Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Michal Urbaniak - Fusion (June 73 polish jazz rock fusion - APE lossless)

First Michal Urbaniak album, which was available in US as well.

Excellent fusion of its time, recorded in Germany with team of skilled Polish musicians.

Urbaniak plays sax, but his main instrument is for sure violin.

Music there is on the level of jazz fusion leaders from mid 70-s.

Compositions are very vital, bright, melting Eastern European emotive melodies with light funk.

Michal's violin sound often similar to Jean Luc Ponty's , and all music is in a vein of Weather Report or RTF.

Fresh, enough original if a bit lightweight, jazz fusion record from golden genre era.

Very recommended for vintage jazz fusion fans. (by Snobb from progarchives)


01.Good Times, Bad Times

02.Bahamian Harvest




06.Deep Mountain



*Michal Urbaniak - violin, soprano saxophone

*Urszula Dudziak - voice, effects

*Adam Makowicz - keyboards

*Wojciech Karolak - hammond organ, farfisa

*Czeslaw Bartkowski - drums, paiste cymbals

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