Saturday, July 2, 2011

Propeller - Let Us Live Toghether (1971 german rare hard rock with boogie influences and Achim Reichel in guitar - FLAC)

[ Hard Rock Series # 15 ]

In 1973 German guitarist Achim Reichel took a break from his experimental works with A.R. & Machines to record a 'fun' project, a straightforward rock album, with some of his ex-bandmates from The Rattles and Wonderland Band, a couple of them went on to form Randy Pie.

This is great early 70's song oriented rock, with the tunes ranging from a kind of southern boogie to Beatle-ish pop.

The songs are top-notch, some are real catchy, the musicianship by all concerned is top level, and Mr. Reichel's guitar playing is awesome.

O.K. LA.:

Track List:
01. Oukie doukie woman
02. Kix
03. Let us live together
04. Sugar pudding
05. Mojo
06. Let it rock, let it roll
07. Right of love
08. O.K. LA.
09. Apache woman
10. Look into my eyes
11. Devil's Symphony - Bonus Track

*Herbert Hildebrandt - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
*Achim Reichel - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
*Dicky Tarrach - Drums

*Peter Hesslein - Guitar
*Peter Wede - Piano, Organ

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