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Alphataurus - Alphataurus (73, italian prog rock, japanese remastered SHM CD edition - FLAC)

One of the most incredible treasures of the many released in Italy during the seventies.

Alphataurus was a very talented (and obscure) band made of five elements arounf the main figure and role of Pietro Pellegrini on piano, organ, moog, vibraphone and spinet.
The musicianship is at highest peaks, very captivating and convincing.
It combines varied arrangements from harder ones to the most italian classic symphonic others. Pellegrini was after also with Riccardo Zappa.

The uniqueness of the band is demonstrated also by the wonderful and original cover artwork. The elegant papersleeve Vinyl Magic 1995 remastered cd was designed by Adriano Marangoni. A dove with olive tree's little brench in his bill, is throwing bombs over a fantastic world.
Maybe an extraterrestrial planet ... in the distance other doves over a town.
Near them, an impressive nuclear explosion.

The internal papersleeve cd remaster contains a large black.and-white photo of the five band's members who seem to watch curiously to what's happening to that parallel world.
Do not trust of people who preach peace if they usually justify violence their friends (ot themselves) committ.
I know what I mean.

By the way, the opener track "Peccato D'Orgoglio" (Sin of Arrogance) is an outstanding 12,25 minutes long opener.
A darker intro.
A sort of presage or profesy regarding what it's going to happen!
Special mention has to go for the vocals provided by Michele Bavaro.
It seem to listen to album such as Palepoli, of another memorable band: Osanna.
There a great role for the electric guitars.
Keyboards, even though having preminent importance as it soon happens on italian prog scenario, are not as "dictatorial" as they usually do.

These peculiarities are evident in the second track "Dopo L'Uragano" (After the Hurricane). Another convincing opus in the similar sad and dark vein which seems to be the trademarck of the first Alphataurus' release.

"Croma" is, without any doubt the most original and prog work on the album.
Many shifting mood and uptempos, strong and powerful keyboards.
It is interesting that the band, in the liner notes, stated: "Album recordings were made only with the instruments of the band's members. They have not used orchestra for any of the the five tracks or its part".

"La Mente Vola" (Mind's Flying) is another long piece that took immidiately all my attention. I've got a strange feeling about it :
it seems really recorded in the recent years.
Just look to rithm' section and structure of the song.
A very modern arrangement, well performed.
My favourite one, more intimate and sweeter than the previous three.
The vocals are wonderful and poetic, regarding man who understands the importance of praying God: "...above there there is Someone..."!
Impressive charisma and fine work on vibraphone provided by Pellegrini!!!
My favourite track of the all.

"Ombra Muta" (Mute Shadow) : for the fifth time I can open my ears to pleasure.
Fine and melodic structure with flash of harder and captivating electric guitar and keyboards!! With the usual dark temper.

All in all, Alphataurus appears to be, with no doubt, a real italian masterpiece.
Obvious that I recommend you all to buy it.

For me it is on the top ten of the best of the best of all the italian contribution to progressive world! (by Andrea Cortese from progarchives)

Track List :
01.Peccato D´Orgoglio
02.Dopo L'Uragano
04.La Mente Vola
05.Ombra Muta

Personnel :
*Michele Bavaro - vocals
*Alfonso Oliva - bass
*Pietro Pellegrini - keyboards
*Giorgio Santandrea - drums, percussion
*Guido Wasserman - guitar

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[ Vinyl Artwork by Dr Bell Otus]
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