Thursday, August 18, 2011

Genesis - Genesis (74 colombian folk and progressive rock - FLAC)

Not from the UK, the USA, or Uruguay, but Colombia.

This Genesis comes from Colombia, and it's a shame they used such a common name, as their music is absolutely unique!

We're very proud to introduce you to this amazing band that, for some reason, has never gotten the recognition they deserved.

Founded by Humberto Monroy (ex-Speakers) in the very early '70s, they released a bunch of LPs, of which this is the second one.

This self-titled album was recorded in March 1974 and originally released by Famoso (a Codiscos sub-label).

It's a record that is still unmatched in its field.

Flutes, acoustic, electric & 12-string guitars, percussions, bass, occasional harmonica and brilliant vocals offer an unusual and charming sound in the folk, rock and psychedelic veins, but always with a wonderful Andean folk feel.

Most of the tracks are written by Humberto but the more famous number included on the album, which received a lot of radio airplay in Colombia at the time, was a chilling cover of Cat Stevens' "Como Decirte Cuanto Te Amo" ("How Can I Tell You").

Also, the psychedelic-sounding "Don Simon" was probably their major success.

Spanish language lyrics praise the beauty of the environment and contain social messages in favor of farmers, natives, and lower class people.

This first-ever reissue of such a wonderful album includes a nice booklet with liner notes and pictures, as well as great remastered sound. (by forcedexposure)

Track List :


02.Señora Del Silencio

03.Manos De Hombre

04.Como Decirte Cuanto Te Amo

05.Cumbia Cienaguera

06.Sueñas, Quieres, Dices

07.Vasija De Barro

08.Don Simon

09.Quiero Amarte

Personnel :

*Guillermo Guzman - bass, percussion, choirs

*Juan F. Echavarria - flutes, percussion, choirs

*Miguel Muñoz - acoustic guitar, choirs

*Humberto Monroy - twelve-string acoustic guitar, harmonica, vocals

*Edgar Restrepo - keyboards, percussion

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