Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lending an umbrella on a rainy day

Yesterday, I was expecting a nice sunny day so I didn't bother to bring my umbrella.  To my surprise, as I was walking somewhere along Ortigas, large drops of rain suddenly begun to pour.  During that time, I wished I had an umbrella.  There was nowhere to run for cover. It's amazing how small things can mean a lot.  In a normal dry sunny day, I couldn't care less whether I had an umbrella.  When it suddenly poured, I was praying and wishing for one in dire need.
I was intending to use a flyer to cover my head when a stranger (I'm not sure if I heard it right but it sounded like  Ms. Arianne) called me from behind and offered to share an umbrella.  If you think about it is a simple deed and even FREE.  Yet, it made a BIG difference.  It kept me and my important belongings dry.  It kept me from being ill.

Honestly, if I did not encounter that situation, I never would have thought about how significant lending an umbrella on a rainy day is.  I'm glad I experienced this, it made me realize that I should be more thoughtful about my surroundings like those who lend an umbrella on a rainy day.  How about you?  Have you lent an umbrella yet?

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