Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dota 2 Fan should wait for 2012

Among a swarm of other noteworthy titles, DotA 2 has garnered a significant amount of attention at this years GamesCom, and justifiably so. The full sequel to the legendary Warcraft III custom map, Defense of the Ancients, this Valve developed title aims to capture the intricacies of the original property while allowing for further customization and expansion through their now ubiquitous Source Engine. Though DotA 2 will serve as Valve's first Action RTS title, they seem to be handling the game with dutiful care. So much so that it was prominently featured in a dedicated tournament labeled "The International," with a top prize of $1 million going to the victorious squad. That's one million dollars; more than most professional athletes make in a tournament of their respective sport.

Along with an auspicious debut to the public, DotA 2 did bring with it some potentially sad news for devout fans. Instead of making the originally planned release later this year, Valve announced that it looks much more likely that we won't be able to bring DotA 2 into our homes until early 2012. However, to assuage the angst of fans, Valve also announced the launch of an invitation-only beta test, for which you can register now through Steam. In addition to the closed beta, Valve intimated that their would be an open beta available sometime later in the year, but no details were provided on that specifically. While waiting for the release, feel free to check out an epic matchup in a slice of the "International" tournament below.

Josh Garwood

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