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Hawkwind - Epocheclipse, 30 Year Anthology (69-97 uk psychedelic space rock, 3CDs - Wave audio format)

This really is a great release.

Three CDs full of Hawkwind's best material from the last 30+ years... and excellent value, too.

Plus a hefty booklet with most of what you'd ever want to know.

There's something for everyone, here - the spaced-out, rumbling heaviness of 'Master of the Universe', the savage proto-punk of 'Urban Guerilla', the techo-rock of 'Right to Decide'...

The best tracks though occupy the second half of disc 2 - the late 70s when Bob Calvert was in control.

The energy of tracks 'Psi Power' and '25 Years', the humour of 'Quark Strangeness and Charm', and above all the astonishing way in which many of the songs continue to have a resonance with the world today, such as 'Hassan I Sahba' ("Black September, black September... Petro-Dollar, Petrol D'Allah") and 'Spirit of the Age' ("I am a clone, I am not alone...").

There are, of course, a few necessary ommissions of top tracks - 'Lord of Light' would have been nice, as would 'D-Rider', and more of the Hawklords album... but there's only so much you can fit on 3 CDs.

A great place to start listening to Hawkwind.

If you like what you hear, "Space Ritual" is a great album, and then hope the albums from 76-79 are rereleased sometime!

Hawkwind were a truly original band (for much of the time) and their sound is unique.

It's a shame they've often (unfairly) dragged around an image of either aging hippies or pretentious proggers.

One of the most dynamic bands of the last 30 years, who meant every word.

Onward flies the bird... (by A Customer from Amazon)

Tracklist :

CD 1

01.Hurry On Sundown (1969)

02.Paranoia (Part 2) (1970)

03.Master Of The Universe (1971)

04.Children Of The Sun (1971)

05.Silver Machine (Original Single Version) (1972)

06.Seven By Seven (Original Single Version) (1972)

07.Brainstorm (1972)

08.Space Is Deep (1972)

09.Urban Guerilla (1973)

10.Brainbox Pollution (1973)

11.Sonic Attack (1973)

12.Orgone Accumulator (1973)

13.Lost Johnny (1974)

14.Psychedelic Warlords (Single Edit) (1974)

CD 2

01.Motorhead (1975)

02.Assault And Battery (Part 1) (1975)

03.Golden Void (Part 2) (1975)

04.Magnu (1975)

05.Kerb Crawler (1976)

06.Steppenwolf (1976)

07.Back On The Streets (1977)

08.Quark, Strangeness & Charm (1977)

09.Hassan I Shaba (1977)

10.Spirit Of The Age (1977)

11.Psi Power (1978)

12.25 Years (12" Remix) (1978)

13.High Rise (1979)

14.Death Trap (1979)

15.Uncle Sam's On Mars (1979)

CD 3

01.Shot Down In The Night (Live)(Single Version) (1979)

02.Motorway City (1980)

03.Levitation (1980)

04.Angels Of Death (1981)

05.Coded Language (1981)

06.Some People Never Die (1982)

07.Choose Your Masques (1982)

08.Night Of The Hawks (1984)

09.Needle Gun (1985)

10.The War I Survived (1988)

11.Black Elk Speaks (1990)

12.Right To Decide (1992)

13.Sputnik Stan (1995)

14.Love In Space (1997)

15.Silver Machine (Infected By The Scourge Of The Earth)(Live At The Roundhouse, February 13th 1972)

[ Rip and Scans by DR BELL OTUS ]

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