Thursday, August 4, 2011

CLOCK TOWER 3 for Play Station 2 (PS2)

CLOCK TOWER 3 for Play Station 2 (PS2)


The previous two Clock Tower games were critically maligned point-and-click adventure games released for the PlayStation. Thankfully, Clock Tower 3 throws out this antiquated control mechanism, which doesn't work very well with a console controller, and replaces it with a more appropriate Resident Evil-style scheme.
You play the role of Alyssa Hamilton, a British teenager away from home at boarding school. Alyssa receives a distressing note from her mother instructing her to go into hiding immediately for her own safety and to avoid the family home at all costs. As any dutiful teen would do, Alyssa goes straight home to find her mother, and upon arriving she's thrust into a sinister, otherworldly plot that involves ancient spirits and spans across several time periods in London. The story in Clock Tower 3 is surprisingly interesting, and you're given just enough plot details as you go along that you're always inspired to keep playing.


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