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Free Download MOTORM4X All Terrain Drivin Offroad Racing Full Version Games

Free Download Games MOTORM4X All Terrain Drivin Offroad Racing-Basically, it's Offroad motor sports that use a car berpenggerak 4 wheels (4x4 Four Wheel Drive) and have large tires, both types of Terrain and All-Terrain. Impassable terrain, heavier than asphalt streets ato usual. Such as stone, mud, rivers, sand and others.

Offroad rally began in the 20th century. Organizations that first start out is the National Off-Road Racing Association (Norra) in North America. Its founder Ed Pearlman in 1967. The first event was crossing the desert of Mexico. Event is named mexican 100 and a steel 1000. Now the event direulasi by SCORE International.

offroad2Di North America there have been several types of events. Racing circuit in less than 5 miles as Crandon international off-road raceway which is regulated by a Corr or its predecessor SODA (Short Course Off-Road Drivers Association) and supervised by the World Series Of Off-Road Racing (WSORR). Another example is the race held by Corr and WSORR take place on non-paved roads or mountains with curves and complex derivatives and high hill, the road is slippery even holes. The other type popularized by Mickey Thompson entertainment group called the race in the stadium where the incline setting, and other holes arranged in a building or stadium.

MOTORM4X All Terrain Drivin

In MOTORM4X Offroad Extreme the player sits behind the wheel of a cross-country car and drives it in extremely difficult conditions. The goal is to reach a previously designated destination. What makes this game different from others of the same genre is a complete freedom to choose the route, even if it means driving across the roughest terrain. It is solely the player?s decision what route to take.

The player can choose from ten 4WD off-road vehicles. The creators have designed 4 types of races. ?Race? is a lap-based competition in which the winner is the person who crosses the finish line first. ?Longrun? is a time trial rally. ?Pathfinder? gives you a chance to choose any route on the way to your destination. ?Trial? is somewhat similar, but in this race the conditions are utterly extreme. After winning races you gain points and money, which in turn allows you to buy better equipped vehicles. Races take place in three locations: in the rainy Alpine meadows and woods, on the hot, rocky desert, and on the ice-covered plains of Alaska. All locations and vehicles are extraordinarily accurate and realistic.

Features :

Races in 3 locations with different climate and weather conditions.
10 off-road vehicles of various features to choose from.
4 different types of races: Race, Longrun, Pathfinder and Trial.
Impressive realism ? animated grass, leaves falling from trees, incredibly vast locations and advanced model of vehicle damages.
Big, useful map displaying next destinations.

Video Trailer Motorm4x All Terrain Drivin Gameplay :

Minimum Requirements:

Microsoft Windows XP/Vista
DirectX 9.0c (attached on a DVD) or better
CPU 1.6 GHz, 512 MB RAM (1GB for WindowsVista)
256 MB video card compatible with DirectX 9.0 supporting vertex shaders 2.0 (it works and with 128 MB video card)
2 GB of Hard Drive Space
DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card
DVD-ROM, mouse keyboard

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