Saturday, July 2, 2011

free online Sim City game

This is a pretty old game and I didn’t really like it but maybe someone out there will enjoy it. It seems that people still like Sim City type games and are after a free Sim City game. I think there a plenty of better option around but if you want to go old school and I mean really old school give this free Sim City Classic a try.
You need to register first – I guess that would be true for nearly every game out there – but it is only your name and e-mail address and once that is all done you can start to play.

The game is completely browser based. They do say it won’t work in Netscape browsers but I would think no-one would be using that now – this shows just how old the game is. It worked fine in Internet Explorer IE9 and not sure about Firefox4. The web site was simple enough and gives you a bit of quick start guide and some further basic instructions on how to play the game but really, just jump in and start to play. It loads quick into the browser and gives you the option of saving so you can come back and continue building you little city. Graphics wise don’t expect anything special. Have a look at the screenshot and you will quickly see that this free sim city hasn’t much to offer.

Anyway, give this online city simulator a try and build you ultimate city, I didn’t like it as it was just too old for me. And I would think, maybe, too old for anyone else as well. Hey, I have also read that you can be sneaky and edit your saved games for some extra cash in the game and if you go to the Japanese site you don't need to register. MyMiniCity is kind of the same.

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