Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The New Wave - Little Dreams: The Canterbury Recordings (67 us pop psych, expanded and remastered Deluxe edition Mono/Stereo - MP3 320K and FLAC)

Despite their name, the New Wave were not some trend-hopping band of the late '70s or early '80s, but a soft rock sunshine pop duo of the late '60s.

Comprised of singer/songwriters Tommy Andre and Reid King, they put out an obscure, self-titled album on the Canterbury label, also the home of fellow sunshine poppers the Yellow Balloon.

Very little is known about the New Wave, though from the album sleeve pictures they look extremely young, most likely still in their teens.

The album is in fact so soft and pop-ish that its relationship to rock music is slight and it sometimes sounds geared as much or more to the adult pop market as the pop/rock one.

Their material emphasizes breezy, samba-influenced close-harmony romantic tunes, acoustic guitars, and light percussion embroidered by vibes and some orchestration.

The music is pleasant but fluffy, somewhat like the most pop-oriented material by Chad & Jeremy, though the resemblance isn't extremely strong.

On the other hand who are we to judge whether this is bad music or an overlooked gem?

It all depends on one's musical taste and memories brought back on long summer evenings or cloudy and rainy days in autumn.

Just listen without prejudice.

Tracklist :

01.Little Dreams (Stereo)

02.Shadows Of Good Bye (Stereo)

03.The Evening Mist - A Mourning Dew (Stereo)

04.Autrefois (J'ai Aimé Une Femme) (Stereo)

05.In A Linely Towne (Stereo)

06.The Shade Of The Sun (Stereo)

07.Walkin' On Down The Street (Stereo)

08.Once (Stereo)

09.Live For Today (Stereo)

10.Not From You (Stereo)

11.Where Do We Go From Here (Stereo)

12.Little Dreams (Mono)

13.Shadows Of Good Bye (Mono)

14.The Evening Mist - A Mourning Dew (Mono)

15.Autrefois (J'ai Aimé Une Femme) (Mono)

16.In A Lonely Towne (Mono)

17.The Shade Of The Sun (Mono)

18.Walkin' On Down The Street (Mono)

19.Once (Mono)

20.Live For Today (Mono)

21.Not From You (Mono)

22.Where Do We Go From Here (Mono)

Bonus Tracks :


24.Kiss The Mountain

25.Esemplastic Polyhymnia

26.You Never Said I Love You

27.The Stream Of Life

[ Rip and scans by COR ... many thanks mate ]

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  1. Any chance you can upload a fresh download link for this? I can't find this record on vinyl or digitally anywhere. Much appreciated!