Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Tattoo Tatt Awards Favorites

A few years ago, I was not even aware that social media exists.  To be honest, I was probably one of the last persons who signed up for facebook or twitter.  Now, Social Media presence is becoming more dominant and a proof of that the Tattoo Tatt Awards that will be held on August 25, 2011.  

The contest seeks to recognize the greatness of one's influence through social media.  Through this contest, I was able to discover social media geniuses worth acknowledging.  I've seen the nominees and all of there are impressive.  But of course, there will always be social media influences who make a difference in our lives.  They are our favorites and I will share with you my bets for each category.
For "The One", I chose Laureen Uy because her blog is full of awesome photos of fashion and her fun life.  Through it, she is able to expose her style well and set a fashion trend.

 I think Lea Salonga's witty tweets makes her the perfect "Ballbreaker" candidate.

 Laureen Uy's blog is like a portal to her life of fashion and events.  It's so much fun to view and follow so I think among all nominees, she fits the "Stylismo" description the most.

JR Aquino is able to communicate well with his fans through You Tube.  You can see and hear him talk and I think that if an efficient way to reach fans through social media so he has my vote for the "Indie Rocker" category.

A word slayer is someone witty and creative with words.  For this category, I pick Von Cryan Cuerpo because his blog posts are witty and when I red it it makes me think about what he wrote.
 Nina Sandejas blog shows concerts scene brought to life through her photography.   

 Every since I could surf the net, I've always read Abe Olandres' reviews on gadgets so I believe he deserves the "Tech Junkie" award.

 One of the most followed person in twitter.  Need I say more?

The near 40,000 YouTube Subcribers in You Tube is enough proof that Mikey Bustos' is the best "Video Slinger".  His YouTube Videos markets his voice, talent and music to a wide range of internet viewers.  He also shares some facts about him and his family through his videos.  He are also makes funny and witty videos.=p
The Filipino Freethinkers blog is a great medium for initiative of change and awareness.  They encourage pro-activeness and I believe that is what is needed to be "The Advocate".

That's it! I hope my bets win! 

Have you voted already?   Be sure to vote for your favorites before its too late.

Overall, it was really good that Tattoo thought about this award.  Social media is really a powerful tool but it takes a lot of wits, charm and more to be able to utilize it well.  I feel that those who are successful with that are deserving awardees and being merely a nominee is already pretty cool.=)

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