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The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Hot City (1974 scotland hard, blues and glam rock - unreleased album - MP3 320K and FLAC)

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band "Hot City - The 1974 Unreleased Album"
Full previously unreleased studio album by The Sensational Alex Harvey Band recorded in 1974 finally gets released 34 years later!

In early 1974, the Sensational Alex Harvey Band were planning to record their upcoming third album. The band, had been constantly touring and were well rehearsed when in late Janauary, they went into Advision studios in London with legendary US producer: Shel Talmy to record their biggest album to date.

By April, the sessions were finished and the album was mixed. However, after completion the band and management had some reservations about the overall sound and amazingly they decided to scrap the entire album. Shel Talmy the returned to Los Angeles with his tapes.

Most of the song titles eventually showed up on the official album ´The Impossible Dream´ later that year with a different producer on board and the songs changed dramatically.

You can now hear how the album sounded with the original versions of these songs. SAHB fans will be totally surprised and amazed at the different styles, delivery and lyric arrangements of well known SAHB songs such as Vambo & Man In The Jar.

There are also two versions of both Anthem and Tomahawk Kid and an previously unreleased song `Ace In The Hole´ which has not been heard even by the band since those sessions in 1974.

As SAHB became the biggest band of 1975, these recordings were quickly forgotten about. Now after 34 years, MLP have re-discovered the fully mixed unreleased album by a rock group on the verge of stardom. The recordings were re-assessed by both Shel and the band and an agreement was reached.

Now re-mastered and with the band´s full approval, you can hear how songs like Vambo, Man In The Jar, Anthem and Sgt Fury originally sounded.

This CD release features 11 tracks and comes in a deluxe package which includes a 20 page booklet with rare photos and extensive liner notes from the band with track/track comments and opinions (by Kaj Roth from

Man In The Jar (Hot City album version):

Track List:
02.Man In The Jar
03.Hey You
04.Long Haired Music
05.Sergeant Fury
06.Tomahawk Kid Version 1
07.Ace In The Hole
08.Weights Made Of Lead
09.Last Train Version 1 (Aka - Anthem)
10.Tomahawk Kid Version 2
11.Last Train Version 2

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band:
*Alex Harvey - lead vocals
*Zal Cleminson - lead guitar
*Chris Glen - bass
*Hugh McKenna - keyboards
*Ted McKenna - drums

*Big Buds Brass - sax, trombone, trumpet (02,05,08)
*Vicky Silva - vocals (09)
*The London Scottish Pipers - pipes (09)

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