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The Druids of Stonehenge - Creation (1968 us heavy psychedelic and psychedelic rock - Axis Records edition - FLAC)

Formed while students attending New York's Columbia and Syracuse Universities, by 1966 singer Dave Budge, guitarist Carl Hauser, drummer Steve Tindall (personal note - the Sherlock Holmes pipe didn't exactly foster a "hip" image) rhythm guitarist Bill Tracy and bassist Tom Workman had come together as The Druids of Stonehenge; recorded a series of demos and relocated to Los Angeles in hopes of scoring big time successes.

Two years of toil on the local club circuit eventually brought overnight success in the form of a contract with MCA's newly formed Uni label.

Produced by Jerry Goldstein (he also contributed one song to the proceedings), 1968's "Creation" didn't exactly set the world on fire, though it's far better than most mid-'60s of ferings.

Propelled by Budge's nasty growl (imagine Eric Burdon after a week long bender), in contrast to most of their contemporaries who were pursuing ever more sophisticated arrangements, the band exhibited a penchant for roaring Animals-styled R&B (check out "Painted Woman", their blazing cover of Screamin' Jay Hawkins' "I Put a Spell On You" and the original "Bring It On Home (Can't Get By Alone)").

The band's other area of interest seemed to be drug-oriented material; check out the subtle "Speed" and their cover of Love's "Signed DC"). Intriguing for it's raw and rugged sound in an era of increasing audio sophistication.

This album is too freakin cool. The first track tricks you, with a classic soft psych track. From there it builds to become a pure punk psych gem.

The lead singer is incredable with vocals that can be described as Mick Jagger meets Iggy Pop meets Lou Reed.

Some of the tunes are kinda blues psych and some disply a Velvet Underground minimalizm. It's guaranteed to please even the staunchest 60s psych critic.

Six Feet Down:

Track List:

01.Six Feet Down


03.I Put A Spell On You


05.Bring It On Home/Can't Get By Alon

06.Painted Woman

07.Pale Dream08 Signed D.C.

09.Forgot To Be Begot10 A Garden Where Nothing Grows

11.It's All Over Now Baby Blue

The Druids of Stonehenge:

*Dave Budge (vocals),

*Carl Hauser (lead guitar, vocals, keyboards),

*Steve Tindall (drums, keyboards),

*Billy (B.T.) Tracy (guitar),

*Tom Paine Workman (bass)

[ Rip and scans by OldrockerBR ]

CODE: 59929

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