Monday, August 29, 2011

Graham Bond Organisation - Live At Klooks Kleek (1964 uk mix os blues, rhythm and blues, jazz and rock - MP3 320K and FLAC)

Almost unbelievably it is now 35 years since Graham Bond, Jack Bruce, Dick Heckstall-Smith and Ginger Baker got up on stage at London's legendary Klooks Kleek club and the tape machine began recording this live session for posterity.

The Organisation were becoming, at that time, the Number One act on the British R&B club scene and this CD shows you why.

Beginning with the introduction, in which Graham Bond swaps amusing banter with the announcer, you can sense a kind of enthusiasm and drive powering them forward.

Some reviewers in the past have criticised this album for poor sound quality, but this is not really valid and such comments must not put you off.

There is a loss of clarity in one or two places, but the overall effect is compelling.

The CD is worth buying for just one track alone - 'Wade in the Water', which features Graham's stunningly powerful Hammond organ and Leslie speaker cabinet sound. But the rest is excellent too.

Don't buy this just because you are a Jack Bruce or Cream fan and want a complete collection - buy it because it's fantastic music from one of the most important bands ever.

Track List:

01.Wade In The Water (2:46)

02.Big Boss Man (5:20)

03.Early In The Morning (4:16)

04.Person To Person Blues (5:15)

05.Spanish Blues (3:01)

06.Introduction By Dick Jordan (2:05)

07.The First Time I Met The Blues (5:11)

08.Stormy Monday (4:14)

09.Train Time (4:17)

10.What I'd Say (5:27)

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