiet days in Clichy.

Young Flowers toured as the first Danish rock group in Canada and the U.S. in spring of 1969. The group still looser structure meant to end solution in spring of 1970.

This CD is a classic rock-cd that anybody who has interest in danish rock should have.

Young Flowers - The Moment Life Appeared:

Track list:

01. Ouverture / Take Warning (04':15")

02. The Moment Life Appeared (02':16")

03. 25 øre (07':59")

04. Oppe I Træet (03':17")

05. To You (01':512")

06. Down Along The Cove (03':46")

07. April ’68 (09':00")

08. You Upset Me Baby (03':50")

09. And Who But I Should Be (05':42")

10. Party Beat (04':05")

11. Won’t You Take My Place In The Queue (05':19")

12. Slow Down Driver (05':28")

13. The Daybreak (06':09")

14. Kragerne Vender (10':36")

Young Flowers:

*Peter Ingemann - bass, vocals

*Ken Gudman – drums

*Peer Frost – guitar

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