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The Mourning Dayze - The Lost Recordings (67 us psychedelic pop - MP3 320k and FLAC)

The Mourning Dayze were a Wisconsin garage band in the mid-'60s heavily influenced by the Beatles and the Byrds and this extremely brief (22 minutes) collection of the group's recordings from 1967 shows just how derivative they actually were.

"Man with the Thin Mind", which is probably the best track here, bubbles along on a speeded up "Taxman" (via the Beatles) progression while "The Mourning Dayze" is clearly the Byrds' "I'll Feel a Whole Lot Better" with a different set of lyrics.

Likewise "Moon That Gives No Sunlight" takes its melody and even the tone and feel of its lyrics from Bob Dylan's "Chimes of Freedom", and the arrangement is exactly the same as the Byrds' version of the Dylan song.
All of this is a bit bothersome, but the Mourning Dayze weren't doing anything that a thousand other local bands weren't also doing at the time, and copping from the Beatles, the Byrds, the Rolling Stones, the Kinks, the Animals and the Yardbirds is what gives the whole garage band phenomenon of the '60s its signature feel and sound.

Still, nothing here generates more than historical interest, and even the much lauded "Fly My Paper Airplane" (included here in two versions), which has been cited as a lost psychedelic classic, hardly lives up to its billing.

Bands like this one were extremely valuable in their local communities, places where megastars like the Beatles weren't likely to visit, but translated to a larger stage, well, the world already had the Beatles and the Byrds, and while imitation is flattery, it's still imitation, however nicely configured it might be. (by Steve Leggett from amg)

01.Fly My Paper Airplane
02.Sad Man's Madness
03.Man With The Thin Mind (previously unreleased)
04.Moon That Gives No Sunlight (previously unreleased)
05.Rain Time (previously unreleased)
06.The Mourning Dayze (previously unreleased)
07.Are We Going To Say Goodbye? (previously unreleased)
08.Fly My Paper Airplane (previously unreleased alternate version)

Personnel :
*Doug Henry - ?
*Rick Pfeifer - ?
*John Valentine - composer (?)
*Steve Ellmann - ?
*Berry Oakley (?) - bass
*Curly Cook (?) - guitar
*Mike Warner (?) - drums

[ Rip and scans by COR ... many thanks mate ]
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