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Rumple Stiltzken Comune - Wrong From The Beginning (1977 swiss prog rock - FLAC)

The following is taken from the CD booklet:

Rumple Stiltzken Comune was founded by guitarist Luciano Storari, keyboardist Claudio Zaniolo and singer Claudio Adorni in October 1973, in the Italian speaking border town of Chiasso, Switzerland.

Our progressive rock was accompanied by light shows, mime, ballerinas, costumes and surprises.

Adorni eventually left the band to pursue artistic photography, and this brought about significant changes to the band.

New members were brought on board: bass player Umbro Barbarossa, Ezio Costantini on drums, singer Mauro Marangoni, and soundman and effects Mauro Zanoli.

On the album cover, there are the various practice sites. The colored photo was the last practice site situated in the middle of the forest on top of a hill! This is what inspired us to name the band "Rumple Stiltzken"--we were in the forest as the dwarfed old man was, and when we played music, the event felt as though it were magical!

The reason for including "Comune" was that there was quite a following of groupies that were always among us wherever we went, be it to practice sessions, concerts, restaurants, etc. How could we not include them in the band? They were like family!

In 1977 we released "Wrong from the Beginning," which was recorded in Lugano, Switzerland and mixed in Milan, Italy. In the year 2000, the album was remixed and remastered in Orlando Florida by Digital Domain. Our music talked about fairness, kindness, goodness and things like these.

So this is a band from Switzerland, speaking Italian, singing in English, and receiving most of their influence from English bands.

Worth the effort to find. (by Todd Dudley from proarchives)

Track List :


02.Wrong From The Beginning

03.To Be Or Not To Be

04.The Closed Boy

Personnel :

*Umbro Barbarossa - bass, acoustic guitar

*Ezio Constantini - drums, percussion

*Mauro Marangoni - vocals, twelve-string guitar

*Claudio Zaniolo - vocals, keyboards

*Luciano Storari - lead guitar, electric and acoustic guitars

*Mauro Zanoli - everything that concerns sound and light effects

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