Saturday, July 30, 2011

These Trails - These Trails (1973 us folk psychedelic rock - FLAC)

This is an excellent album of folk-psychedelia with male female vocals from Hawaii (musically it is reminiscent of The Incredible String Band and C.O.B.). The creative force behind the album was Margaret Morgan who composed most of the tracks.

This CD appears to have been legitimately reissued by the band. Mixing fragile female vocals, guitars of an acoustic, electric and slide variety, dulcimer, tabla, recorder, sitar, and synthesizer this has a soft, wavery edge that could easily pinch you if it sounds like a desirable cup of exotica.

Very limited press of this Hawaiian folk/psych masterpiece from 1973. A truly magical record!

These Trails - Rusty's House & Lost In Space:

Track list:
01. These Trails (01:26)
02. Our House in Hanalei (01:51)
03. Of Broken Links (01:41)
04. El Rey Pescador (03:06)
05. Psyche I & Share Your Water (05:27)
06. Hello Lou (03:44)
07. Rusty's House & Los in Space (05:45)
08. Psyche II (02:29)
09. Sawed a Seed (02:16)
10. Rapt Attention (02:14)
11. Waipoo (02:35)
12. Garden Botanum (03:32)

These Trails:
*Margaret Morgan: (guitar, dulcimer, vocals)
*Patrick Cockett: (guitar, slide guitar, tabla, vocals)
*Dave Choy: (arp synthesizer, recorder, arrangements, final mix)
Assisted by:
*Carlos Pardeiro: (guitar, sitar, vocals)
*Eric kingsbury: (guitar)
*Ron Rosha: (ipu)

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