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ZZ Top - ZZ Top's First Album - (1971 Hard blues - Vinyl Rip with the original sound - Wave audio format)

This is a vinyl rip of original album, to replace previous version of CD, where the mix was changed (Echo + building exaggerated of the bass drum & some drum machine) from the album (vinyl) original, in order to approximate the sound of albums like Eliminator or newer Afterburner . With disastrous result !!!


ZZ Top's 1970 debut is an absolute treat for fans of blues rock. It's raw and hard rocking as was all 70's Top. Billy Gibbons' guitar tone is stellar as always, and he pulls of killer riff after riff and solo after solo. My favorite song on the album is Brown Sugar, which has an awesome intro with just Billy's vocal and guitar with a killer solo, after which the rhythm section comes in for the first time. Great song...


The debut ZZ Top record may not be the bands strongest release. However, the guitar stylings are pretty close to grade A. Plenty of rock, a load of the blues, and some stylish slide licks thrown in for good measure by Billy Gibbons.
Pretty consistent throughout as all the songs are at least good but none are really over the top. Shakin' In Your Tree stands out a little more from the pack with the tasty guitar licks and cool vocal harmonies. Just Got Back From My Baby's has a cool tone as well. And you cannot deny the energy of Backddor Love Affair and Going Down To Mexico. Not their best release but certainly a good start.(By G. J Wiener)

ZZ Top - Brown Sugar Live

Tracks Listing :

01. (Somebody Else Been) Shaking Your Tree

02. Brown Sugar

03. Squank

04. Goin' Down To Mexico

05. Old Man

06. Neighbor, Neighbor

07. Certified Blues

08. Bedroom Thang

09. Just Got Back From Baby' S

10. Backdoor Love Affair

11. Miller's Farm (From SP 1969) *

12. Salt Lick (From SP 1969) *

Credits :

Billy Gibbons : Guitar, Vocals

Dusty Hill : Bass, Vocals

Rube (Frank) Beard : Drums

*The original ZZ Top lineup being Billy Gibbons, Lanier Grieg and Dan Mitchell. This lineup released a single in 1969 on Bill Ham's Scat label, Salt Lick b/w Millers Farm) ...

[Rip and scans by SILVERADO]

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