Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Illusion - If It's So (70, us psych - Wave audio format)

By some standards, the Illusion were one of the most successful unknown psychedelic bands of their generation — unknown, yes, but with three LPs to their credit on the Steed label.
Their personnel included Michael Ricciardella (drums), Richie Cerniglia (guitar), Chuck Alder (bass), Mike Maniscalco (guitar, keyboards), and John Vinci (vocals).

The Steed label released “Illusion”, “Together”, and “If It’s So” between 1969 and 1970.

Illusion was interesting enough to observers to merit a release in England in 1969.

By 1971, the Illusion’s albums were being sought by kids who’d never heard the band play.
One of their songs, "I Love You", has made it on to compact disc. (by Bruce Eder from amg)

Track List :
02.Let’s Make Each Other Happy
03.When I Metcha Baby
05.If It’s So
06.Life Cycle Theme
07.Dr Stone
08.Excerpt From Recuverdas De Alhambra

Personnel :
*John Vinci - lead vocals
*Chuck Alder - bass, vocals
*Richie Cerniglia - lead guitar
*Mike Maniscalco - lead vocals, rhythm guitar
*Michael Ricciardella - drums

[ Thank you BOBBO59 for sending this post ... rip from his CD-R ]
[ Original rip and scans made torrents ]
HERE (password is : phrockblog)
Or HERE (all the 8 tracks, with tags)

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